Cult roguelike dev says multiplayer "isn't off the table" after its recent sex update

Cult of the Lamb trailer
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The developer of literal cult roguelike Cult of the Lamb says that it would "love" to add multiplayer, but it's not a key focus right now.

In a recent Reddit AMA (via PCGamer), plenty of roguelike fans asked about the possibility of adding multiplayer to support to Cult of the Lamb, prompting a response from art director James Pearmain. They said that multiplayer is "something we'd love to do in the future if possible."

Sadly, it's not a high priority - right now, developer Massive Monster is "focused on making the next update," but community manager Lorna P says that an eventual multiplayer offering is "not off the table."

Personally, I think it sounds like a perfect fit for Cult of the Lamb, which recently caused a stir with the addition of its 'sex update'. A slightly crude way of referring to an update that allowed breeding between different cult members (but which Massive Monster definitely leaned into), that update dropped last month, and feels like it could have been the perfect precursor to a multiplayer update - roguelikes aren't the only thing that's better with friends, after all.

Multiplayer roguelikes are an increasingly popular tradition. Don't Starve Together arguably kickstarted the trend, but it's since extended to the likes of The Binding of Isaac, which recently had to pull its multiplayer test offline after impatient fans hacked their way in, and 33 Immortals, a kind of roguelike/MMO hybrid on its way from the developer of Spiritfarer.

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