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Chop Suey review

"The wonderful thing about having a camera is you never know where it's going to take you," says fashion photographer turned filmmaker Bruce Weber. Judging by this intriguing trawl through his varied career, he's been to some very fancy places indeed.

Introducing his latest protégé, hunky wrestler Peter Johnson, to his photography collection, Weber takes him (and us) on a loose-limbed journey through the 20th century's rich, famous and just plain quirky. It's a gossipy, rambling and anecdotal trip that's held together by Weber's amusing voiceover. Along the way there's footage of Robert Mitchum singing jazz, shots of the nude Johnson frolicking with poodles and elephants, vignettes about life as a fashion photographer, stories about the lesbian singer Frances Faye and the English explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger. Oh, and an appearance by telly Airwolf pilot Jan-Michael Vincent of all things...

Like its culinary namesake, this eclectic mix of different ingredients won't fill you up, but it's a tasty little treat while it lasts.

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