Dead Rising: Signed, sealed, developed

Thursday 7 September 2006
How many ways can you kill a zombie? We have no idea, but the brilliantly blood drenched Dead Rising offers a multitude of amusing and gloriously gratuitous methods to dispatch, disembowel, dismember and decapitate decomposing deadweights. Chainsaw? Lawnmower? Scyth? Bowling ball? Cactus? It's your shout.

With Dead Rising's development deadline now dead and buried - it's out for Xbox 360 tomorrow - we scrawled 10 bite-size questions on a hunk of rancid flesh and sent it to the game's producer, Yutaka Haruki. Surprisingly, he got back to us...

How long have you been working on Dead Rising?
It seems like a long time now! I hope you have not had too long a wait.

What has been the high point of the project?
Seeing the finished product and watching gamers enjoy playing it.

And the low point?
To be honest we had so much fun working on the game I can't remember a particular low point!

Describe Dead Rising in 10 words or less...
It's a zombie bashing, all-out action-comedy, best-game-on-360 romp. Did I go over? Oops!

What have been the main influences on Dead Rising?
Too many to pinpoint to be honest.

What element of Dead Rising are you most proud of?
I think the swarm technology and the fact we've managed to get so many zombies on-screen at the same time.

Will you ever play Dead Rising now that development is complete?
I can't see why not.

What's the most valuable lesson you've learnt while developing Dead Rising that you can apply to future projects?
That you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.

What's next now Dead Rising is out the door?
Can't say yet.

Why should gamers spend their hard-earned cash on Dead Rising...?
Because if you like games, you'll love Dead Rising. It's one of the best, most fun games you're ever likely to play on any console ever.

Above: Dead Rising is a brooding bloodbath of zombie offal, topped off with a healthy dollop of slapstick silliness. We love it to death

Matt Cundy
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