Dead by Daylight gets second Resident Evil crossover, adding Ada Wong and Albert Wesker

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Project W
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The second Dead by Daylight Resident Evil crossover is official, and we've got a trailer for it. 

Rumors of a second crossover started swirling just a few days ago after new leaked assets featuring Wesker, Wong, and Chambers dropped on Twitter, and it looks like this was another example of leaker being dead on the money. This new Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil crossover is called Project W and it features Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as two new survivors, and a new killer in the form of Albert Wesker.

A new trailer shows Rebecca Chambers helping Survivor Meg Thomas walk into the Raccoon City Police Department headquarters, with Thomas clearly injured. As the two make their way inside, a sound echoes behind them which would normally mean something undead or dead. But it's just Ada Wong, who busts in and bars the entrance to prevent Wesker from getting in. He breaks through the door with ease, however, and promises to "kill [them] quickly" before using a mutated arm to break through a pallet blocking his way. 

We don't have a release date for the highly anticipated crossover, just the promise that it's "coming soon." Once we get a proper release date, we'll update you accordingly. We also don't have details on the Survivor's perks yet - complete biographies were leaked on Twitter, but apparently, Wong and Chambers' perks were "not finalized" at the time of the leak.

There are a ton of details about new Killer Wesker, however. Known as 'the Mastermind,' he has exposed himself to a prototype T-virus and now has superhuman strength and a very freaky arm. His perks include Superior Anatomy, which lets you vault faster; Awakened Awareness, which allows him to see other Survivors' auras when carrying a Survivor, and Terminus, which makes Survivors permanently broken whenever an exit gate is powered-up. 

The latest Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil crossover looks like a rock-solid one that should have DBD fans very excited for its release. Until then, they can enjoy the new progression system recently added to Dead by Daylight in the hopes that it would make the game "fairer" for all players. 

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