Destiny 2 lead talks to Edge on all the old content leaving this fall: "What matters is how the game feels in November"

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Destiny 2 general manager Mark Noseworthy has told Edge in it's latest issue that the reveal of the Vault "went about how we expected it to."

Speaking in Edge 351, Noseworthy and director Luke Smith discussed the making of the upcoming Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion and the changes surrounding it, most notably the Destiny Content Vault. They revealed that Bungie spoke with dozens of prominent Destiny 2 players about the release of the Destiny Content Vault. 

When it arrives this November, the DCV will herald the removal of Mars, Titan, Io, Mercury, and the Leviathan, as well as all content attached to them, in order to make room for new content coming in Beyond Light and the farther future. The content that's leaving is largely underplayed, but some players are understandably concerned to see content that was previously sold in DLCs removed from the game. 

"[The announcement went about how we expected it to," Noseworthy tells Edge. "I think the reason was that we spoke to a lot of players. The message resonated with them. They understood, and many of them said to us, 'Hey, if you just come out and tell the community, everyone's gonna understand. Some folks might not be happy to like it; they want to hold onto the Red War campaign forever, but they'll understand."

"It kind of doesn't matter how people feel about it right now," he adds. "What matters is how the game feels in November. You know, the ecosystem of content and experience. Is there enough for people to do? Do they feel engaged and want to play Destiny with their friends?"

The first wave of vaulted Destiny 2 content will also be the biggest, and Bungie says future updates won't make such drastic cuts. We'll also see old content from Destiny 1 return, starting with the Cosmodrome destination and leading to the Vault of Glass raid coming to Destiny 2. Additionally, content which is put into the vault will eventually return, but Bungie's never given a clear timeline, and it could be a year or more before we see it again.

While everything on the chopping block this fall is old content, there's little doubt that the vaulting will be a bit of a shock, if only because it will totally change the game's director menu. As Noseworthy says, it's on Bungie to ensure that new content makes up for the removed content. Destiny 2 lives on its most recent expansion, so the better Beyond Light is, the smoother the vaulting process will be.

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