Clooney and De Niro team up for 36

You might think that with his seemingly overloaded schedule, the only way George Clooney could squeeze in another film would be to invent his own TARDIS and travel back in time, a la Doctor Who.

But no, apparently the busy star has managed to find some spare time in his diary (probably what he’d set aside to use the loo or something) to sign on to Marc Forster’s remake of French police saga 36. And when you realise that this means he gets to act alongside Robert De Niro, you realise why he’d be so eager to clear the space.

Based on 36 Quai des Orfevres, the plot finds undercover detectives (played in the original by Gerard Depardieu and Daniel Auteuil) going head to head to track down a batch of nasty armed robbers. The copper who secures the arrests ends up with a promotion, so of course it all gets a bit nasty…

Forster plans to shoot the film, with Paycheck’s Dean Georgaris writing the script), later this year in New York.