Check out the Pope vibing to a live performance of Undertale's best track

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Religious or not, there's one thing we all can agree with the Pope about today: Undertale's music slaps.

In a truly surreal video shared to Twitter (big thanks, Kotaku), you can see His Holiness sitting at the center of a majestic hall and being treated to a live performance of Undertale's 'Megalovania' track as a circus dances and does tricks nearby. Don't believe it? Frankly, that's understandable. But here's the proof:

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For some context - not that it adds a whole lot of clarity in this case - Pope Francis was attending a recent general audience at the Hall of the Vatican when, after about an hour of folks reading from big books and papers, a group of circus performers lead by an exuberant announcer starts juggling, twirling flaming batons, and playing music. One of the songs performed is the aforementioned Undertale song, and of course it's then that the party really kicks off.

Let's just take a minute to appreciate this scene. There he is; the Pope, supreme pontiff, the bishop of Rome; utterly absorbed by the sounds of an indie game developed and composed by one person. Someone's on their back balancing soccer balls on their feet, someone else is double hula-hooping, and for a moment it seems the whole world is at peace, fully transfixed on the spectacle before us. Frankly, it's a mood we're keen on carrying through 2022.

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