Daybreak Games teaches us how to Planetside 2 on PS4 live

There's chaos and there's chaos. For the casual fan of running around in a game shooting space tanks and watching stuff blow up, even a simple match of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare can be pretty hectic. It's nothing compared to the utter madness of Planetside 2, where there are dozens and dozens of players in three factions filling up servers and blasting the ever loving hell out of one another in enormous maps. Freshly released on PlayStation 4, a version warmly received in our review, Planetside 2 is taking our stream by storm today and the game's creators are coming along for the ride. Daybreak Games' own Chris Bishop, a 3D artist on the game, is going to teach Anthony John Agnello and Maxwell McGee how to Planetside properly. Plus: we're giving away 30 US/EU codes for the Starter Bundle, which gives players some beefy weapons and experience boosts. It all happens at 3:30PM ET/12:30PM PT on our Twitch channel.

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