Cliffy B: "Resistance is an excellent game"

Notoriously mouthy - read his rapidfire blog for a taste - Epic and Gears of War developer Cliffy Blezinski has laid bare his own multi-platform credentials, revealing that he thinks PS3 shooter Resistance: Fall of Man is excellent, the game's developer Insomniac is amazing and he's eagerly awaiting the next Ratchet %26amp; Clank adventure. Isn't it nice when everyone just gets along?

In an interview withDeanTakahashi, Cliffy B, as he prefers tobe known,was quizzed on the importance of a cohesive quality to videogames, with Takahashi comparing Gears of War against Resistance.

"I think that Resistance is an excellent game. Insomniac is an amazing developer," Cliffy B replied, adding that he's "thoroughly looking forward to the new Ratchet %26amp; Clank," while explaining that the reason GoW 's atmosphere and universe boasted such sci-fi solidity was that Epic "had a team that saw the same vision and bought into it."

Above: Cliffy B loves Resistance more than Gears of War. It's true

Elsewhere the flopsy haired dev vigilantly avoids giving hints at a GoW sequel, although he does admit that "anytime that a person conceives a universe or a big story, they try to think beyond just one product." Cliffy B also revealed that "a lot of material wound up on the cutting room floor," and that there's plenty of potential for further exploration of the Locust invasion, but "whether or not [Epic is] able to explore that remains to be seen."

Finally, brilliantly, Cliffy B says he's "wanted to have a gun with a saw on it since 1999," and that Epic will likely only ever launch sci-fi games, because "the real world can be boring." He is, as ever, right on the nail.

February 27, 2007