Controllers and other Xbox One peripherals priced

Microsoft's priced its line of Xbox Onel peripherals, including two controller options, on its official store. The standard wireless controller starts at $60, or is bundled with a Play and Charge Kit for $75.

The Play and Charge Kit, which comes with a cable and rechargeable battery pack, costs $25 on its own and charges in under four hours. The Chat Headset (which is not bundled in with the console) costs $25.

Xbox One comes with a single wireless controller and non-optional Kinect. Wireless controllers for Xbox 360 cost $50 at launch, or $40 for a wired version. Microsoft's made no mention of a wired-only Xbox One controller, probably because the wireless one already has a USB port built in.

For comparison's sake, the PS4's DualShock 4 controller will also cost $60. That's $5 more than the DualShock 3's launch price, and $10 more than the poor, rumble-less Sixaxis controller.

Connor Sheridan

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