Destiny 2 content creator asks why he was banned and Bungie hits back with cheating report

Destiny 2
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A suspected Destiny 2 cheater has been slapped down by Bungie on Twitter after he claims he had been banned for no reason.

The drama started on Twitter when Destiny 2 content creator BakenGangstA claimed he had been banned on his Destiny 2 account for no discernible reason. He said: "Just got banned in D2 for the 2nd time with no explanation this is kinda ridiculous. I'd like some people at Bungie to look into it. There's no way I get banned when I see mad cheaters play for months."

Unfortunately for him, he elicited a response from community manager Dylan 'dmg_04' Gafner, who said: "Bans are not issued without reason. Team has validated this action multiple times thanks to anti-cheat detection and investigation."

The content creator then doubled down on his protest, saying: "I'd like to see the proof of what I was doing that resulted in this ban because as of right now this is bullshit."

This was left to linger, with some of BakenGangsta's friends supporting him, demanding a response from Bungie. They got one. Gafner returned to tweet a more detailed report on what Bungie had found. He tweeted: "Following up. Took some time to triple check this with the Security team. We have detected 2 accounts under your ownership using cheat suites while playing Destiny 2, and have banned 4 accounts total. (Includes ban evasion) This is our final communication on this matter."

Ouch. What Bungie is essentially alleging here is that BakenGangstA has four accounts, and two of them have been used to cheat. This is a bannable offense across all of his accounts, coming under the term 'ban evasion.' 

BakengangstA has since continued to plead his innocence, saying that he will take the loss but is adamant that it must be an unknown program on his PC that he doesn't know about. He said: "My word against Bungie. I never owned 4 accounts, since this is the second time of me being banned. I obviously have something on my pc that they're detecting as a "cheat suite" but I still have no idea what it is and I'd like to know so I won't get banned in any other game."

"I want to see how many accounts are tied to me and how much they’ve been played on which Bungie isn't showing me. But I have to take the L on this one because everyone has already made up their minds."

Bungie has had a long fight with cheaters on their hands, but it would seem that it is getting better, especially after they've shut down cheating services.  

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