David Jaffe insults fanboy. Feels bad

"It was a really mean-spirited thing to do." So ring the words of David Jaffe, creator of God of War, who found himself succumbing to his dark half at last week's Comic-Con, ridiculing on camera a "very out of shape guy" dressed as mega-meaty Marvel character, Puck.

"I thought it would be funny to go up to this Puck-Kid, chat with him on camera, and - to be totally honest -make fun of him a bit," Jaffe confesses on his personal blog. Hell, Jaffe (can we call you Dave?) we were laughing the minute you conjured up the image of this poor chap's get-up.

Above: Puck, left, uber-hairy Marvel hero. Not to be confused with Puck, right, his sultry daughter

"But God," he repents, "when it was over, I just felt bad. Really bad. Like, who the fuck am I to make fun of someone? Especially someone who clearly is passionate about the same things I care about?" Don't worry, faint-hearted readers, Puck-Kid seemed not to mind.

We can empathize with Jaffe. We've all seen the earnest, passionate gamers among us -costumed or not -over-obsessed and enthralled by this strange, make-believe world we call video games, or any other hobby. And, surely, we've all pointed, and probably laughed.After all, we're 100% certain that most of you would have jumped at the chance to ridicule a member of the bedraggled, be-wizarded gang loitering outside Borders at the launch of Harry Potter book seven.

Suitably chastened by his collegues, though, Jaffe bounded off to meet UweBoll, who, disappointingly, he didn't attempt to make fun of on camera. Shame on you, Dave (we can call you that, right?).Shame on you.

July 31, 2007

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