The Deadly Tower of Monsters brings schlock and awe to PS4 and PC this fall

Everyone has a guilty pleasure when it comes to film; a movie that's just so utterly terrible you can't help but enjoy watching the crash. Developer ACE Team and publisher Atlus hope to transform the feeling of watching your favorite B-movie into a video game with The Deadly Tower of Monsters, coming to PC and PS4 this fall.

Marooned on the planet of Gravoria, heroes Dick Starspeed, Scarlet Nova and The Robot must climb The Deadly Tower of Monsters to escape peril. Each space-venturer possesses unique abilities, so if you don't like the cut of Dick's jib, you can take your moxie into the field with a different hero as you fend off nuclear ants, UFOs, giant apes, dinosaurs animated in stop-motion style and more.

It's too bad Freddie Mercury and Queen aren't around anymore to give the game a rockin' theme song.

Sam Prell

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