Chris Claremont returns to Wolverine comic books with Steve McNiven

Marvel Made Paragon: Chris Claremont Collection
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Legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont will return to Wolverine, a character he helped define in the '70s and '80s alongside artist Steve McNiven for a new story that follows up on themes and concepts originating from Claremont and artist Frank Miller's 1982 Wolverine limited series.

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There's a catch though – the story will appear in a comic book offered exclusively as part of the publisher's Marvel Made Paragon: Claremont Collection collectible bundle, on pre-order until December 4.

Marvel Made is a joint program by publisher and convention organizers ReedPop to offer exclusive Marvel-themed merchandise. The Marvel Made Paragon line is a series of collected comic book editions that highlight the work of specific Marvel creators. The Claremont Collection is the first title in the Paragon line.

The new Wolverine tale isn't the only Claremont X-Men story exclusive to the bundle – the writer will also team with artist Salvador Larroca for Uncanny X-Men #140.5, a flashback tale showing a prequel to the classic story 'Days of Future Past.'

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"Time passes—unnoticed—and the hours I spent pitching to Frank in a mid-summer I5 tailback (that's a 'traffic jam' for everyone on the west side of the Pond) became a four-issue triumph," states Claremont in the story's announcement.

"Not so long after that, those issues were joined by a two-part sequel to become—something even better," he continues. "For me, it was a chance to work with Frank Miller and Paul Smith—two of the finest storytellers in this business, then and now—to create a story that reads as well today as it did then."

"Action-a-plenty, sure, but most satisfying of all for me, characters that were visually alive and emotionally vital. And those characters are who we'll be seeing again in this exclusive new book."

The bundle, releasing in March 2021, will also include a number of exclusive variant covers for current X-Men titles.

Chris Claremont is the writer of some of the best X-Men stories of all time.

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