Death Stranding star Mads Mikkelsen calls Hideo Kojima "the Kasparov of video games"

While the newest Death Stranding trailer was full of weirdness and mysteries to analyze, it also confirmed the involvement of Hannibal and Rogue One star, Mads Mikkelsen. This will be Mikkelsen's first extensive role in a video game (we're not counting him voicing Le Chiffre in the Quantum of Solace adaptation), so what made him cross over from film and television, and why is he working with Kojima? 

Here's what he told IGN: "He's the Kasparov of video games," Mikkelsen said. If the name doesn't ring a bell, Garry Kasparov is a former chess champion and grandmaster, who famously battled an IBM supercomputer called Deep Blue in a 1996 chess match (and a rematch in 1997).

It's interesting to hear Mikkelsen compare Kojima to someone famous for chess. Usually when we hear Kojima compared to celebrities or historical figures, it's a film director - which makes sense, given how cinematic and movie-like Kojima games can be. But then, Kojima fans have known for years how well the man can manipulate the playing field. Just look at how Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was initially unveiled.

"Such a visionary person," Mikkelsen continued. "It was something I've never crossed before and so it was a wonderful opportunity to dive into that world."

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Sam Prell

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