Creative Assembly is still oddly tight-lipped about a fully VR Alien Isolation

As part of the BFI London Film Festival this week Alien Isolation director Alistair Hope spoke to an audience of film fans about the process of creating the game. It was an interesting talk about the parallels and differences between the mediums, with a few nice behind the scenes stories along the way.

All in all, a nice look back at a great game. One thing stood out as interesting for the future though, when an audience member asked about VR. Here's the question and answer from Alistiar:

Qu: What do you think it’ll take for the powers that be to say, ‘Great let’s do it, let’s make the full Oculus version of the game’. And what would be the problems?

Alistair Hope: What will it take? I don't know. We were talking about this earlier, unlike the film industry where people talk about what they’re doing, in the game’s industry people tend not to talk about anything, so it’s really difficult to talk about some things.

Now, there was a VR demo for Alien Isolation which I played and thought was excellent. Plus people also found a way to enable a VR mode for the full release by altering in-game files and using a DK2 Oculus Rift. It seemed partially finished but did, for the most part, work, suggesting Creative Assembly put some time into trying it out. "The prototype was our first steps of us exploring our first attempt", says Alistair specifically of the demo at the talk.

Of course this is obviously nothing definite but it's interesting that nearly a year after the game came out, the VR version is something the studio still doesn't want to talk about. I'd bet actual money it's planning a VR specific re-release or update when consumer units hit the market next year.

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