Deathloop rating reveals some spicy content

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The Deathloop rating has revealed some details that sure sound spicy.

Over the last few days, the ESRB, which rates media for release across North America, has filed a brand new listing for Arkane's forthcoming Deathloop. Through this reading, we can better understand why the game has been rated "M for Mature," as there are apparently "sexual moaning sounds," and a device that's apparently referred to as an "over-engineered auto-erotic asphyxiator." 

Then again, it probably shouldn't be a huge surprise that a super-secretive cult is up to some weird sex stuff. Deathloop sees protagonist Colt running and gunning his way around an island in an attempt to break a never-ending time loop, during which he comes up against some pretty flamboyant enemies in locales that would make even the gaudiest designer jealous.

Elsewhere in the listing, there's a lot of reference to drugs and violence. The player is stabbed in the first-person perspective, for example, which we've actually already seen from a trailer, where rival assassin Julianna puts Colt down for the count. To be blunt, the cult on the island is a hedonistic one, as "being high on fictional drugs" is referenced in the listing.

We recently got an in-depth look at what to expect from Deathloop, thanks to PlayStation's July State of Play. The presentation included a detailed breakdown of a mid-game mission for Colt that sees him trying to take down Aleksis 'The Wolf' Dorsey, using a variety of guns and abilities that have us rubbing our hands at what sort of mayhem we can create with them.

There's a lot to look forward to with Arkane's new game. The developers of Dishonored have put their minds to a first-person shooter and it looks great, combining multiplayer elements into its core narrative as another enemy player can take control of Julianna to hunt down Colt. Deathloop launches on September 14 as a PS5 console exclusive, and it looks like we're finally honing in on the launch of Arkane's next venture after a handful of delays.

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