Dark Sector - multiplayer hands-on

The action in both modes is extremely fast. The maps are small, which ensures that the combat begins just a few seconds after a round starts. If you’ve played Gears of War, you’ll be able to jump into Dark Sector’s multiplayer right away, with the similar controls and the familiar sprinting to cover and vaulting over barriers. Playing as a trooper is plenty of fun, but the real time to shine is playing as Hayden. Not only does he get all the fun toys, but you have to earn it by killing him first, which makes the victory all that much sweeter. If you’re the type that loves to be in the spotlight as the kill-leader or objective winner, Infection is for you, although Epidemic works also, since it uses the same mechanic of killing Hayden to become him.

As far as we know, there are only these two multiplayer modes. We’ll bet players will be able to get quite a few hours of limb-chopping fun from them, but for a serious multiplayer experience, we were expecting at least a couple more modes. We’re guessing that as long as there’s a decent pool of maps, the game should be able to stay fresh. The real hope, though, is that there will be another mode offered down the line through downloadable content.

Feb 26, 2008