Destiny 2 developer doubles down on pro-choice commitment, says it will "never" just stick to games

Destiny 2
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Destiny 2 developer Bungie says it will "never" simply stick to games, defending a pro-choice statement it released as the United States grapples with a leaked Supreme Court decision that would overturn longstanding abortion rights. 

In a post upholding "essential healthcare rights," Bungie described the leaked draft as "a blow to freedom in America and a direct attack on human rights." The studio called for supporters to donate to pro-choice organizations including URGE, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and the NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation

Bungie shared its statement on Twitter, declaring that "standing up for reproductive choice and liberty is not a difficult decision to make." It was also quick to shut down users arguing the studio has no business meddling in politically charged situations. 

"Can we just stick to making video games?" asked one user. Bungie's response was clear-cut: 

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Similarly, a user with a toaster as their Twitter profile picture flatly declared "you are a video game company" in response to Bungie's post, prompting a no-doubt amused Bungie community manager to reply, "You are a toaster." 

This isn't the first time Bungie's leveraged its platform to advocate for charity initiatives or social justice. In June 2020, the studio released a Black Lives Matter pin with proceeds supporting racial justice, and earlier this March, it followed companies including like Sony and Microsoft in halting sales in Russia amid the country's ongoing attack on Ukraine. 

"We’ve chosen our side and it wasn’t difficult," Bungie said in another recent tweet. "Our company values exist beyond our games." 

Earlier this year, Bungie was acquired by Sony for $3.6 billion

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