Cosmic Ghost Rider takes on his doppelganger and new bounty hunters in ongoing title

art from Cosmic Ghost Rider #1
art from Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Cosmic Ghost Rider is blasting back into the pages of Marvel Comics in March with his own hot, fresh, and freaky ongoing series from writer Stephanie Phillips (known for her run on Harley Quinn) and Juann Cabal, part of the inaugural 2020 class of Marvel Stormbreakers artists.

If you're not familiar with Cosmic Ghost Rider (or CGR as he's sometimes affectionately nicknamed), he's actually a version of Frank Castle from an alternate future where the Punisher signs a deal with the demon Mephisto to become a Ghost Rider before also becoming a herald of Galactus, and an eventual minion of his universe's Thanos before escaping into the mainstream Marvel Universe.

Got all that?

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Now he's riding into his own ongoing solo title for the first time, having previously headlined several limited series and even spent a stint on the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

After all those aforementioned adventures, Frank Castle has settled down into a quiet life somewhere out in the Marvel Universe - but all that comes crashing down in the new title, when another version of Cosmic Ghost Rider from somewhere else in the Multiverse interrupts Frank Castle's chill.

Artist Valerio Giangiordano provides the first issue cover seen above. Meanwhile, here's a gallery of interior pages from Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 by Cabal and colorist Espen Grundetjern.

Marvel says the series Introduces a few new galactic bounty hunter characters, one of which you could see on these newly-colored pages.

"I love the humor and absurdity of Cosmic Ghost Rider, and because he’s a newer character I feel like there's lots of potential space (pun intended) to push him in new directions," writer Stephanie Phillips tells Polygon.

"I'm excited to play with Marvel's cosmic characters and write something that feels really new for me and for Frank Castle as well."

Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 goes on sale March 1.

The classic non-Cosmic version of Ghost Rider is one of the best supernatural superheroes of all time.

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