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COPS: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit edition

Of all the new Need For Speed: Hot Pursuitfeatures headed our way, playing online was the one I was most apprehensive about. Fortunately, after several hours of play time, I can honestly say that Criterion%26rsquo;s done wonders towards making racing online fun again. Matchmaking,the Autolog, and friend-specific challenges ensure you%26rsquo;re not overwhelmed by either n00bs, nor people you%26rsquo;ll never beat in a million years. However, Hot Pursuit%26rsquo;s crowning online achievement just might be getting rid of all the assholes.

Above: Want to be a dick online? There's a place for youon theforce!

You know those jerks who play online seemingly just to drive backwards and screw up everyone else%26rsquo;s good time? Play as cop, dickhead! People will hate you for the right reasons, you%26rsquo;ll actually earn XP in the process and its actually part of the greatest mode in the game, Hot Pursuit, where players can play as either racers seeking pole position, or the cops trying to stop them. Have a look at your friendly neighborhood PoPo below:

I%26rsquo;m not sure where the Seacrest County Police force found in their budget to afford Lamborghinis and Bugattis but thank God they did! The cops are up against some of the slickest street racing vehicles on the planet, so the extra horsepower goes a long way in terms of law enforcement. Police aren%26rsquo;t just a little quicker off the line, either. Just like the racers, they%26rsquo;ve got EMP projectiles and tire-shredding spike strips, but the ability to call in helicopters and Road Blocks is exclusive to the fuzz.

Take down wily racers by setting up a surprise police barricade ahead on the track, or call in the chopper to go where you cannot and drop spike strips in front offending vehicles. I%26rsquo;ve played Hot Pursuit to death, and have loved it far more than I initially expected. Stay tuned for GR%26rsquo;s review very soon.

Oct 26, 2010