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Get your backstab on with Dark Souls 3's first gameplay trailer

Dark Souls 3 has some truly, freakishly, massively huge enemies who'd like nothing better than to crush you under their bony heels. I mean, you might have assumed that going in, but the first gameplay trailer from Microsoft's Gamescom 2015 press conference really settles it. These guys have been drinking their milk.

The climactic conclusion to the Dark Souls trilogy (you did know it was a trilogy, right?) delves into some truly apocalyptic scenes. Decaying dragons, hollow-cheeked worshippers, and the aforementioned giant skeleton monster just to name a few. Luckily the old roll-around-and-backstab routine still seems to work just fine on at least a few of these new horrors.

It's all a bit more familiar than the first time we trod the steps of Anor Londo, but Dark Souls 3 is still looking impressively terrifying. Do remember to bring your torch as you plunge into the darkness one last time, starting in 2016.

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Connor Sheridan
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