Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow raid trailer shows a Hive-infested Leviathan and some slick new armor

Destiny 2 Season of Opulence starts tomorrow, and unlike most seasons it will add a new raid, the Crown of Sorrow, just hours after it starts. As Crown of Sorrow's newly minted trailer reveals, the raid will bring players back to the massive Leviathan ship for a fight against the Hive, and clearing it will reward players with some sleek gear. 

The last time we visited the Leviathan, it was mainly for the amusement of the Cabal warlord Emperor Calus. But as the trailer explained, this time Calus actually needs our help. "Deep within the belly of the Leviathan, one of Calus' former Loyalists has lost his mind to an Ascendant Hive relic," the trailer description reads. "Gather your fireteam. Select your arsenal. Chart a path into the dark." Because it wouldn't be a Hive raid without poor lighting, now would it? 

Crown of Sorrow's trailer doesn't show us much about the fight itself, apart from the fact that it's set in a new branch of the Leviathan which is absolutely overflowing with Hive. That said, two potential mechanics stood out to me. Around 0:17, we see some glowing Hive Knights (or Boomers?) which are surely connected to something, and at 0:20 we get a shot of a Hive crystal which probably needs to be broken. That doesn't exactly tell us what to do with them, but it's a neat little sneak peek.

The star of the trailer is the new armor on display. It looks like the six Guardians in the trailer are wearing a mix of Crown of Sorrow armor and gear from the new Menagerie activity, and while it's hard to tell which is which, it all looks pretty cool. I especially like the horned Warlock helmet and the slit-eyed Hunter helmet. Those are gonna be pretty high on my fashion wishlist. That said, Crown of Sorrow's weapons seem to have kind of a scrapheap aesthetic going on which, for me, is less exciting than the Menagerie's regal motif. But hey, if they're strong, I won't complain. 

Crown of Sorrow will launch tomorrow, June 4, at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET / 12 am BT. If you're interested in watching or competing in the race to clear it, you can read up on the new world-first rules and limitations here

Later this week, on June 6, Bungie will reveal "the next chapter of Destiny 2." 

Austin Wood

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