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Check out GamesRadar's new look

Today, we are proud and excited to be giving our readers - including you - a sneak preview of the newest version of GamesRadar. It doesn't have a stupidly epic new name, like GamesRadar Xtreme or GR 3.0 Inferno, but it does have some major improvements that will enable us to serve you readers better than ever before.

What's changed? Quite a few things, but the biggest evolution is that the impenetrable pile of lists on our homepage has been replaced by a single massive torrent of gaming goodness. Plus, we've supercharged both our site and ourselves to make sure GamesRadar is constantly churning over with fresher, faster, funnier new content.

Best of all, this is just the start - we've got a ton more enhancements and improvements on the way.

So how do you get involved in this amazing future GamesRadar, you ask? Simple. Check out the top right corner of GR's homepage. See that little gray box? That's the key.

Note: The gray box is ONLY on the homepage. Don't look at the top of this article. It isn't there. It's on theHOMEPAGE.

If your box looks like this, you're already here. Welcome to Tomorrowland! Why not scroll down our new homepage and have a look?

If you see this box instead, don't worry - just click it and you'll be caught up in no time.

Click around and explore a bit, but please don't forget to head back here and leave a comment to tell us what you think. We're committed to giving you readers exactly what you want - so give us a shout and make your opinions heard.

Mar 17, 2010

I was the founding Executive Editor/Editor in Chief here at GR, charged with making sure we published great stories every day without burning down the building or getting sued. Which isn't nearly as easy as you might imagine. I don't work for GR any longer, but I still come here - why wouldn't I? It's awesome. I'm a fairly average person who has nursed an above average love of video games since I first played Pong just over 30 years ago. I entered the games journalism world as a freelancer and have since been on staff at the magazines Next Generation and PSM before coming over to GamesRadar. Outside of gaming, I also love music (especially classic metal and hard rock), my lovely wife, my pet pig Bacon, Japanese monster movies, and my dented, now dearly departed '89 Ranger pickup truck. I pray sincerely. I cheer for the Bears, Bulls, and White Sox. And behind Tyler Nagata, I am probably the GR staffer least likely to get arrested... again.