Rival Schools 2 (Shiritsu Justice Gakuen Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2) Translation Version 1.10 by Handy Tanudjaja July 13, 1999 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction Well, Capcom has finished the next Rival Schools series. The problem with this game is still : it's japanese. And this is not a FAQ, just a mini translation. You will not find any movelist on this document, as this is only a translation of the menus, and is considered a mini-faq. By the way, did GameSages give this game a poor review? Maybe it's because of the error in the simulation mode. Well anyway, enjoy. :) What's New : 1.10 Fixed several translation and added new things. I never know there were so many fans of this game! Thanks all. :) 1.00 First basic translation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. The menus The main menu consist of several bars. They're, from top to bottom : 1. Simulation Mode This is the simulation mode. And I can't get it to work, it shows a red 'no entry' sign I think (so it _is_ error). The error screen is translated into 'Your Playstation has been modified, operation is stopped' according to YC Tan. There are GameShark code to get through this, however, since I don't have a GameShark, I can't test it. But according to GameSages, www.cmgsccc.com and www.agscc.com here are the codes : D00A6CFA 1040 800A6CFA 1000 The simulation mode is vastly improved and is the heart of the sequel. So .... maybe I'll buy a GameShark afterall..... maybe. 2. Story Mode / 1 Player Mode The usual beat 'em up game. 3. Two Player Mode This is the versus mode between player 1 and 2, won't show up if the joystick isn't connected. 4. League Mode This one puts you in the league, and competes for the number 1 place in the table. 5. Team Battle Select four person to fight on your side and your opponent's, I think. 6. Tournament Mode This mode allows you to compete in a tournament. 7. Double player Mode This is to start dual player mode in one team. The first option is the battle mode, cooperation based, and has scores when you win or lose the game. The second one is manual select and training for two players. 8. Training Mode Practice how to use the characters. Free play mode. 9. Learning Mode There are two options after this. The first one is [Kanji]'99. This mode tests your skill in two parts : the number one lesson is to hit the opponent without getting hit by the fireballs. The number two lesson is to block your opponent's attack nine times. I was wondering if this can open the Simulation Mode, and it's not. The second option is the usual learning mode, 6 lessons, like it used to be in Rival Schools. 10. Extra Games Plays games like : 1. Home Run 2. Roberto's PK 3. Roberto's Shoot 4. Services 5. Sprint 6. Doki-Waku-Dance (bust-a-groove type dance) 7. Watch Mode 11. Edit Mode Supposed to be creating new characters, but I can't get it to work yet. Finish the 1 player mode first (must try it later on). 12. Omake There are two opinions on this menu. One says that this one is for pocket station. The other is this : Everytime you beat the game, make a record, pass a test, finish mini games, you obtain bonus points. That bonus points are used in the first option of the Omake menu to buy cards, endings, posters, secret characters, the music of the game, etc. The second option is to view what you have bought, cards, videos (Staff roll, and ending), posters, music, etc. I think the second one is the right one. 13. Memory Card Manager To save and load. 14. Options Edit the gameplay environment : CPU Difficulty Damage Level Timer Speed Rounds (CPU) Rounds (VS) CPU Round Kiara Continue ??? Kiara Dual Shock Vibration Sound Game System Buttons settings Default Exit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Next.... I'm still playing this game, and Rival Schools 2 rocks! Thanks for all your support! When I can access the simulation mode, I'll be sure to translate it, or maybe write a FAQ... but it will be *very* rough, as I'm not Japanese. :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Credits The author : Handy Tanudjaja thewindwalker@rocketmail.com Contributors : YC Tan Jeff "CJayC" Veasey Jillian For pointing out that the simulation mode doesn't work on a modded playstation along with the GameShark Codes. Michelangelo Rosso For the 12th menu : Omake Section. Christopher Casalme For the 12th menu : Omake Section, and some simulation mode help. Kyo For pointing out the simulation mode that works with GameShark 2.3 and the pocket station opinion. Omega X boy For help in the options section menu #2,#6,#7, and #8. Also for the Omake menu's opinion. GameSages, www.cmgsccc.com and www.agscc.com For the GameShark code. The latest version of this faq can be found in The Windwalker website : http://windwalker.webjump.com GameFAQs : http://www.gamefaqs.com LEGALITY ======== Copyrighted 1999 by Handy Tanudjaja. All rights reserved. Rival Schools 2 (c) Capcom 1999 This document may not be reprinted or reproduced for sale or profit without permission. This document may be freely distributed via hard copy, WWW link, or other electronic means, but all writers retain their copyrights.</p>