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Conan demo out now on Live

Oct 8, 2007

A demo of THQ's Conan has hacked and slashed its way onto Xbox Live, and is set to hit PlayStation Network on October 11.

"In the Conan playable demo," says THQ, "the famed barbarian finds himself stranded in the Barachan Isles, a haven for pirates and thieves. A terrible plague known as the Black Death has spread across the land, and Conan must escape before it consumes him as well.

"Fortunately, Conan crosses paths with the beautiful and fearless warrior queen, A'Kanna, whose ship can provide safe passage from the cursed islands. However, Conan must first save the ship's crew, which has been enslaved by the local cutthroats."

So, ah, you fill Conan's boots and batter "a horde of scurvy pirates". Apparently the demo lets you to execute a portion of the game's 100+ fighting moves and combinations.

Courtesy of CVG.