Crysis 2 video - Full Access Preview

You gotta wonder how console gamers are gonna take to this high profile sequel to a game they%26rsquo;ve potentially never played. Conversely, how pissed do you think diehard PC gamers are that the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo went exclusively to Xbox Live? BURN! In keeping with that same slap-to-the-face spirit, we decided to torturePC Gamer%26rsquo;s Evan Lahti by forcing him to jump in the demo with us and play with *GASP!* a controller?! Oh, the effrontery%26hellip;

Not a bad console debut for powerhouse developer like Crytek, although the general consensus was that the game could%26rsquo;ve sacrificed a little too much of its charm for a stab at Modern Warfare glory. Let us know what you think of the demo below, and you can read more of Matt%26rsquo;s thoughts on the multiplayer in hishands-on preview here. Oh, and find more Evan on hisTwitter.

Jan 28, 2011

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