Coin-ops aren't dead! GRID set to hit arcades in style

If, like us, you wondered where GRID 2 was when DIRT 3 was announced, you'll be pleased to hear that it is alive and kicking and is coming to an arcade near you (if there is an arcade near you) this autumn. Sure, it's notthe sequel we long for, but as a stop-gap it's welcome indeed. Most surprisingly, however, is that Sega's got its name all over the cabinet just as much as Codemasters. That's what a dedicated arcade division can get you, folks - amazing collaborative efforts.

From the first few screens, it looks like Sega's hardware is making the game look even glossier than its Xbox 360/PS3 counterpart. I would say it's great to see another arcade cab with Sega on it, but at this stage it's just great to see a new arcade cab full stop.

Above: It's almost comforting to see arcade tech is still better than home consoles. Look at that blur effect

The game will feature a three-tiered Championship mode featuring circuits and street tracks from around the world, namely Donington Park, Detroit, Long Beach, Milan, Nurburgring, Okutama, San Francisco, Spa Francochamps and Washington. It feels like I'm writing this in 1995, but I'm going to say it: Further events unlock if you place first.Woot!

All the smashable bodywork from the home versions will be present, although it's bound to reset if you get totalled. The 32in displays will run in HD and offerforce feedback steering, with the possibility of larger arcades having 6 linked players.

There have actually already been sightings of the gamein the wild, as beta tests were carried out in London's Trocodero in June. The game has reportedly comealong way since then, so it looks like everything's on track (pun intended)for the autumn launch.

Above:GRID was always an arcadey racing game anyway, soan arcade version makes all kinds ofsense

The question has to be asked - is this the start of a new slew of home to arcade conversions? It's a remarkably backwards idea when you consider the history of gaming, but there are plenty of games that would convert well to the (few) arcades (that are left in the world). DiRT 2, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, House of the Dead Overkill... what would you want to see? Let us know in the comments.

17 Sep, 2010

Justin Towell

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