Dead Island announced for PC, 360

What would happen if you took Dead Rising, Silent Hill and Soldier of Fortune and combined them into one game?Three discs glued together if you're like us, but if you know that fancy programming stuff, Dead Island.

That's the game that's just been announced by Techland, the developers behind Call of Juarez. It's said to have a non-linear style of gameplay where you're forced to search all over a zombie-infested island for your missing wife. Making things interesting is the fact that you'll be able to use just about anything you find as a weapon in order to exploit the game's "exceptionally faithful and detailed" damage models.

Of the three comparisons we drew a moment ago, this sure sounds the most like Dead Rising - a fun game that was ultimately held back by some criminally short-sighted flaws. Hopefully Dead Island will deliver the game we've been dreaming of since we first snapped zombie photosfrom a helicopter asFrank West.

Look for Dead Island to hit some time in 2008.

Above: We hate it when we get blood on the ceiling. Just the worst to clean, that stuff is

August 8, 2007