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Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover review

A record label's worth of hip-hop artists turn out for a no-holds-barred beatdown

More impressively, the game's 24 urban arenas are deeply interactive, with players able to hurl opponents into car windows, scrape their faces across chain-link or shove them in front of an oncoming subway train.

Even without the brutal settings, the action is fast and violent. Whether you're playing as your custom fighter or one of the 68 other unique brawlers (with faces including Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Flavor Flav and Redman, all voiced by the real things), you'll be able to unleash a brutal flurry of punches and kicks that'll have your opponent doubled over or sagging against a wall in no time. And even if they straddle you while you're down and start delivering a bushel of face-punches, you can use the fine-tuned reversal system to turn the tables at just the right moment. (Of course, they can always turn them right back around, so stay on guard.)

Far more visceral are the Blazin' moves, powered-up finishers unique to each character (but unlockable for your custom fighter). Activated when you've really pummeled your foe, these super-moves let you do all kinds of over-the-top horrible things to your opponent. And whether it's a Vader-style throat-lift followed by punches to the crotch, or an upside-down top-like spin, you can bet they'll be unbelievably humiliating.

Blazin' moves can also help get the ropy-looking spectators on your side, meaning they're more likely to help you out by grabbing your opponent or handing you weapons. And thankfully, those are the only times you'll ever have to pay attention to them, because they look like they're made from Lincoln Logs.

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DescriptionIn spite of the long load times and dumb-ass dialogue, this is one of the deepest, slickest, most balls-out violent handheld fighters ever made.
Franchise nameDef Jam
UK franchise nameDef Jam
US censor ratingMature
Release date29 August 2006 (US), (UK)