Come to church with Hitman

Here's a hefty visual dose of Hitman: Blood Money, Agent 47's latest murderous outing, which sees the ruthless assassin operating in America for the first time and enables you to pimp your weapons with the dirty cash you bag for each hit.

These images give you an idea of the locations you'll be stalking through, with one of 47's operations taking place in a church, complete with beefy masked men and shamefully immodest women dressed as angels.

Other levels look to demand that you commit your hit while surrounded by crowds - there're some shots of what looks like a Mardi Gras parade and others showing packed nightclubs and bars.

Some of the strongest levels in the previous game, Hitman: Contracts, were in areas full of people, so it's great to see Blood Money offering the same level of tension.

Hitman: Blood Money is due to launch in the spring, but we'll be going hands-on for a killing spree in the next few weeks.

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