D1 Grand Prix announced

Yuke's Company of America - the US branch of the Japanese developer behind the wrestlingseries WWE SmackDown! and Rumble Roses - today announced its first game, D1 Grand Prix. Due out in July, D1 will focus on the high-speed world of professional drift racing, a bold departure for a company usually associated with sweaty men and hot chicks tossing each other around a ring.

When it hits, D1 will star 39 different American and Japanese race drivers, as well as more than 40 licensed cars from real-world manufacturers. Thirteen different racing circuits and six game modes will be shoehorned in as well, which should give players plenty of different environments to test their skills at driving sideways really fast.

We expect to be able to try D1 Grand Prix for ourselves sometime this week. In the meantime, though, hit the Images tab and check out these screens.

June 7, 2006

Mikel Reparaz
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