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However, you may NOT sell this FAQ for any profit unless you have contacted the author and have obtained express consent to do so. ---------- What's New ---------- Corrections and additions to the move listing and secrets sections. ----------------------- Section 1: Introduction ----------------------- 1.1 What is WCW/nWo Revenge? ============================ Revenge is the 1998 sequel to "WCW vs nWo: World Tour" of 97. Both games were developed by Asmik in Japan. World Tour was released in the United States and Canada by THQ Inc. and was LATER released in Japan under the "Virtual Prowrestling 64" title. Revenge (its sequel) is also making its debut in North America despite the game's origin. 1.2 What's new in the game since World Tour? ============================================ * Improved Use of Camera Angles * Wrestler Entrances, some with Pyrotechnics (fireworks, explosions) -Editor's Note- None of the wrestlers have their real theme music, the intros use one generic theme for the 1st wrestler and another for the 2nd, then repeats (ie. 3rd uses theme #1 again, 4th uses theme #2 again). The only real WCW music in the game is a MIDI rendition of the Nitro music, which is used during the post-match replay and Hi Score screens. * More Realistic Wrestler and Crowd Graphics (everyone is height- proportioned now, and most of the face textures are almost flawless. The crowd looks much more WCW now) * Over 700 frames of animation per wrestler * Over 300 unique wrestling moves included in the game * Some wrestlers are now able to perform Multi-Hit Combos -Editor's Note- This feature being listed can be misleading. This doesn't mean unrealistic fighting game -style combos, but rather, moves chained together such as repeated punches, which are often done in succession and not seperately. * Tracks Win/Loss/Tie Records and Titles Held * Instant Replays (post-match AND after a powerful or impressive move if it's a 1-on-1 match) * Weapons such as chairs, bats, garbage cans, stop signs, trophies, table pieces, and so on (they can now be brought into the ring!) * Wrestlers can take the fight out to the entrance isle * Costume Edit mode (allows you to keep the costumes and names up-to-date) -Editor's Note- You may have read in earlier magazine previews of the game that Costume Edit allows you to "switch a wrestler between WCW and nWo". This is technically wrong since you can't actually relocate a wrestler to go under another organization in the select screen. However, you CAN update his costume and name if he has changed it in order to be affiliated with the opposite organization. Also, since every wrestler has more than one costume you can change one of the costume's design, color, and corresponding name without changing the rest. For example, change Curt Hennig's 3rd costume to a different design and rename to "Mr.Perfect", and only that one will appear as "Mr.Perfect", the other costumes will still be "Curt Hennig". * Run-ins occur when one of the wrestlers in a 1-on-1 match is gaining a constant advantage -Editor's Note- The wrestler who runs in is completely random. So don't be surprised when a Wolfpac member runs in for an nWo Hollywood member, and such. * Voice and cartoon likeness of Referee Mark Curtis * Choose from different TV and Pay-Per-View arena setups: - Monday Nitro - Souled Out - Super Brawl VIII - Bash at the Beach - Halloween Havoc - Starrcade (The text background used during the wrestler entrances also correspond to the arena setup being used.) 1.3 What game modes are there? ============================== * Championship - US Heavyweight (Win to unlock Curt Hennig and the World Heavyweight mode) - Cruiserweight (Win to unlock Kidman and the TV Title mode) - Tag Team (Win to unlock Meng and Barbarian) - World Heavyweight (Win to unlock Roddy Piper) - TV Title (Win to unlock Kanyon/Mortis) * Exhibition - Singles Match (1-on-1) - Tag Team Match (2-on-2) * Special Match - Battle Royal (Up to 40 Participants, 4 in ring at once) - Handicap Match (2-on-1) * Costume Edit * Options 1.4 Is there a season or a Tournament mode? =========================================== No. Despite what you may have previously read before the game's release, it does not have a "Season" mode. The Championship mode, in THQ's view, takes the place of the Tournament and various League modes that were in World Tour. I'd have to say the battle royal is a good trade-off for a lot of this since it provides loads of replay value in both 1-player and multiplayer games. 1.5 Will Revenge be released on PlayStation? ============================================ No. WCW/nWo Revenge is a Nintendo 64 EXCLUSIVE (as was World Tour). There will not be any ports of the game for other platforms. 1.6 Does Revenge support Memory Paks and the Rumble Pak? ======================================================== It doesn't support memory paks since it saves everything internally on the cart (saves money for people who don't own paks, and saves space on the paks for people who do own one). It does support the Rumble Pak. 1.7 I suddenly lost control of my wrestler, what's going on?! ============================================================= If you hit the Z button during the Battle Royal, you'll lose control and the CPU will take over for you. Just hit the Z button again to regain control. Read section 2.2 of this FAQ. 1.8 Are there any impressive moves not listed in the manual? ============================================================ Yes. See section 2.2, I've included all the moves in the manual plus other ones I've found. ------------------- Section 2: Gameplay ------------------- 2.1 Controls ============ L=Pin downed opponent, R=Block or Avoid attacks, Flip standing dazed opponent, Counter moves Counter moves Digital Control Pad=Move the wrestler Analog Control Stick=Taunt around the ring B=Attack C-Left=Flip downed opponent C-Up=Climb, Tag, Grab weapon A=Grapple C-Down=Run C-Right=Change focus 2.2 The Moves ============= Note: This is NOT just a list of the moves from the manual. This lists everything from the manual PLUS a lot of things NOT listed in the manual that I or someone contributing to the FAQ has found and confirmed to work. LONG/SHORT CONCEPT A lot of the moves in Revenge are based on the concept of using a button long or short, such as a "Long Grapple" or "Short Grapple". A long grapple or attack (A or B respectively) is the amount of time you hold the button. If you just tap it, it's short. If you hold it completely, it's long (makes for stronger and more impressive moves, but takes longer to physically perform, which makes you vulnerable). ATTACKS Moves like punches and kicks are done using the Attack button (B). Every wrestler's specific move is different, but are done the same way: - Short (B) a few steps from opponent: Far Attack - Short (B) at close range: Weak punch or kick - Short (B) + Control Pad Left: Near Attack - Long (B): Strong Attack - Long (B) + Control Pad: Strong leg attack FRONT GRAPPLES Moves like body slams, suplexes, and such are done in a Grapple, but you must first win a Grapple in order to do them. To win a grapple, you must time your (A) button so that you grab hold of your opponent in a Collar- Elbow Tie-up before he does. The moves you do also depend on whether it was a Short or Long Grapple. Once you win a grapple, hit a button or button with direction to do a move (if you grapple at exactly the same time and "tie", you'll go into a "Test of Strength"). - Short (A): Short Grapple * (A) or (A) + Left/Right \ * (A) + Up | * (A) + Down |_ Specific moves vary between * (B) or (B) + Left/Right | every different wrestler * (B) + Up | * (B) + Down / * (C-Down): Low momentum Irish Whip (throw opponent to the ropes) - Long (A): Long Grapple * (A) or (A) + Left/Right \ * (A) + Up | * (A) + Down |_ Specific moves vary between * (B) or (B) + Left/Right | every different wrestler * (B) + Up | * (B) + Down / * (C-Down): High momentum Irish Whip (throw opponent to the ropes) * Analog Control Stick in any direction while your spirit meter is flashing SPECIAL: Your wrestler's special move (which isn't necessarily his finisher since some finishers are situation-specific like the Crippler Crossface and Rings of Saturn) BACK GRAPPLES Moves such as German Suplexes, Belly-to-Back Suplexes, and Atomic Drops are done from a Back Grapple. Just grapple with your opponent from behind while he's dazed and you'll have him in a Waistlock. - Short (A): Short Back Grapple * (A) \_ Specific moves vary between * (B) / every different wrestler - Long (A): Long Back Grapple * (A) \_ Specific moves vary between * (B) / every different wrestler MOVES FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE To do moves such as Elbow Drops while the opponent is down or Dropkicks and Double Axe Handles while the opponent is standing, the way to do it is the same. Simply hold the direction toward the turnbuckles you want to climb and hit the Run Button (C-Down). RUN COUNTERS Whether you just Irish Whipped your opponent (see Front Grapples) or he is running toward you at free will, there are moves you can use to "counter" a run: - Running willingly or after Low Momentum Irish Whip * Short (A): Weak momentum attack * Long (A): Medium momentum attack 1 * Short (B): Weak momentum strike * Long (B): Strong momentum strike - After High Momentum Irish Whip * Short (A): Medium momentum attack 2 * Long (A): Strong momentum attack * Short (B): Weak momentum strike * Long (B): Strong momentum strike OPPONENT DOWN ON THE MAT Moves such as elbow drops and submission holds are done when your opponent has been knocked down. - (A) at head: Attack or Submission Hold 1 - (A) at feet: Attack or Submission Hold 2 - (B): Striking Attack - (B) while Running: Running Attack - (C-Left): Flip opponent over - (R Button): Pull opponent up to his feet - (L Button): Go for the pin SPECIAL SITUATION MOVES Some of the most impressive high flying moves, such as 450 Splashes, Asai Moonsaults, and Shooting Star Presses are done from special situations. - On the Apron, Opponent is in the ring * (C-Up) + Control Pad: Enter or leave the ring * (C-Down) + Control Pad toward turnbuckles: Climb Corner * (B): Striking attack * Short (A): Attack (some wrestlers only) * Long (A): Long Grapple from the Apron o (A) \_ Specific moves vary between o (B) / every different wrestler o (C-Down): Run opponent into the turnbuckle * (R Button): Avoid Attack - On the Apron, Opponent is standing outside * (C-Down) + (A): Flying Attack (some wrestlers only) * (A) + Control Pad: Flying Attack * (B): Kick * (R Button): Avoid Attack - Standing in the ring, Opponent outside * (A) + Control Pad toward outside: Slingshot Arial Move * (A) while Running toward outside: Flying Attack to the Outside * (C-Down) + Control Pad toward outside: Flying Attack to the Outside (some wrestlers only) - Running * (C-Up) while running toward ropes: Slide and stand on Apron * (L Button) while running at opponent: Duck under him * (R Button) while running at opponent: Roll to his side - Standing, Opponent Hooked on the Turnbuckle * Short (A): Short Corner Grapple o (A) \_ Different moves done on the o (B) / turnbuckle (chops, shoulders, etc.) * Long (A): Long Corner Grapple o (A) \_ Different moves done from the o (B) / top rope (suplexes, hurricanranas, etc.) o Analog Control Stick in any direction while your spirit meter is flashing SPECIAL: Corner variation of your wrestler's special move (some wrestlers only; moves like top rope Powerbombs, his finisher off the top rope, etc.) - In Tag Team, Handicap, or Battle Royal mode * (Z Button): Toggle between human and CPU control (Battle Royal) * (C-Up): Tag partner into the ring (Tag Team) * (A) at the same time as partner: Double Team move * Long (A) from Behind: Long Back Grapple 1. (C-Up): Put opponent on Shoulders 2. Partner (C-Up) + Control Pad Toward Turnbuckles: Partner climbs the turnbuckles and attacks the opponent on your shoulders - Standing Outside * (C-Up) + Control Pad toward crowd: Grab a Weapon (chances of getting one depends on your wrestler's style) * (C-Down) + Control Pad Toward Ring: Slide back into the ring - Holding a Weapon * Short (B): Swing weapon * Long (B): Overhead Strike with weapon * (B) While running: Strong Running Strike with weapon TAUNTING Every wrestler has a taunt or pose. - Use the Analog Control Stick's Left, Up, and Right while standing to do Taunt/Pose #1. - Use the Analog Control Stick's Down while standing to do Taunt/ Pose #2 (This is also the one you do when you use any of the Analog Control Stick's direction while getting up from being knocked down or after just doing a move that takes you off of your feet. - When your meter is red and flashing, use the Analog Control Stick to do Taunt/Pose #3 as well as make the meter flash SPECIAL (see above lists for usage of special). - Some wrestlers, such as Curt Hennig and Raven, have a 4th pose in place of a top rope attack, and some even have one in place of a slingshot-to-outside attack (ie. stands on bottom rope while reaching over and provoking the opponent on the outside). SECRET TRICKS - If you move the Analog Control Stick in a Clockwise Circle instead of just a single direction, you'll use your opponent's own Taunt/Pose to provoke him! - Long Grapple, (A) + (B) when your Spirit Meter is flashing SPECIAL and you'll do your opponent's own finisher on him! - In the Nitro arena setup, Irish Whip him into the opening on the entrance (Grapple and (C-Down) with your back facing the entrance) and you'll send him running back stage. He'll come running back out in a moment, sometimes holding a weapon! (This has been tested, Sonny Onoo came running back out with a stop sign and Hogan ran back out with a chair, it seems to happen at random) --------------------- Section 3: The Roster --------------------- * = Hidden Character, see Section 4 Note: The person who accompanies a wrestler to the ring only applies to 1-on-1 Matches. They won't be present in Tag, Battle Royal, or Handicap matches. nWo (White) =========== Hollywood Hogan (Accompanied to the ring by Eric Bischoff) Giant Brian Adams (Accompanied to the ring by Vincent) Scott Hall (Accompanied to the ring by Dusty Rhodes) Scott Norton Buff Bagwell Eric Bischoff (Accompanied to the ring by Elizabeth) Scott Steiner (Accompanied to the ring by Vincent) *Curt Hennig (Accompanied to the ring by Rick Rude) nWo (Red) ========= Kevin Nash Sting Lex Luger Macho Man Randy Savage (Accompanied to the ring by Elizabeth) Konnan Raven's Flock ============= Raven Lodi Riggs Sick Boy Reese *Kidman WCW1 ==== *Roddy Piper Diamond Dallas Page (Accompanied to the ring by Kimberly) Goldberg Bret Hart Chris Benoit Rick Steiner Fit Finley Booker T WCW2 ==== Saturn Disco Inferno Jim Neidhart British Bulldog Glacier *Meng (Accompanied to the ring by Jimmy Hart) Van Hammer Kanyon (1st and 3rd costume) / Mortis (2nd and 4th costume) WCW3 ==== Yugi Nagata (Accompanied to the ring by Sonny Onoo) Larry Zbysko *Barbarian (Accompanied to the ring by Jimmy Hart) La Parka Stevie Ray WCW4 ==== Chris Jericho Eddy Guerrero Psychosis Rey Mysterio Jr. Dean Malenko Juventud Guerrera Ultimo Dragon Chavo Guerrero Jr. Alex Wright EWF === AKI Man (1st costume)/THQ Man (2nd costume) (Real name: Mitsuharu Misawa) Shogun (Real name: Toshiaki Kawada) Executioner (Real name: Kenta Kobashi) Dr. Frank (Jumbo Tsuratu) Jekel (Real name: Dr. Death Steve Williams) Maya Inca Boy (Real name: Akira Taoe) DAW === Hawk Hana (Real name: Genichiro Tenryu) Kim Chee (Real name: Koji Kitao) Dake Ken (Real name: Atsushi Onita) Brickowski (Real name: Samson Fuyuki) Ming Chee (Real name: Tarzan Goto) Han Zo Mon (Real name: Hayabusa) Note: The members of EWF and DAW are indeed real wrestlers from Japan, but Asmik has made their appearances so far from their real life counterparts that there's no way in hell you can make them actually look right using the Costume Edit considering how shallow that mode is. I had done some comparisons with the DAW wrestler's moves, taunts, finishers, heights, and weights, and have found who they really were. The EWF real names are from ----------------------------- Section 4: Secrets of Revenge ----------------------------- Unlock Curt Hennig and the World Heavyweight Championship Mode Win all 9 matches of the US Heavyweight Championship mode. Unlock Roddy Piper Win all 9 matches of the World Heavyweight Championship mode. Unlock Kidman and the TV Title Mode Win all 9 matches of the Cruiserweight Championship mode. Unlock Kanyon / Mortis Win all 9 matches of the TV Title mode. Unlock Meng and Barbarian Win all 9 matches of the Tag Team Championship mode. Note on Game Shark Code to Reveal Other "Hiddens" Apparently, the people who accompany wrestlers to the ring, some of whom are actually wrestlers, can be made playable only through the use of Game Shark codes since a lot of them don't seem to be meant to be played, and some aren't even complete and were not meant to appear but their data was left in the game. For those of you who don't know, the Game Shark "hacks" the game and enables you to access things that usually weren't meant to be accessed in such a way or at all. A Game Shark code that allows you to access all the managers, valets, and incomplete wrestlers has been circulating the newsgroups: 890F9D36 0240 890F9D60 42B4 8107E8B2 ???? Replace the four ???? with one of the following digits to unlock the corresponding manager/valet/incomplete-wrestler: 0007 Roddy Piper \ 0105 Meng | 0106 Barbarian |_ These six are complete and can be unlocked 0207 Curt Hennig | without a GS using the methods above 0404 Kanyon | 0503 Kidman / 0403 Wrath (He has moves and his 2 finishers but he wears Sting's costume) 0801 Eric Bischoff (This is the one that accompanies Hogan to the ring, not the normally selectable one. This one has no moves) 0802 Sonny Onoo (Not intended to be controlled by a player) 0803 Jimmy Hart (Not intended to be controlled by a player) 0804 Rick Rude (Not intended to be controlled by a player, has punches and kicks only, no Grapple) 0805 Dusty Rhodes (Not intended to be controlled by a player) 0806 Ted DiBiase (Incomplete, has his name spelled "Ted Debiase" and looks like Vincent) 0807 James Vandenberg (Incomplete, looks like Vincent) 0808 Vincent (Not intended to be controlled by a player) 0901 Miss Elizabeth (Not intended to be controlled by a player) 0902 Kimberly (Not intended to be controlled by a player) 0903 Jackreen (Incomplete, looks like an altered Sting) 0904 Sister Sherri (Incomplete) 0905 Woman (Incomplete, looks like Meng) It seems the only ones that actually work are Rude, Wrath, and "Woman". All you can do with the others is do the crowd appeal or get beat up. It's very unlikely these can be unlocked in any way without a Game Shark (ie. in any way actually intended). ------------------ Section 5: Credits ------------------ Written By Frank Chan (aka. The IceMaster) ...... Thanks to: THQ ............................................... AKI Corporation ................................. MrFloppy66 ......................................... Mac .................................................... Copyright (c)1998 The IceMaster ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WCW/nWo REVENGE Finishers FAQ by Sephiroth Ver. 1.1-Started this FAQ, 11/1/98 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Revenge is the sequal to the ever popular WCW/nWo World Tour. It is certainly a step up from its precedor in many, many ways. There are over 80 wrestlers to choose from, and over 50 are real WCW/nWo stars, including: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sting, Bret Hart, Raven, Goldberg, Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Rey Mysterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera, Chris Jericho, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Kanyon, Kidman, Stevie Ray, Scott Hall, Diamond Dallas Page, Saturn, Lodi, Big Poppa Pump, and many others. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the other big improvements, besides the updated and expanded roster, is the detailed image of the wrestlers' finishing moves. For instance, in World Tour, Nash would do a regular Power Bomb as his finisher. In Revenge, he takes his opponent by the hair, brings him in, picks him up, and drives him into the mat. Another example is the Outsider's Edge of Scott Hall. In WT, he would end it in a pin, whereas in Revenge, he doesn't pin him, and spreads his arms before he picks him up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this FAQ, I aim to list the finishing moves of each character in the game, and list how to do them. But first, here are the basic controls of thge game: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Control Pad---Move your wrestler A Button---Grapple/Put hold on downed opponent (Weak Grapple-Tap A/Strong Grapple-Hold A) B Button---Strike R Button---Reversal/Pick up downed opponent by hair L Button---Dodge Right C---Change focus when in Tag match/Battle Royal Down C---Run/Climb Turnbuckle Up C---Get object from crowd/Enter or exit ring Analog Stick---Taunt/Special move when bar is flashing ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Finishers are pulled off by what I call a "Front Special" or "Back Special". To do a Front Special, get your Spirit Meter to it's highest point by taunting. The bar should flash "SPECIAL". Now do a Strong Grapple (See above) and tap the Analog Stick in any direction. When this is the way to do a certain Finisher, I will just say "Front Special" instead of the button combination. A "Back Special" is the same thing, except do the Strong Grapple on your opponent when their back is turned. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For most regular moves, check your User's Manual, included in Revenge box. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some characters are hidden. Here is how to find each one: Kidman---Win Cruiserweight Belt Kanyon---Win TV Belt Meng & Barbarian---Win Tag Team Belts Curt Henning---Win US Belt Roddy Piper---Win World Belt ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following Finishers list will be seperated by group. The groups are: nWo White (Hollywood) nWo Red (Wolfpac) Raven's Flock WCW 1/2/3/4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- nWo White: Hollywood Hogan--Leg Drop----------Press B at Head of Fallen Opponent on back The Giant--------Chokeslam---------Front Special Brian Adams------Death Penalty-----Front Special Scott Hall-------Outsider's Edge---Front Special Scott Norton-----Shoulderbreaker---Front Special Buff Bagwell-----Blockbuster-------Front Special Eric Bischoff----Roundhouse Kick---Hold B Scott Steiner----Steiner Recliner--Press A at Head of Fallen Opponent on stomach Curt Henning-----Henning-Plex------Front Special ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- nWo Red: Kevin Nash---------------Jack-Knife Power Bomb-Front Special Sting--------------------Scorpion Death Lock---Press A at Feet of Fallen Opponent on back Lex Luger----------------Torture Rack----------Back Special Macho Man Randy Savage---Flying Elbow Drop-----Opponent down, climb turnbuckle K-Dawg-------------------Tequilla Sunrise------Press A at Head of Fallen Opponent on stomach ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raven's Flock: Raven------Evenflow DDT---------------Front Special Lodi-------Tiger Bomb-----------------Front Special Riggs------Mail Bomb------------------Front Special Sick Boy---The Cure-------------------Front Special Reese------Double-Handed Choke Slam---Front Special Kidman-----7 Year Itch----------------Opponent down, climb turnbuckle ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- WCW: Roddy Piper----------Sleeperhold---------Strong grapple behing opponent, press B Diamond Dallas Page--Diamond Cutter------Front Special Goldberg-------------Jackhammer----------Front Special Bret Hart------------Sharpshooter--------Press A at Feet of Fallen Opponent on back Chris Benoit---------Crippler Crossface--Press A at Head of Fallen Opponent on stomach Rick Steiner---------UNKNOWN-------------UNKNOWN Fit Finley-----------Finley Spike--------Front Special Booker T-------------Harlem Hangover-----Opponent down, climb turnbuckle Saturn---------------Rings of Saturn-----Press A at Head of Fallen Opponent on stomach Disco Inferno--------Chart Buster--------Front Special Jim Neidhart---------UNKNOWN-------------UNKNOWN British Bulldog------UNKNOWN-------------UNKNOWN Glacier--------------Cryonic Kick--------Front Special Meng-----------------Tongan Death Grip---Front Special Van Hammer-----------UNKNOWN-------------UNKNOWN Kanyon---------------Flatliner-----------Front Special Yugi Nagata----------Nagata Lock---------Press A at Feet of Fallen Opponent on back Larry Zybsko---------Body Grapevine------Front Special Barbarian------------Tongan Death Grip---Front Special La Parka-------------UNKNOWN-------------UNKNOWN Stevie Ray-----------Slapjack------------Front Special Chris Jericho--------Lion Tamer----------Press A at Feet of Fallen Opponent on back Eddie Guerrero-------Frog Splash---------Opponent down, climb turnbuckle Psychosis------------Guillotine Legdrop--Opponent down, climb turnbuckle Rey Misterio Jr.-----Hurricanrana--------Back Special Dean Malenko---------Texas Cloverleaf----Press A at Feet of Fallen Opponent on back Juventud Guerrera----450 Splash----------Opponent down, climb turnbuckle* Ultimo Dragon--------Dragon Sleeper------Press A at Head of Fallen Opponent on back Chavo Guerrero Jr.---Tornado DDT---------Front Special Alex Wright----------German Suplex-------Back Special *-SPECIAL should be flashing ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this FAQ helped you out.</p>