Custom Robo Arena Cheats

Custom Robo Arena Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by That dude with the hair

    How to get Robos

    HADRON: Defeat all four Greybaum boss data in the undergound, then fight and defeat the guy below your shadow self, then you will have Hadron and his parts

    MISTRAL: Defeat Eddy the second time in Numero Uno's club house after defeating all the grudge matches (you will be able to do grudge matches after you beat the Robo Cup, and yes, the second one, not the one controlled by the Greybaum Syndacyte).

    RAY: Defeat Liv right after you beat Eddy. When you beat Liv, you will receive not only Ray, but the last legal gun, which is long range (this gun is not available in any parts shop).

    MAJEL: Go to the very front of the Numero Uno's club house after defeating about a dozen grudge matches (the exact number varies) and defeat the guy standing there. Defeating him will net you Majel, Indigo Gun, Indigo Bomb, Indigo Pod, Indigo legs, and the dark commanders mark, which is a bracelet. The robo and the parts I just explained are illegal, and if you defeat some one with an illegal part equipped, you will not earn any stars or exp. from the CRA. After receiving the dark commanders mark, go to Bayside and enter the very bottom left corner house. Talk to the man, and he will show you a secret passageway to the underground, which is the hide out for Greybaum. Illegal parts will be available in the parts store. Here are the prices;

    Illegal Robo: $500
    Illegal Gun: $300
    Illegal Bomb: $200
    Illegal Pod: $200
    Illegal legs: $200
    Illegal and NON-Illegal Stages: $200

  • DS | Submitted by gamer.manssdds

    Get Hiykou Body

    After you beat the Robo cup, go to Dennis's club house. Talk to the boxes up the stairs. Out will pop some kid. Defeat him to get the body Hiykou.

Custom Robo Arena Hints

  • DS | Submitted by secret searcher

    The Low-Down on "Down"

    in any Robo Battle

    When you hit your opponent enough times they enter a state called "Down." This only lasts for a few seconds, but it is a great opportunity to get a few free shots in. But, all attacks do less damage while the enemy is Down, and, they get a couple seconds of invincibility when they get back up!

  • DS | Submitted by secret searcher

    Dash to Victory!

    Asside from the endless gun shooting, bomb throwing, and pod launching, there is one more way to attack your enemies. You can use a powerful dash attack that will chip 120+ health with each blow. (NOTE: Not as strong when opponent is Down) You activate this awesome ability by pressing X; If your Robo turns red and disappears, you did it. (NOTES: This is a close-range attack so be careful about it. And, other Robos can do this to, so be on your guard.)