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Trainspotting sequel starts shooting next summer, due later in 2016

Danny Boyle has given an update on the forthcoming Trainspotting sequel, revealing that he hopes to begin filming on the project next summer. Boyle recently suggested the sequel will be his next film, and has now told Coming Soon (opens in new tab) he hopes to kick things off next May.

“It’s May and June next year we shoot and we’ve got a terrific script,” said Boyle. “We’ve got the four main actors all eager and willing to do it. I’m very happy because my only [concern] was that the script would be good for two of them and not so great for the other two, and they’d feel obliged to come back, but they’ve all got good stuff, and it’s a very interesting look at them again. Hopefully, we can get it finished in time to release it in 2016 which is the 20th Anniversary year, so yes, we’re on it, and it’s looking good.”

The film will be based upon author Irvine Welsh’s follow-up novel, Porno, but according to Boyle, it will be using a different title, presumably to make it sound a little more marketable. “We’re going to try and call it T2, but there might be some issues there with James Cameron,” jokes Boyle. “I’ll have to beg and we’ll have to go to James Cameron and say ‘What do you think?’”

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