Demons, effeminate men do battle

It's no small secret that Disgaea, and all games like it, is a bottomless pit of customization. If you haven't hopped into the tactical RPG river yet, all these details probably seem way too daunting to mess with. Well, no matter how deep a given battle may be, they all boil down to the most basic concept - placement of your units.

  1. Monsters can be recruited into your army once you beat them
  2. This is your spawning point. All your troops have to enter the battlefield through here
  3. Thieves can steal items from other creatures, but need to get in and out in a hurry
  4. Likewise, just because an enemy's out of sight doesn't mean it can't quickly move in
  5. The red squares indicate a unit's movement range - choose wisely
  6. Warriors can act like tanks, soaking up and dishing out major damage
  7. Equip healers with far-reaching weapons so they can stay out of the main skirmish