Cyberworld 3D review

Goggles on... IMAX's "First Ever 3-D Animated Film" is hitting monster screens nationwide. Except it isn't really an animated film, rather a sequence of clips spliced together by slinky synthi-hostess Phig, voiced by Jenna Elfman.

She's on hand to introduce the action and kick cyber-ass as her world approaches gigabyte meltdown thanks to bad guys Buzzed, Wired and Frazzled. Before the crash, The Simpsons go CG as Homer and Bart enter the "third dimension" (fans will remember this old Halloween special), while Z has a dance with Princess Bala in a 3-D re-working of Antz's Pulp Fiction-parodying dance routine.

The rest is a crazed fusion of aquatic adventures, majestic Metropolis-style cities, a truly odd Pet Shop Boys vid and loads of CG bugs being truly, madly wacky. It's a frenetic, disjointed patchwork, but there's no denying it makes for an awesome visual experience.

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