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Demon's Souls gameplay trailer shows off the Armored Spider and Flamelurker

The newest Demon's Souls (opens in new tab) trailer plunges deep into the fiery pits of Stonefang with new looks at two dreaded boss battles.

The upcoming PS5 launch game looks just as gorgeous and imposing deep underground as it did in the misty paths of the first gameplay trailer. It follows our new and improved Slayer of Demons for about five minutes of nearly uninterrupted play, including a successful bout against the Armored Spider and a less successful attempt at the life of the Flamelurker. Their fiery attacks look all the more en-crisp-ening in the remake; it's a smart way to show off the new illumination and particle effects that help bring Boletaria life on PS5.

Our hero largely fights with a sword and shield, as we saw in the first gameplay trailer, but he also mixes it up with a spell here or there, and he hefts a massive Great Sword for the final battle. You can really feel the weight of its swings in its new attack animations. Gavin Moore, creative director at SIE Worldwide Studios External Development, explained how important mixing up your approach will be in a post on the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab).

"You will need to adapt to the situation, understanding when to press your attack at close-quarters and when to punish your enemy from afar," Gavin Moore, the creative director of SIE Worldwide Studios External Development writes. "Even so, skill and reactions have their limits, and proper equipment and preparation could be the difference between victory and defeat. And remember that whatever the outcome, every death has meaning and will make the eventual success all the sweeter on your journey to become the Slayer of Demons."

It's a little odd but not unwelcome that this remake of a PS3 game seems to be our first real glimpse at the potential of the next generation. 

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