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Civilization V DLC announced, Firaxis keeping your free time firmly under its control

2K announced two downloadable Civilization V expansions today, because clearly the game wasn't expansive enough already.

The first of the two downloadsis the free Mongols Civilization and Scenario Pack, which puts players in the shoes of Genghis Khan. If he wore shoes. Not really sure.

Above: Those look like boots

The second is the Babylonian Civilization Pack, which was originally only available to those who purchased the Civ V Digital Deluxe Edition, but will now be available for $4.99. The pack introduces Nebuchadnezzar II,the ruler credited by the bible as having exiled the Jews, and who is believed by some to have created the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for his wife.

Above: Nebuchadnezzar II seems to prefer sandals. Or is he barefoot? So many mysteries...

Both packs will be available for download on October 25th. That just gives you seven days to experience all of Civilization V's current content before you go adding expansions. Good luck with that.

Oct 18, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer