Destiny 2 Faction Rallies - How to get Faction Tokens fast, to get the best vendor gear as quickly as possible

Destiny 2 Faction Rallies have started again. Exchanging loot for loyalty, the Tower’s three new, ideologically distinct Vendors will shower you with bespoke guns, armour, and shaders in recompense for you going out and collecting Faction Tokens by doing various ‘things’ in their name. If you’re not sure who to sign up with, check out our Destiny 2 Faction Rally guide.

With such a wide remit of actions available (you can get Faction Tokens for pretty much any major activity), it might not be immediately apparent which way you should go if you’re looking for maximum return. And with the winning Faction selling their special gun off cheap at the end of the week, you'll want a pretty high turnaround. Well fortunately, we’ve dug into the Faction Rallies, and worked out the optimal way of collecting if you’re after pure numbers. Bungie has changed the rules since the last Rally, and there are a few things you need to be aware of. 

Heroic Public Events are your new priority 

You should primarily focus on Heroic Public Events. Although they now drop only five Tokens per completion, down from the previous Rally's eight, they're still a hell of a fast way of accruing credit. So use the map to keep track of when the next Public Event is about to land, use our How to trigger Heroic Public Events guide to make sure you always get the high-paying version, and then have at it. You’ll be rolling in Tokens in no time. Choking on them. Waving your arms around for a lifeguard to rescue you from the Tokens. 

You should also know that Lost Sectors have now been heavily nerfed, given how over-generous they were in the first Rally. Where before they contained three, quickly resetting enemy supply stashes each, which furnished Tokens hard and fast, now you'll only gain Tokens for defeating each Sector boss and looting the main chest, at a rate of three per team member. Not terrible, but far from the best use of your time. If you see a Lost Sector on your way from one Public Event to the next, and you have the time, you might as well clear it out to boost your efficiency. But otherwise, Publics are where it's at. 

Other events are now viable, but it's all about PvE 

Otherwise, Strikes have been given a boost, as have Nightfalls. Where previously the latter paid out far too little for far too great a time investment, the new rate of five to nine Tokens per Strike (up from three to seven) makes a more varied activity list far more viable. And with the Nightfall paying out between ten and eighteen Tokens on a first run per character, you might as well get that out of the way at the start of this week's Rally, assuming you have a powerful enough Fireteam to get it done without much hassle.  

In fact, while most of this presents a rather speedy process when playing solo, if you can get a Fireteam together for all events, even better. You’ll always have enough people with you to swiftly trigger and complete the all-important Heroic Public Events - an occasional lack of Guardians is the only thing that really slows the process down - and you'll absolutely smash through any Lost Sectors you do decide to hit. 

But forget the Crucible. Each match completed will give you a couple of tokens, but the time taken to win them will be far in advance of that required by other methods. 

David Houghton
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