Classic British horror comic Misty is returning with a new anthology this summer, courtesy of incoming X-Men writer Gail Simone

Misty 2024 Special
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Classic British horror comic Misty is being revived through Rebellion Publishing for an all new anthology one-shot written by upcoming X-Men writer Gail Simone. The new anthology one-shot is 48 pages and includes a trio of stories teaming up Simone with three separate artists, as well as one by writer/artist Letty Wilson.

Created by writer and editor Pat Mills, Misty originally launched in 1978, running weekly until 1980, with several more specials and one-shots following through the '80s. The title focused on horror stories that offered "thrills and chills for a generation of young women."

(Image credit: Rebellion Publishing)

Each of the 100+ issues was hosted by Misty, in the style of classic horror comics like Tales From the Crypt which was hosted by the Crypt Keeper. For the new version, she'll guide readers through stories drawn by Carola Borelli, Aly Fell, and Marianna Ignazzi, all written, as previously stated, by Gail Simone. Letty Wilson draws and writes the fourth story.

First up, there's 'Eleven Lonely Deaths,' in which a true crime podcaster meets a young woman who has disturbingly close knowledge of the crimes he covers.

Then there's 'At the Pub at the End of the Road,' which tells the story of a young woman who is abused by her publican father, until she changes her fate through her "extraordinary gifts."

After that is 'Happy Birthday, Mrs. Parker," which seems to connect back to the story of the podcaster, apparently referring to the same eleven murder victims in both tales.

And finally, there's 'The Cracked Glass,' writer/artist Letty Wilson's story which is billed as "too terrifying" to reveal any details.

Here's a gallery of pages from some of the stories:

The Misty 2024 Special goes on sale July 17, 2024 with a cover by Tula Lotay.

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