Date Movie review

Having exhausted the horror movie genre (well, almost – Scary Movie 4 is still on the way), parody’s baleful eye turns to romantic comedies. An idea best described as “redundant”, Date Movie is a witless tour through every rom-com since Say Anything.

At least when the Farrellys took on the idea with There’s Something About Mary they tried something fresh – Date Movie is instead happy to offer gross-out versions of famous scenes, along with some soon-to-be-creaking pop-culture references. All that saves this from one-star pointlessness are some game performances from the likes of Alyson Hannigan and comedy go-to guy Fred Willard.

Your enjoyment will be directly related to your reaction to Scary Movie 3. If you guffawed like a hyena on happy pills, take a trip to the cinema. Otherwise, steer clear...

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