Chex Quest HD is free on Steam, relive your Flemoid-fighting memories

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Chex Quest is back with the official, free launch of Chex Quest HD on Steam.

The new game is a fully remade version of the 1996 original that was included as a free prize in boxes of Chex cereal. While the original Chex Quest was a family-friendly, re-skinned version of Doom - replacing fire-flinging imps with neon-green Flemoids and your Super Shotgun with a slingshot-like Zorcher - Chex Quest HD is modernized with a new engine, controls, and full 3D graphics. It's still family friendly, of course.

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Chex Quest HD also introduces up to four-player local multiplayer. It would get confusing if you were all just running around as Chex cereal pieces, so this new Quest broadens the Chex future to include an optimistic vision of collaboration and competition between the various Chex Mix pieces. While you can only play as original hero Fred Chexter by default, you can unlock other characters such as Shane 'The Dread' McBread or P.R.E.T.Z.L by inputting codes from specially marked bags of Chex Mix (or found on the official website).

If you can't download and get to zorchin' right now, you can also get a nice nostalgia hit by listening to the Chex Quest official soundtrack on Spotify.

While the original Chex Quest remains a strange historical footnote, it had an impact on a generation of young players that persists to this day. Considering the state of the world right now, this nostalgia hit couldn't have come at a better time - especially because you can use Steam Remote Play Together to do some split-screen sessions with the whole gang at a socially responsible distance.

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