Dawn of War II and Warhammer 40K Online details coming soon

Until now, information on Dawn of War II has been limited for the most part tothree measly screensand details on Warhammer 40K Online has been sparse.

Luckily, our friends down the hall at PC Gamer are getting ready to unleash a bombshell of details on everything Warhammer-related in their upcoming June issue and we can%26rsquo;t wait to read it.

While we%26rsquo;ve been wasting our time wondering if Tyranids will be playable in Dawn of War II, PC Gamer was lucky enough to visit Relic%26rsquo;s Vancouver studio for a first look at the gritty, blood-soaked real-time strategy game. Expect first impressions on how Dawn of War II%26rsquo;s shaping up, new details on THQ%26rsquo;s Warhammer 40K Online, and how fans played a pivotal in changing EA%26rsquo;s Warhammer: Online.

It%26rsquo;s an issue that any self-respecting Warhammer fan should check out. Get yours on Apr 29.

Apr 7, 2008