Cityville becomes the most popular Facebook app ever

Never mind all those "What Seinfeld character are you?" quizzes, casual arcade games, or even the once dominant Farmville. Cityville has become the singe most popular application on Facebook, surpassing the userbase of every other app.

Cityville, a game that allows users to build up their own virtual urban town, recruit their friends, and then watch it grow, has just eclipsed to a staggering 84 million monthly users. That means, on average, one out of every seven people who has ever created a Facebook account is an active Cityville player.

The game was created by Zynga (of course), and to reach the spot as the top Facebook game it only had to eclipse Farmville, another Zynga title. Farmville, once by far the most popular game on Facebook, only ever reached 83.76 million monthly users.

Fellow Zynga titles Texas HoldEm Poker and FrontierVille rank #4 and #5, with the game Phrases as the only non-Zynga title in the top 5. Rounding out the top 10 apps are:

6. Causes
7. Mafia Wars
8. Cafe World
9. My Year In Status
10. Give Hearts

When all of Zynga's apps are combined, its total number of monthly users is nearly 289 million, including overlap from users who play more than one Zynga game. The second place developer is Takeoff Monkey, with 57 million total monthly users.


Jan 5, 2011