Dark Spaces: Good Deeds expands Scott Snyder's IDW comic line this May

Dark Forces: Good Deeds #1 cover art
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Scott Snyder's deal with IDW Publishing to bring out a series of new titles continues this May with Dark Spaces: Good Deeds, a new limited series presented by Snyder and written by Che Grayson (Batman: Urban Legends), with art by Kelsey Ramsay (Joan Jett and the Black Hearts, I Love Rock-n-Roll), and colors by Ronda Pattison (Dark Spaces: Wildfire).

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First announced at Comic-Con International: San Diego in summer 2022, the details of Dark Spaces: Good Deeds are finally being revealed. Good Deeds focuses on teen Cheyenne Rite as she moves to St. Augustine, Florida with her mother Rebecca. There they meet Jean McKnight, a journalist working on a piece about the city's upcoming 450th anniversary celebration. 

But Jean's investigation will uncover supernatural secrets tied to the "sinister colonial past" of St. Augustine, with Cheyenne and Rebecca getting caught up in the mystery.

“The most rewarding part of overseeing Dark Spaces is watching the ascendant talent of newcomers evolve from ideas into incredible new comic books,” states Snyder. “Che and Kelsey have crafted a pitch-perfect, soul-searing mystery in Good Deeds. It’s the perfect story to expand the Dark Spaces line to visionary new creators…and it’s only the first of more to come.”

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Dark Spaces is billed as an "anthology" line, in which each Dark Spaces limited series focuses on a different subject and characters. Snyder himself wrote the first series in the line, Dark Spaces: Wildfire, with new creative teams now expanding its overall world.

"I’m incredibly excited to get this into the hands of horror fans who are searching for a story that will be scary and thought-provoking in equal measure," says Dark Spaces: Good Deeds writer Che Grayson. 

"I've always been drawn to stories where flawed characters find themselves thrust in the middle of a mystery. But the only way they can uncover the truth of that mystery is if they face their own dark secrets. I hope that readers find Jean’s journey really satisfying as she searches for meaning in the world and in her own life."

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"It’s been such an effortless collaboration with this absolute powerhouse of a team," adds artist Kelsey Ramsay. "I am beyond excited for when Good Deeds reaches readers, and I can only hope our story spooks readers into loving it!"

In addition to a main cover by Ramsay and Pattison, Dark Spaces: Good Deeds #1 features variant covers from Elizabeth Beals (Star Trek: The Next Generation—Terra Incognita), Hayden Sherman (Dark Spaces: Wildfire), and Martin Morazzo (Ice Cream Man) with colors by Chris O’Halloran.

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"Scott and I are thrilled to see Che and Kelsey thriving in the Dark Spaces spotlight. They ran with the challenge of following Wildfire, and their work in Good Deeds exemplifies the vision for this line," states IDW Publishing senior editor Maggie Howell. "It’s a razor-sharp and unsettling story told fearlessly by creators on the verge of becoming the industry’s next household names. The mystery of Cheyenne and Jean’s unusual partnership haunts every page, and we can’t wait to share it with readers."

Dark Space: Good Deeds #1 goes on sale in May.

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