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Here you go though, enjoy! Version 1.10 - 11/25/09 --Alright, first update! I think I accomplished a fair amount here. I started a few sections and their subsections. For example, the Villa section has been started but not finished. Extras was started with Trophies added and the Glyphs and Puzzles section was started but not yet finished. Other than that, I added a specks of information to the walkthrough and gave the whole guide a much needed spellcheck. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Version 1.15 - 11/27/09 --Started some more stuff like Basics. Didn't work on the Villa section this time so there's still some work to do there. Other than that, it was just a few small updates to the walkthrough, a tip or two, information changes/edits and a pair of new FAQ questions. Version 1.25 - 12/1/09 --Welcome to the month of December! For this update, I added two new sub-sections, including one for a little info on connecting the PS3 version of ACII to the PSP game, AC: Bloodlines. I added the Stautettes, located in the Villa section. I also finished the Glyph puzzle solutions, but have not yet added all the locations. Other than that, a bunch of fixes and small additions. Version 1.35 - 12/21/09 --Well, let me first apologize for the lack of updates. I have been simply overburdened with final papers and final exams in college (being an English Major stinks sometimes!) and other obligations as well. Now that my semester is over (huzzah!), I can finally find some time to work on this guide. I began by updating a few sections here and there, then started the Weapon, Armor & Clothes sub-section. Added a few tips that were submitted to me and made a few corrections. Well I'm gonna disappear for a few days but a few more updates should be coming eventually. Until then, regardless of what you celebrate... Happy Holidays everyone! Version 1.40 - 1/4/09 --Hope everyone had a good holiday and a happy New Year. Got a small update here, mostly just to fix some stuff here and there. I'm gonna be focusing on older guides so I'm gonna put this one aside for a little while. _ _ ____ __ ___ _____ __ __ ____ ____ _____ ( \/\/ )( ___)( ) / __)( _ )( \/ )( ___) (_ _)( _ ) ) ( )__) )(__( (__ )(_)( ) ( )__) )( )(_)( (__/\__)(____)(____)\___)(_____)(_/\/\_)(____) (__) (_____) ____ _ _ ____ __ _ _ ____ __ __ __ __ ___ (_ _)( )_( )( ___) /__\ ( \( )(_ _)( \/ )( )( )/ __) )( ) _ ( )__) /(__)\ ) ( _)(_ ) ( )(__)( \__ \ (__) (_) (_)(____) (__)(__)(_)\_)(____)(_/\/\_)(______)(___/ __|_________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 1|Introduction..................................................... [itro] |+ About This Guide |+ Using This Guide 2|Basics........................................................... [bscs] |+ Welcome To The Animus (SPOILER WARNING)........................ [bcan] |+ Controls....................................................... [bctr] |+ Side Missions.................................................. [bcsm] |+ Currency and Goods............................................. [bccg] |+ Combat......................................................... [bcom] 3|Walkthrough...................................................... [ac00] |+ Sequence 1..................................................... [ac01] |+ Sequence 2..................................................... [ac02] |+ Sequence 3..................................................... [ac03] |+ Sequence 4..................................................... [ac04] |+ Sequence 5..................................................... [ac05] |+ Sequence 6..................................................... [ac06] |+ Sequence 7..................................................... [ac07] |+ Sequence 8..................................................... [ac08] |+ Sequence 9..................................................... [ac09] |+ Sequence 10.................................................... [ac10] |+ Sequence 11.................................................... [ac11] |+ Sequence 14.................................................... [ac14] 4|The Villa........................................................ [acvi] |+ Overview....................................................... [viov] |+ Shops.......................................................... [visp] |+ Renovations.................................................... [virn] |+ Collections & Equipment........................................ [vicl] |+ Statuettes..................................................... [vist] 5|Extras........................................................... [exra] |+ Glyph Locations & Puzzle Solutions............................. [exgp] |+ Weapon, Art, and Clothes Lists................................. [exli] |+ Assassination Contract Missions................................ [exas] |+ Connectivity with Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines................. [exbl] |+ Trophies/Achievements.......................................... [exth] 6|Miscellaneous.................................................... [misl] |+ Frequently Asked Questions..................................... [fak4u] |+ Credits/Special Thanks |+ Contact Info |+ Legal Chitchat /|_ / |_ / / / > ( > / / / / / / __/ \_____ /- | / /-\ / / / \--/ / / / / ( > / > / _| / __/ /_/ +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Uno (1)| Introduction | ASSASSIN'S CREED II [itro] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Hello, and welcome to the guide. The name is Axel7174 and I'll be your host. I'm under the preconceived notion that if you're reading this guide, you've come for some sort of help, or you're very bored. Well, if it's the former, worry not! I'm hoping to do my best to provide as much help as possible for Assassin's Creed II, one of the 2009 holiday season's biggest hits. About This Guide ---------------- This could be my last guide of 2009, though I'm thinking about some other stuff as well. This guide is being written during the end of my current college semester so it's possible that after most of the work is done, that updates can get a little spaced apart, while I tackle assignments and finals and all that junk. Other than that, I hope this guide proves helpful. Using This Guide ---------------- This guide contains a general walkthrough that is fairly clear and concise. It covers just about all aspects of the game. Look to the table of contents above for help finding something. At the end of each item is a code called a quickjump. Put this code into the ctrl+f function of your web browser and you can quickly jump to a section of the guide. You can also use this to search for keywords. If you have questions, please refer to the FAQ section at the end of the guide first before e-mailing me. If your question isn't answered, or if you have something to comment on or submit to me, feel free to e-mail me. If you're submitting something, please, please, please read the Contact Info section first for my policy on this. +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Due (2)| Basics | ASSASSIN'S CREED II [bscs] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ WELCOME TO THE ANIMUS, DESMOND. WOULD YOU LIKE TO REVIEW THE EVENTS YOU EXPERIENCED [in Assassin's Creed 1] AGAIN, REVISITING THE EVENTS OF YOUR ANCESTOR, ALTAIR? I MUST WARN YOU, IT CONTAINS SPOILERS, SO PLEASE DISREGARD THIS IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED. Yes, I want to review it, please. OK........ ACCESSING...... MEMORY BLOCKS FOUND....... PLEASE WAIT............ REVIEW PLAYBACK BEGINNING.... Desmond stepped into the Animus and relived the life of his ancestor, Altair, an assassin who lived during the time of the Third Crusade. Altair was just one assassin in an entire fraternity who hailed from Masyaf and pledged loyalty to their master, Al Mualim, and three guiding tenets: o Stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent o Hide in plain sight o Never compromise the brotherhood. Altair broke all three tenants in one mission, as he and his brothers tried to thwart Robert De Sable of the Crusaders from retrieving the treasure of Solomon's Temple. His actions cost his brother Malik his arm, as well as the life of Kadar, Malik's actual blood brother. Al Mualim scolded Altair for his foolish behavior. Altair remarked, "Were you not the one to say "nothing is true and everything is permitted?" "You do not understand the true meaning of the phrase, my child," Al Mualim said. "It does not grant you the freedom to do as you wish, it is a knowledge meant to guide your senses. It expects a wisdom you clearly lack!" As punishment, Al Mualim stripped Altair of his rank and had him charged with ending the lives of nine men, men on both the Saracen and Crusader forces. "Nine lives in exchange for mine," Altair mused. And so he set out to kill all nine men. The assassin brothers in each city guided Altair, including Malik who still held intense contempt for the former ace assassin. Putting his skills to good use, Altair gathered the information necessary, climbed impossible obstacles, and put a blade to any enemy in his way. One by one, each man fell. With his dying breath, Altair's first target, Tamir of Damascus revealed that he was "but a piece. A man with a part to play." To which Altair replied, "I look forward to ending their lives as well." Each man had been accused of heinous crimes that threatened peace and the salvation of the Holy Land. Yet, to Altair's surprise, each of the men had a different tale to tell. Tamir claimed a nobler cause than simply making weapons for war. Garnier de Naplouse of Acre claimed he was not harming the sick and mentally disabled, but saving them. Talal of Jerusalem said he was not enslaving people for any reason but to save them. Abu'l Nuquod, a servant of Salahudin, revealed that he stole money to serve his group, the "brotherhood" Tamir spoke of. "If you do not serve Salahudin's cause then whose?" Altair asked. "In time you'll come to know them," Abu'l Nuquod replied, choking on his own blood. "I think perhaps you already do." Altair continued his quest and slew Majd Addin, William de Montferrat, Sibrand, and Jubair. As Altair suspected, there was "something that binds these men." Al Mualim enlightened him to the truth. They were Templars. Despite being on opposite forces, the 9 Templars would hope to use the treasure from Solomon's Temple to achieve "peace" as Al Mualim put it. Altair's face twisted in a confusing grimace. "Peace? But this would make them our allies!" Al Mualim explained that he supported the goal, but not the method in which the Templars would achieve it, through forced control and the stripping away of free will. Understanding their purpose, Altair set off to find his final target: Robert De Sable. Altair found his target in Jerusalem... and struck. To his surprise however, he learned it was merely a body double. Robert was on his way to persuade Richard the Lionheart and Salahudin to join forces against the Assassin's who, thanks to Altair, had murdered 8 men on each side. Altair, fearing the worst for Masyaf and for the Holy Land, rode for Arsuf. There he confronted Robert as the Templar he was and after a lengthy duel, he finally fell to his blade. "Nine targets he sent you to kill," Robert said. "Not nine, but ten." Altair couldn't believe it. "A tenth?! None may live who know the secret." He shook Robert and demanded a name. "Oh, but you know him well. It is your precious Al Mualim. He used you, boy. The only difference between your master and me is that he did not want to share." Robert faded from the world and Altair rose, weightless, trapped in a cloud of disbelief. Al Mualim was a Templar and he had been aligned with the others all along. Not only that, he used Altair to kill his former allies to have the treasure all to himself. A treasure that Al Mualim claimed "Turned water into wine and parted the Red Sea." Altair knew what he to do, and so he rode back to Masyaf. When he returned, he found the people of the village and the assassin's all under Al Mualim's spell, a spell cast from the treasure, the Piece of Eden. With help from Malik, Altair confronted his master in the garden. There, Al Mualim raised the Piece of Eden triumphantly and cried, "Nothing is true and everything is permitted!" Altair could not help but find it ironic that his master has twisted the true meaning of this phrase, just as he himself had done. Altair's significance was explained. Since he could not be brainwashed by the Piece of Eden like the others, he was the perfect puppet for Al Mualim's plan. Now his usefulness had ended, he imagined. Al Mualim confirmed this notion, raising his blade, and in an almost believably solemn voice, said "You were my best student, Altair." Altair saw through the illusions cast by the Piece of Eden and through his own willpower, he killed Al Mualim. Al Mualim dropped the orb and claimed he could not destroy it. "Then I will!" Altair remarked. The Piece of Eden laid there in the garden. Altair approached it with trepidation. With each step he took toward the object, he could feel his heart flutter in a most strange way, as if it ceased to not only beat, but exist in his body. Slowly, the Piece of Eden came to life, displaying a map of the world. The grand orange glow of its projection mesmerized Altair. There was something beautiful, entrancing, and serene about it. In his head, Al Mualim's voice taunted him. "Go on, destroy it as you said you would." Altair struggled to even speak. "I... I can't!" he said. "Yes you can, Altair. But you won't..." The image ended, and Desmond awoke. The map displayed by the Piece of Eden was what the Templar's in the present day sought. Having served his purpose, Desmond was considered expendable. Lucy Stillman bought Desmond time, and so he returned to his room. There, he found that he possessed Altair's Eagle Vision and upon the walls of his room, he saw many cryptic messages... written in blood. END SPOILERS Controls [bctr] -------- Here is a quick layout of the control schemes for the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. I split it up into two parts just for ease. Basic Controls _________________________________________________________________ |Action |PS3 Button |360 Button | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Pause |Start |Start | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Map |Select |Back | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Movement |Left Analog Stick |Left Thumbstick | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Camera |Right Analog Stick |Right Thumbstick | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Lock on |L1 |Left Button | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Contextual Camera |L2 |Left Trigger | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |High Profile |R1 |Right Button | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Inventory Wheel |R2 |Right Trigger | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Look |R3 |Right Thumbstick In| |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Select Hidden Blade |D-Pad Up |D-Pad Up | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Select Primary Weapon|D-Pad Right |D-Pad Right | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Use Medicine |D-Pad Left |D-Pad Left | |---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------| |Select Fists |D-Pad Down |D-Pad Down | '-----------------------------------------------------------------' Actions: Low Profile and High Profile ______________________________________________________________ |Action |PS3 Button |360 Button | |--------------------------------|----------------|------------| |Steal (Low Profile) |X |A | |--------------------------------|----------------|------------| |Sprint/Free Run (High Profile) |X |A | |--------------------------------|----------------|------------| |Gentle Push (Low Profile) |Circle |B | |--------------------------------|----------------|------------| |Grab/Throw (High Profile) |Circle |B | |--------------------------------|----------------|------------| |Tackle (while running) |Circle |B | |--------------------------------|----------------|------------| |Attack |Square |X | |--------------------------------|----------------|------------| |Speak |Triangle |Y | |--------------------------------|----------------|------------| |Eagle Vision |Triangle (hold) |Y (hold) | '--------------------------------------------------------------' A little insight to some extra moves that Ezio can do. Advanced Wall Jump ------------------ Run up a wall and then immediately point the Left Analog Stick left or right and hit X again. Ezio will run up the wall and use his momentum to go left or right. It's useful for grabbing a tricky ledge or a ledge that is to your side. Climb Leap ---------- Ezio learns this in Venice. Climb Leap lets Ezio leap up when climbing a wall so he can reach ledges normally out of reach. When he leaps, you have to grasp with Circle or he'll just fall down. Some buildings can only be climbed with Climb Leap. Otherwise, it's a nice way to take shortcuts when climbing. Side Missions [bcsm] ------------- The developers decided to go in a different direction with ACII. The game was constructed similar to Grand Theft Auto in the sense that you have a lot of story missions that you do in succession to progress the game. At the same time though you have tons of side missions and other things to do in between. In this small section, I'll very briefly glance over some of these. [RACES] Each city has some races you can undertake. You don't actually race anything except the clock. Usually the time you're given is pretty lenient. [BEAT UP EVENTS] These missions have you visiting the infidelic husband of some poor wife in town. You are given a search area to look for them. Find them and beat them up but do not kill them. Easy. [COURIER MISSIONS] You are given a letter to deliver and a destination. Get it there in time to succeed. The time limits vary from very comfortable, to a bit more strict. Overall, these are not difficult however. Currency and Goods [bccg] ------------------ Assassin's Creed II sports a nifty economic system. You can now earn money and spend it how you see fit. There are numerous things to spend on, and there are various ways to keep the money lining your pockets. [MONEY MAKING] -Missions: Beating story and side missions will always reward you with a small amount of florins, the game's currency. Later story missions yield better rewards of course. -Pick-pocketing: By holding X while walking, you can bump into them and steal money. The amounts are miniscule but remember to do it a few times every so often and you'll find it adds up. -Looting: Like pick-pocketing, you don't get much by looting corpses. It's an option and a decent one early on in the game to make an extra buck but not reliable overall. -Chests: There are chests hidden throughout the cities that have small amounts of money. The amounts can be pretty big in some of them. If you go to an Art Merchant, you can buy a map that will show you chest locations for an area. -The Villa: Once you have the Villa Auditore up and running, it becomes by far your greatest source of income for the game. Put enough into it and you'll get a larger return. For more information, see the Villa section of the guide. [WHAT TO SPEND IT ON] -Blacksmiths: Blacksmiths deal in armor and weaponry. They can give Ezio new primary and secondary weapons, as well as replenish his stock of throwing knives or smoke bombs and so on. The goods available depend mostly on how far you have progressed in the game. Blacksmiths will also repair damaged armor for a small fee. -Art Merchants: Art merchants sell... art of course! The paintings you buy from them increase the value of the Villa but the greatest value is earned for purchasing all 30 of them. Each city has different artwork available. The Art Merchants also sell maps that show the locations of treasure chests. -Tailors: Visit a tailor and he can let you customize Ezio's wardrobe for a small fee. This gives the player some customization which is nice. More importantly I think however, is that the Tailor sells pouches to let Ezio carry more medicine, throwing knives, and poison. Doctor: The doctor will heal Ezio for a small fee. He will also sell medicine that he can carry and later, poison as well. Combat [bcom] ------ Combat in Assassin's Creed II is very similar to its predecessor. There are a few new features though, so if you are interested in those or are just totally new to the AC series, you might find some useful information here. An important thing to take note of is that some combat skills like Disarm are available to you early in the game. The game will give you tutorials on these things but you can use them before then. =============================================================================== Initiating Combat| -----------------' You can initiate combat by provoking guards. There are also many missions and instances where combat is unavoidable. Guards will normally not attack you unless you attack first or perform High Profile actions in their presence. The exceptions are archers who attack when you get too close to them. This changes when you have Notorius status, where all guards will be more quick to attack. =============================================================================== Basic Setup| -----------' Enemies will surround Ezio and typically attack one at at a time but there are instances where more than one will attack simultaneously. While in combat, Ezio can only lock onto one enemy at a time, but he can switch targets by using the Left Analog Stick to point toward a different enemy when attacking. Your health is represented by the white squares in the top left. When you take damage, the severity is measured by the squares. If you lose a whole square, it will not be replenished except by medicine or a doctor. If you lose a part of a square, it will replenish itself if you don't take any further damage for a few seconds. Enemy health is represented by the red squares above their heads. =============================================================================== Enemy Types| -----------' Guards come in a few varieties. You have two basic guard types. There are unarmored types with no armor (duh!). There are ones who have some armor but are still sort of small and skinny like the others. They have the pointed helmets with the visors and so on. Going up from there you have Brutes, Agiles, and Seekers. Brutes are the bulky, heavily armored enemies that carry axes and claymores. They are much tougher defensively and offensively. Depending on your equipped weapon, you may not be able to block a Brute attack without taking damage. You also cannot counter them except with the Hidden Blade. Brutes are susceptible to Disarm though. It works very well against them. Seekers look like Brutes but don't have a face visor and they exclusively wield spears. Seekers will patrol with guards and check out various hiding spots. If you happen to be hiding in a haystack, they can find you in there by investigating. You can assassinate them from hiding though. As fighters, they can get annoying with the spear because they can attack pretty quickly sometimes and knock Ezio down. Disarm also works great against them. Agiles are the least threatening of the three archetypes. They appear as small enemies with pointed helmets that don't cover their face. They also carry knives and small weapons like that. What makes Agiles special is that if you happen to run from them, they will chase Ezio and easily catch up to him. They were said to be able to chase after him up buildings, but I haven't seen any do this yet. =============================================================================== Prioritizing In Battles| -----------------------' When faced with a group of guards, you can decide if you want to end the fight quicker by taking out bigger targets. Defeating the tougher enemies first often makes the lower ones run away in fear. For example, defeating one or two of the normal armored enemies can sometimes make the unarmored enemies run. If you have a group with a Brute, killing them can make the lower ones run away too. Targeting a Brute with Disarm is always a good strategy. Taking their weapon and using it on the lower enemies makes the fight a bit easier. The problem is that counters with the big weapons like the claymore and spear often have Ezio lodging the weapon in their head or body. =============================================================================== Inventory| ---------' You can use the D-Pad to quick select weapons during and before fights. Up is your Hidden Blade(s), Right selects your primary weapon, and down will switch to your fists (unarmed). For some reason, they decided to remove the short weapon from D-Pad Left. That button is now to quick select your recovery medicine, which is pretty useful. To select other items and weapons, hold R2 to bring up the Inventory Wheel and use the Left Analog Stick to select it. You will keep that weapon item/weapon equipped until you change to something else like your primary weapon. =============================================================================== Escaping| --------' If you need to flee, hold R1 and hit X and typically back on the Left Analog stick to escape from a fight. You'll abandon your lock on and take off running. To assist your escape, deploy a Smoke Bomb first. =============================================================================== Strafing and Dodging| --------------------' Hit X and use the Left Analog Stick to strafe in a direction. It's a decent way to avoid an attacker or move into a better position to strike. Dodging is much more effective however. Hold R1 and in anticipation of an enemy attak, again use X and the Left Analog Stick to move away. Unlike Strafing, Dodging pretty much always guarantees you escape damage (unless you back away into a wall or something like that). Dodging is also a useful way to inflict extra damage on an enemy by dodging their attack and striking back while they are vulnerable. =============================================================================== Countering and Disarming| ------------------------' To counter, hold R1 and hit Square as an enemy is attacking. The timing for this is not extremely precise but it does require a bit of practice. Your timing will depend on the speed of the enemy's attack which can vary greatly. Countering will be one-hit kills on weak enemies. The more armored ones can need to be softened up a bit. This goes for Disarming too. Disarming can only be performed when you are unarmed (select Fists). It works the same way as countering. The difference is Ezio will take the enemy of his weapon. Following up on this with another attack will instantly kill that enemy. This is very effective against Brutes who can't be countered except with a big weapon. =============================================================================== Weak and Broken Armor| ---------------------' Without very much effort, Ezio's battles with the city guards will wear down his armor. There don't seem to be any immediate effects to worn out armor, but let it continue and the armor eventually breaks. Broken armor turns depleted health squares red and they cannot be replenished! The only way to fix this is to repair your armor at the Blacksmith shop. Armor takes a while to break, so to prevent this from happening easily, make regular trips to the Blacksmith to repair any damage. +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Tre (3)| Walkthrough | ASSASSIN'S CREED II [ac00] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Welcome to the walkthrough portion of the guide. This section will be as spoiler free as possible. The game is thankfully divided into major parts called DNA Sequences, which... well, you'll see. So in that way, this guide will be divided in that way for your ease of use. In this guide I'll be using a fair amount of detail when necessary. The world of ACII is vast and therefore, pinpointing you to an exact location can be at times, difficult. I will also assume that after a certain point, really big details about common fights will not be necessary, hoping that you as the player will have grasped the basics enough that you can fight well on your own. I will introduce most if not all new features as they come along. As for the Glyph puzzles, they go in a predetermined order, no matter what glyph you find in what order. I'll be listing all the locations throughout the walkthrough at convenient places. You are not required to go after the ones I get when I get them. This of course means that if you are on glyph let's say... 12 and I've only written up to glyph 10, you will be dealing with a different puzzle. Just take note of that. Other than that, I hope you enjoy this guide and that it is useful to you. Let's begin! ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ P R O L O G U E ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Assassin's Creed II begins at the exact point that the first game ended at. Really. You'll be seeing some strange markings on a wall in a first person view. Players of AC1 will remember this. You'll eventually be able to leave that view and you'll get a scene. Lucy is back and for those who didn't play AC1, her importance is explained, albeit briefly. She got a facelift since we last saw her and to be honest.... I don't think it was for the better. Oh well. Follow Lucy out into a very familiar room once you have control. Without wasting any time, she wants you (as Desmond) to lay down on the bed in the middle of the room, the Animus machine. She'll get really bossy (hey, stop yelling at me!) very fast so just do it. There's nothing to see here anyway. Hit any button near the Animus to get in. A scene plays and in a strange yet comical way, you have some control here. Once it's done, you'll be in control of Desmond again. Follow Lucy through the door. AC1 fans will remember this as a door that only opened to reveal nothing but ominous blue light. Players couldn't go through here in the first game. Now we can though, so aren't you excited?! Unlike last time, Desmond can finally run this time. Hold R1 to keep up with Lucy after a very quick scene with some guards. Follow her down a few corridors to an elevator. This next room will be a large office-like area with a lot of Animus machines. More than one?! Le gasp! Just follow Lucy and you'll be fine. She'll even curse at you... ._. she's so mean now. I want the old Lucy back! The next elevator will take you the parking lot where a nice brawl will ensue. The game doesn't really tell you what to do here. Just hit that Square button to knock some sense into these guards. They'll surround you though, but it's nothing to worry about. Lucy can kick butt too. After that, a scene. Once you have control again, follow Lucy up through this new building. She'll talk on about the new plan and it sounds very interesting. She'll even give Desmond a hug. There's sweet Lucy again! Go into the following room for a short scene. Once you have control again, you can look around and talk to these characters. One chat with Shaun and you can quickly see he's all business and quickly tells Desmond to bugger off. Talk to Rebecca and Lucy too, then sit down in the new Animus and it's off to the show. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 1 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac01] Boys Will Be Boys ----------------- After the scene, you'll be in control of Ezio, and it's street brawlin' time! The game gives you a tutorial this time around (guess letting Desmond get pummeled wasn't important). You can attack still, but also lock on to a target with L1. The R1 button lets you block or deflect. Do this when multiple enemies swarm you. A more interesting feature is the combo system. Time your Square button presses so that when a punch lands, you hit the button again and you can combo an attack repeatedly. This was actually a part of sword fighting in AC1, but now you can do it with your fists too. After a quick scene, you get more targets to pummel. Focus on blocking and attacking when it's clear. You should pay attention to that white bar in the top left which is your health. It won't matter too much what happens though. You Should See The Other Guy ---------------------------- Once the fight is over, you can search the bodies for money by holding Circle. Do so and get 200 florins. Once you do that, Federico wants to move on. You can loot the rest of the bodies though if you want. Find Federico standing nearby (the ! symbol on your mini map) and talk to him. You can now access a Database file on Federico. Follow him as he runs down the street. Hold R1 to run and hold X at the same time to sprint. This will let you follow Federico as he climbs up the boxes to the left and then jumps across several beams. Hold these two buttons and move the Left Analog stick forward and you can effortlessly jump across these beams and follow him. Drop down from the roof to the plaza below. Approach the guy with the goofy mask. This is the doctor. After Ezio is all patched up you can get a Database file for the Doctors. A new challenge arises though, this one a bit more friendly, or should we say, brotherly. Sibling Rivalry --------------- Race Federico to the top of the church. Federico will take an indirect route. Take advantage of this by running straight at the building. Look for the ledges you can climb onto. Hold R1 and X and you can begin climbing. From there, you just need to use the Left Analog Stick to move upward. If you get stuck, hold R1 again to traverse a gap or some other obstacle. Get to the glowing circle before Federico to win. Nightcap -------- After that, get onto the perch sticking out from the tower and get a look around by hitting Triangle. AC1 fans will be familiar with this. Take a Leap of Faith into the hay below when ready. Vieri will appear. Wait for him and his men to go by, then leave the hay and move on to your new destination. Vieri's men are still looking for you though, so you need to avoid being seen. They appear as red circles on your mini map. If they do spot you, they'll chase. You can fight back or run. If you run, notice that the enemies this time around have a search circle, very much like Grand Theft Auto IV. Escape the search circle as seen on the mini map and the enemies can no longer see you. When they can't see you, you're free to hide. Make your way to Cristina's house and find the white circle again. After the short scene, climb up to her window. Well, well. Seems like Ezio is an Italian stallion. You get an interactive cutscene with some button prompts and some ooh la la thrown in. The second button prompt is only available for a split second so try not to miss it. Rewards: o Doctors Available o Races unlocked After that, make your way to the marker, the "!" one and find Ezio's father, Giovanni. You'll get a Database file for him. Speak with him for a scene. He gives Ezio a letter to deliver. You can read the letter with Select if you would like. Paperboy -------- The yellow marker is your destination. Before heading off, search one of the corners in this area for a red chest. Hold Circle near it like you were looting a body and you can get some money. Head to your marker. Along the way, avoid the red circles which are Ezio's enemies, unless you want to fight more, which is perfectly fine, as long as you don't overdo it. Remember to loot them afterwards. Also inspect some of the shops around town. You can't buy anything yet, but you can get Database files. The marker is in an area of the town that is still shrouded on your mini map so find a view point to clear things up. Just so happens there's one right near the marker. Climb it and Synchronize to get a better view. Now, the marker is set in an alley between some buildings but each entrance is blocked by enemies. If you want to avoid a fight, you'll have to climb to the roof and drop down from the other side. Do so and talk to the guy in the back. Return to Giovanni when you're ready. You'll unlock more Courier side missions to do at your leisure. Talk to the woman sitting on the bench now. She is Claudia, Ezio's sister. Rewards: o Courier Assignments unlocked Beat A Cheat ------------ Pretty straightforward. Go to the marker to meet Duccio. After some words, it's time to throw down. Punch him and grab him. When you grab him, the game informs you of three moves. You can headbutt (Triangle), knee him (X), or throw him (Circle again). Beat him up and that will be that. Rewards: o Beat Up Missions unlocked Friend of the Family -------------------- Go with Maria, Ezio's mother to meet Leonardo Da Vinci. Oh, ho, ho. The brilliant Leonardo wants Ezio... to carry his stuff for him. Do so and listen to the conversation. Drop the box into the white circle to finish this one. Pertruccio's Secret ------------------- Ezio's little brother wants some feathers. Simple enough. Three feathers are marked on your mini map. Go to the closest one and just climb straight up the building to find it, marked by the white circle. As you make your over to the second, look for the foyer below the roof to find a red chest for some florins. Gather all three and return to the door to the Auditore home to finish this. Rewards: o Feather Locations unlocked Special Delivery ---------------- Three markers. Go to each one and you'll deliver some letters or get one from the pigeon coop. Pretty straightforward stuff here. Return to the house when you're done. Jailbird -------- Now things are getting interesting. Make your way toward the marker. The game will throw some more useful information at you about guards and notoriety. When you get to the prison grounds, make your way around the tall tower, going east from where the actual marker is. Find a spot to climb up to a restricted area is where a guard archer is. Grab him and throw him into the scaffolding in the center of the platform to defeat him easily. After that, climb the scaffolding up against the wall and then onto a ledge with a ladder. The next platform has another guard. You'll probably want to dispatch him as you did the last one. When you're done, climb the tower. Make your way up; the path is fairly obvious, and get to the window with the white circle. After the scene, the job is done. You will automatically be off the tower, but there's a view point at the top so climb back up if you want to get it. Family Heirloom --------------- Make haste for the Auditore home again. Once inside, turn on Eagle Vision by holding Triangle. Eagle Vision highlights npcs in specific categories. Blue are allies. Red are enemies. It also reveals hidden things, such as say, a secret entrance in the Auditore home. Interact with it and find the secret room. Open the chest and you get a scene. You get the Assassin Robes, sword, and a broken hidden blade, as well as the documents Giovanni asked to be delivered to Uberto. When you attempt to leave, two guards appear. They're very jealous of Ezio's new getup. You've got a sword now, so draw it and lock on. You'll find that unlike in AC1, you can already counter. It may take a little practice at first, but hit Square as you see an enemy attack about to connect and you can take them out pretty easily. Otherwise, just swing away and even as they block, you can see the red squares that represent their health deplete. Striking again as the previous one connects lets you combo too. With those guys down, make your way to Umberto's house. You can get some more fighting in along the way (be sure to loot bodies if you want). You might even fight some unarmed guys and they are killed instantly if you swing at them. You can also grab guys know and kill them by hitting Square. Make your way to Umberto's house and interact to get a quick scene. Well, here's hoping for the best. Rewards: o Assassin Robes o Broken Hidden Blade o Codex Page (1) Last Man Standing ----------------- From the marker for this mission, the entrance to the courtyard is just up the stairs from you. Go there for a scene. Then, you're taken on by several enemies and your best option is to flee. Take to the rooftops and start running and jumping until you ditch them. Try to make reasonable jumps so you can keep going faster. Once they're gone, that's it for this mission. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 2 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac02] Fitting In ---------- Meet Annetta at the marker on your map. It's the building with the red awning and red tapestry. It's right across from a view point if you want to climb up there and get it. Once inside, you get a scene. Paola will teach you about Blending. No, not with a blender! Blending in! Familiar to AC1 fans, you can now do this with anyone, not merely scholars. Just find a group of people who are walking together and walk amongst them to blend. A white circle appears and that's the area you must stay within to remain blended. Follow Paola but do not follow her by yourself. Keep her in sight but stay inside a group of walking pedestrians and their white circle to remain hidden from the guards you will walk by. Depending on how the crowd moves, you may get forced out of your blend. Try to blend again or hopefully there will be another group nearby you can seamlessly blend into as well. Follow Paola back to the starting point and she has another lesson--stealing. Oh goodie! By holding X you can speedwalk. Bumping into people doing this lets you automatically steal from them. Try it out five times. Be sure to leave the immediate vicinity once you do to avoid stirring up a ruckus. Return to Paola after this to finish the mission. Rewards: o Blend skill learned o Steal skill learned Ace Up My Sleeve ---------------- Find Leonardo's home again. You will likely have to cross guard-infested areas to get there. Try hiring some Courtesans if you want and they will help you blend in for a while, but they can be lost too so the effect can be temporary. You might be better off just taking to the roofs, but beware, there are archers up there now. Unarmed still, you don't want to start any fights. Find Leonardo and Ezio will hand him the broken hidden blade and after a quick scene, it will be fixed. A guard will get Leonardo to come out of the house then attack him. Find the guard. Select your Hidden Blade (D-pad Up), and then get near him and hit Square to assassinate him, thus saving Leonardo. Carry the body back to his house and put it down in the marker to get a scene and end this mission. Rewards: o Hidden Blade acquired o Assassination skill learned Make your way back to Paola's. When you get there, look for that GLYPH that Shaun mentioned. When you approach a building and see the eye icon near its picture, there's a glyph on it somewhere. Climb the Rosa Colta to the first rooftop and put Eagle Vision on. You can see glyphs without Eagle Vision but they stand out much, much easier if you use it. Look for the strange symbol glowing on the wall here and get near it for a few seconds. It activates a strange transmission and then a puzzle. -[In The Beginning]- Ten paintings and five of them are said to have something in common. You are to select them and if you get them right, you can unlock a part of a long puzzle that is stored in the part of your menu called The Truth. The thing five paintings have in common is fruit, or rather the Pieces of Eden. Look at each painting closely and look for characters holding what looks like yellow fruit. Select these five and you should solve it. If you can't figure it out read below: o Atalanta and Hippomenes o Judgment of Paris o The Fall o Idun and the Apples o Hercules in the Garden of the Hesperides -----[1/20]------------------------------------------------------------------- You get a tiny piece of a video that is barely more than a second long. You need to get more glyphs to unlock more. You can view this again, from The Truth menu which is selected from Database on the pause menu. When you're ready, start the next mission by climbing the roof and finding the marker. Judge, Jury, Executioner ------------------------ When you start, you can grab another GLYPH. Go to the building where Uberto is and climb the roof on the north side. There are some archers here so be prepared to fend them off using the Hidden Blade (go for counters). Turn on Eagle Vision to find the glyph. -[Sixty Four Squares]- You get three circular slider puzzles. Each ring needs to be aligned properly to form the picture. It's not really hard. The best way to start is to align the faces and then work your way from there to align the rest. Do this for all three to solve it and get another part of the video. -----[2/20]------------------------------------------------------------------- Start the mission now, officially. You get a database file for Uberto and it has a video to play. After that, you can begin. You need to go without being noticed. Drop down from your perch and find a group to blend in. Let them take you around the building. Stay blended because besides guards, there are Brutes which are tough customers. Despite the fact you can use the Hidden Blade to fight, being spotted here means you have to start over. Go around the building, staying blended. Ditch your group and find the Courtesans. Hire them and walk with them. Some will go off to distract guards. With the remaining ones, walk to the opening on the left that will let you inside. You'll likely lose the rest of the Courtesans. That's ok, just blend inside. Look for the red marker that signifies Uberto's location. Go from group to group, blending until you get closer. He'll spot you finally. Walk up to him and let the fat bastard have it. Return to Paola's again. Laying Low ---------- Now you can finally get rid of that pesky Notorious status. You can do this by doing a combination of three things: removing wanted posters, assassinating officials, or bribing people who would rather speak ill against you. You should see some new markers on your mini map. You'll need to find posters or people to bribe or assassinate. Posters are easy, but some need to be reached by climbing. Assassinating officials isn't difficult with the Hidden Blade, but try to do it away from large crowds. Also, until you get your notoriety down, beware of the guards still. Once you've done four actions, you can walk safely amongst the streets again. Arrivederci ----------- You need to guide Claudia and Maria out of the city. With the guards no longer hounding you, this is fairly simple. Just go casually and don't do anything suspicious or violent and you'll be fine. Make your way through the alleys and down streets to get closer to the markets. Many bards will try and put on a little singing show for you but resist the urge to punch them in the face for now. There will be plenty of time for that later. If too many get in your way, you can hold R2 to go into your inventory and select your money, then hit Square to throw some to the ground to distract them as well as guards. When you near the exit, you will see it's well guarded. Hire the nearby Courtesans, then lock onto a guard with L1 and hit Triangle to let the Courtesans do their thing. With the guards distracted, slip by and out of the city. Proceed from marker to marker to end the mission. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 3 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac03] Roadside Assistance ------------------- Go down the road with Maria and Claudia until you get a scene. Looks like Vieri is up to old tricks. Still unarmed, you need to use the Hidden Blade to protect the two women. Take the initiative and just attack them immediately and you'll be done with the enemies in no time. After a scene, you finally got a sword. Focus on the enemies attacking Claudia and Maria first. Deal with the rest after that. Attacking an enemy from behind that is attacking someone else is usually a one-hit kill. After the scene, you're done. Approach Uncle Mario and talk to him to start the next mission. Casa Dolce Casa --------------- Doesn't get much easier than this. After the tour, you can look around Villa Auditore. There's a view point above where the tour ends. You need to go to the blacksmith and then to the doctor to get supplies. Mario gives you some florins, which, in combination with what you already have, should make you pretty wealthy. Go to the blacksmith and buy the greaves and the dagger. Then go to the doctor and get some medicine. You can use medicine by hitting Left on the D-Pad to heal your wounds. This is more convenient than going to the doctor. Rewards: o Medicine Pouch acquired o Dagger acquired o Leather Greaves acquired Practice Makes Perfect ---------------------- Here you can practice some of the combat skills you have. This should be very useful for those who have not played AC1. You will spar against a mercenary to learn dodging, countering, escaping. After that, you can spar with Mario to finish the mission. Rewards: o Quickstep skill learned o Counter skill learned o Taunt skill learned o Escape skill learned o Courier missions unlocked o Races unlocked After this, find the guy in the codex library and talk to him. Leave the house now and try to find the next marker. Before you do that, let's find the GLYPH on the Villa house. Turn around and face the entrance of the house. Turn on Eagle Vision. You should see the red glow from the top left corner of the front of the house. Climb up there to face it and you'll scan it, then start the puzzle. -[Descendants]- This one has you looking at photos with infrared to find the Pieces of Eden. First is a photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Hit X to turn infrared on and move the search box over to the space below FDR's hand to find it. Scan it to move on to the next one. The second is on Houdini. The Piece of Eden is below his hand too. For the third one, of Gandhi, the Piece of Eden is near his right forearm. Solve all these to get the next piece of the video. -----[3/20]------------------------------------------------------------------- Go back inside the house and up to the second floor where Maria and Claudia are. After a talk, you are told that the feathers you can collect you can place inside the chest inside this room. Leave now and leave the villa entirely. Find a horse outside and get on. Hold R1 to move faster, and X to gallop, just like you would run faster with Ezio. Make a left at the fork to head to Tuscany/San Gimignano. Proceed north and find the view point on the tower to get a better look around this place. Just nearby is the marker where you can finally catch up with Mario. What Goes Around ---------------- Follow Mario and his mercenaries up to the city walls. Climb the wall while they distract the guards at the gate. Select your new throwing knives by going into the inventory wheel with R2. There are three archers on the rooftops near the gate. Lock onto each of them and throw a knife at them to take them out. Once that's done, interact with the lever near the gate. Head out there and help out Mario and the mercenaries by slaying each of the guards. Head inside together. With a group of the mercenaries, guide them toward the guards like you did with the Courtesans. Target them and hit Triangle to send the mercenaries into battle. Start dueling it out with each of the guards. Remember that attacking ones with their backs to you is an instant kill. Counter and attack the rest to defeat them. You can fight more but you don't have to. You can just walk past the next few guards if you prefer until you get to the marker. Speak to the injured man to get a new destination. Head there to find Mario under attack. Lock onto any guard and send your mercenaries into action by hitting Triangle. Mario will eventually tell you to move on and find Vieri while they deal with the guards. Do so and abandon this fight for now. You might have gained Notorious status again. Find some posters or assassinate an official along the way if you can. Remember that when climbing, your mercenaries can't follow you so tell them to wait. Once you're ready, move toward the yellow marker. You won't need the mercenaries since you need to climb a roof to get to it. Go to the site of the next big fight and help out Mario by defeating the guards. You'll likely become Notorious yet again if you shed it earlier. Climb the wall when you're ready and then up to the guard tower where Vieri is. He'll spot you no matter what, so no stealth kill this time, my friend. Duel with him and his guards. Use countering as much as possible. More guards will climb up to help Vieri so try to focus on him when you can. He can counter you too, but not very often. Weaken him enough and deliver the final blow to end his tale. A Change of Plans ----------------- Back at the Villa, find Mario at the marker to get a scene. After that, follow him inside the house. After the talking, read the letter you got if you didn't do so earlier. Find Mario just a few steps away inside the codex room next. After the scene, you can see how this will work. Codex pages can be seen on the map after finding a view point. Kill/distract the guards get the pages, get them to Leonardo to translate, receive an extra health square for every four you translate, and then return them to the villa. Together, the codex pages mean something when gathered. The Codex room has 6 on it already. The one you received from the chest along with the Hidden Blade is also added automatically, as is any you may have collected before Leonardo fixed it because they would have been automatically translated. An untranslated Codex Page cannot be added to the wall, so the one you got from Vieri is still in your possession. So you need to find four Codex pages. These will give you extra health once you get them to Leonardo. There are four inside the villa. They won't appear on your mini-map until you are very close so use the full map (select) to help you. The last one is outside the villa at a tiny house on the road. Leave and get on a horse to go get it. Collect all four to end the mission and eventually Sequence 3. Rewards: o Codex Pages (4) ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 4 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac04] Find Claudia. She's not in the room with Maria anymore. Although if you go up to that room again, there is a hallway beside it that takes you to a ladder. The ladder leads to a room where portraits of your slain Templar enemies are kept. There's two chests up here too. Claudia is in the room beside the codex room. Talk to her for an explanation about how the Villa gets money which you can then in turn take from the chest behind her. Talk to the architect next to learn how renovating the city and sprucing it up can help increase that income. It's a bit complicated to explain so just let him do it. It's a simple concept once you grasp it. Go ahead and renovate something now if you have the money. Return to the Codex room and speak with Mario. He'll take you to his private Batcave of sorts where there is a shrine to some of the great assassins, including Altair himself. There is also an armor of Altair, but it will take time to get it. Head to the next marker which will take you to Florence, so leave the villa, hop on a horse and get going. Practice What You Preach ------------------------ You should be near Leonardo's so enter and start this mission. You get to practice some new assassination moves on some dummies. There's the hiding spot assassination you can do from a pile of hay. There's the air assassination which is finally easy to do this time around. There's also the ledge assassination. Practice all three and then return to Leonardo. Rewards: o Air Assassination skill learned o Ledge assassination skill learned o Hiding assassination skill learned o Double Hidden Blade acquired Once that's done, let's look for another GLYPH before starting the next mission. This one is at Mercato Vechchio, which is near your next marker. Go to the north of the marker and get on the roof. Use Eagle Vision to see it and it's to the north, near a window and some tapestry on the wall. Hopefully you should see it. Scan it and start the puzzle. -[Infinite Knowledge]- More photos to search for. The first one should be a picture of Vietnam. Look for the Piece of Eden in the mouth of the bazooka the soldier has an ID it. The second picture, look at the soldier's helmet in the background. The third photo is a lot trickier. It's really hard to see but it's a little bit right of the center. Look for the discrepancy amongst the soldier's bayonets. For the last photo, look at the fireball the creature on the right is holding and ID that. -----[4/20]------------------------------------------------------------------- Head to the marker finally when you're ready to begin. Fox Hunt -------- You need to find La Volpe. Turn on Eagle Vision and look around the area for a target highlighted in gold. Make your way over to him for a scene. The guy runs off with your money so chase him. Run full sprint after him and try to catch up. When you get close try to tackle him. It can be difficult when he suddenly turns away or changes direction so just stay on him until you get him down. A scene starts and after that, the mission is over. See You There ------------- Climb the viewpoint first if you'd like. Find La Volpe again and speak to him to start this mission. Climb up after him and stop in the marker and then it really begins. You are given one minute to get to Santa Maria Novella. It can be tough if you don't take a good enough route. Try to avoid any long climbing and just go from rooftop to rooftop. Go across the cables too since they are a quick way to get across. Get to the marker in the time limit to succeed. La Volpe tells Ezio about a secret entrance and you can see it below. To get there, either climb over or use the Courtesans to distract the guards. Inspect the handle and a secret compartment opens up. ************************************** * ASSASSIN'S TOMB - Novella's Secret * ************************************** You are automatically notorious here so keep that in mind. Find the lever on the right and pull it to open the entrance. The next part is a long platforming sequence. Jump from beam to beam and try to reach the platform with the next lever. Pull it to open a gate behind Ezio. Go through here and platform some more to reach the final lever. Jump forward and you'll do a Leap of Faith to the bottom. Head through the open door now for a quick scene. You now need to open that door the guards went through, but how isn't exactly clear. Start by climbing the left wall. There are some broken pillars here you can climb to jump to the wall and start climbing it. Make your way up and then over to the left. Swing around the inside corner here to a ledge where a guard will come by. Do a ledge assassination to do away with him. Climb up now. Take the stairs up to another guard. Assassinate him or just use your sword to kill him fairly easily. Find the swing bar here and go east back across the room from there to some beams. Jump to the hanging lantern or whatever it is and Ezio will swing around to the platform below. Find the first lever here and interact with it. Before moving to the next one, collect the florins from the chest below. Look to the east wall now for some stones to climb. There is a beam right below them so reach them from there. Climb the ledge to a balcony and jump from there to a hanging coffin. Jump south from there to a swing bar that will take you to the other lever. Continue to the west and you can find a spot to drop down into the haystack. You have three guards patrolling. You can either take them all on or wait for one to stop near the haystack, and then leave the haystack to assassinate him while the others are not looking. They'll come to investigate and you should be able to do a hiding assassination on both. Approach the guard in the hall and he'll take off running. You need to chase him. It requires some platforming and it shouldn't be terribly difficult. The guard will shut gates behind him, leaving you to find alternate routes. It can be tricky at first but the guard will not move again until you catch up to him so there's no worry of losing him. Once you get to a certain point in the chase, keep following him to a long hallway where there is a ledge to climb on the left. While still in a full sprint, climb these ledges and when you near the end hit Square to start an air assassination. That should do it. Keep moving now to eavesdrop on the Templar meeting. After that scene, continue to the resting place area where you can find some chests. open them and the sarcophagus as well. It gives you one of the six seals you need to get the Armor of Altair. Find the exit and that will end the mission. At this point, you might want to go back to the Villa. By now, some money has likely accrued in the chest. You can also place the Seal of Darius in the sanctuary. Go to the nearest exit of the city and speak with the Viaggio. For a little cash, you can skip the travel and get right to your destination. Once you're back at the Villa, go to the house and put away any feathers you have collected and put the four Codex pages you got onto the wall in the Codex room. Collect the money from Claudia and speak to the architect if you want to spend on some renovations. Also visit the blacksmith or whomever if you want to buy new things. Last but not least, go down into the sanctuary and place the Seal of Darius on the second statue from the left. Only five to go. Once you return to Florence again, we can do a little collecting before heading off to the next mission. If you have scaled the necessary viewpoints you should see a Codex Page on your map. It's near the southeast area of Florence, near a blacksmith and tailor. On your map, the building is one of the few in dark grey. Enter that building from the south side and inside you'll find a chest with a Codex page. If you go straight north from there to another gray building, the large one called Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore, you can look for another Assassin Seal. The entrance is on the north side. Kill the guards nearby if you want, then interact with the glowing skull lever. *************************************** * ASSASSIN'S TOMB - Il Duomo's Secret * *************************************** More platforming and it should be fun. Once you have control, look for that stone throne or whatever it is that you saw during the cutscene beside the door. Climb it and use it to scale the wall. When you get up to where the murals are, shimmy over to the right and pull yourself up. Jump to the beam to the north and from there, across two platforms. Jump to the next beam and move to the right as much as you can so you can jump to the next section. Move out so you can jump to the chandelier. Jump from one to the next, and then to the beam next to you. Jump to the south from the chandelier and you'll barely make it. A shortcut will be opened to you in case you fall off after this point. Turn right (west) and go across the beam to the stone platform and climb it. Turn left at the top and jump from a beam to a swing bar, then to another beam and across two platforms. The path is pretty straightforward here, going across more bars, and a chandelier. Get on the nearby platform when you can and then jump across two more chandeliers to a beam. Jump from the beam back to the north wall and climb the stone platform. Turn right and jump across the obstacles until you must turn right to get to the south wall again, going across more chandeliers and such. When you reach the swing bar, just swing and jump and you'll open another shortcut. Jump from here to the tall stone wall that encircles the center area. Take it all the way around to the other side from where you entered. Climb up the wall to a platform. Take this to the corner where you can climb up the wall in this chamber. Up here, find more beams to traverse. Go left and across a few gaps to a swing bar. Swing and land on the next platform and jump to the chandelier. Jump to the platform ahead of you on the wall. Shimmy around this wall until you can find a spot to climb all the way up. Step out onto the beams and go left to a balcony. On the other end, make your way to a beam. Turn left and jump to the swing bar. Swing and land on another beam. Climb the wall and shimmy over to right as far as you can go. A banner of some sort prevents you from going any further. Climb to the very top of this part and then hold R1 and hit X to jump away from the wall and grab onto the chandelier. Climb this, then leap to the part of the wall you can climb up. Here you'll find a chest with some florins. Climb up the wall to the right of the chest and grab onto the beam. Jump from there to the swing bar. Align yourself with the hanging platform ahead of you and swing to it. From there, go left and up a few ledges to a ladder. Spin yourself around on the ladder to reach the top. Now, make your way counter clockwise around this room, jumping across beams to reach balcony after balcony. You'll come full circle around to an unfinished wall. Climb the bricks to the beams up there and shimmy onto the center one and pull yourself onto it. From here, jump straight ahead to the platform that takes you to the ladder. Climb the ladder to reach the tomb area. Raid all the chests for money, and the sarcophagus for yet another Assassin Seal. Exit through the glowing window. If you want to head back to the Villa now (or if you didn't earlier), go ahead. You can put the new Assassin Seal in the sanctuary while you're there. Either way, when you're ready, let's head to the next story mission marker. Wolves in Sheep's Clothing -------------------------- Approach the area outside the church. Enter the crowd and you'll get a scene. Lorenzo comes under attack by Francesco and his men. A large brawl ensues. If you are comfortable enough with combat, you can focus on all the other enemies first before dealing with those attacking Lorenzo. Just beware of Francesco since he is a little tougher, though not much. Countering is the easiest way to go. You can also quickly dispatch enemies by grabbing them and hitting Square. Deplete the enemy force gradually but watch Lorenzo's health. If it gets too low, go help him out directly. When it's just you and Francesco, counter him and then retaliate with a quick combo. When he is near defeated, he'll turn tail and run. It is very tempting to give chase, but doing so will fail the mission. Lorenzo will come under attack by two more guards so help him out again. After that, you need to escort him to safety. Run with him to the marker to the north. It's a bit of a walk so try to take the alleys but beware the guards. If you run right past them, you can avoid fighting most of them. If you do get in a fight, focus on the ones attacking Lorenzo. Once you're safe again, continue on to the destination for a scene. The next mission marker is right where you ended. Before starting, look for another GLYPH. It's on that dark grey building right where you basically are on the map. It's tricky to find at first, so remember to keep Eagle Vision on. This one is near the northwest corner of the building. Right next to the main dome where the cross is on the top, there is a tower beside it. The glyph is on the tower facing the rest of the building. It's right next to a smaller dome that also has a cross on it. -[Instruments of Power]- For the puzzle, you are given 10 paintings again. This time, the clue is the word "cut". Try to figure it out for yourself if you can or want to, otherwise: Assemble Perseus, Atilla the Hun, Sigmund, King Arthur, and Joan of Arc to solve the first part. The second part has even more paintings. The clue word is "Lean". Choose John the Baptist, Alexander the Great, Shabataka, Peter, and Moses. That finishes this glyph puzzle and unlocks another fragment of the video. If you go west from there, you can find another Codex page. This one is just a little west of the building you've been hanging around these past few minutes. The entrance is on the north side and it's guarded. You can just as easily dispatch the guards. If you want to be a bit more creative, climb the roof of the building to find some Thieves. Hire them and when they climb down with you, tell them to lure the guards away. Open the chest inside for the Codex. -----[5/20]------------------------------------------------------------------- Go to the mission marker when ready. Farewell Francesco ------------------ After the scene, make your way to the new marker at the Palazzo della Signoria and scale the wall to reach it. It overlooks the execution grounds. On the way, you'll likely run into several large battles brewing on the streets. Feel free to join in, as you shouldn't gain much notoriety from it all. When you get to the marker and Francesco appears, you are given the task of climbing the palazzo. Do it as you did the first time. Go around instead of jumping straight to the building. Climb up to the restricted area. Try a Ledge Assassination if you can and then climb up to duel it out with the rest of the guards up here. Climb the ladder after that and you'll find more guards awaiting your arrival. Start dispatching them and you'll soon see Francesco flee like a coward. Finish off the guards first if you'd like, as Francesco won't be going anyway. Climb up to where the birds are and take a Leap of Faith. At this point, Francesco will take off running. He'll get a decent head start but won't get very far. He'll try to take to the rooftops and you can actually knock him down if you catch up to him as he's climbing. Either way, catch up to him and assassinate him to finish this mission and Sequence 4. Rewards: o Codex Page (1) o Beat Up Missions unlocked o Courier Assignments unlocked o Assassination Contracts unlocked o Palazzo Medici unlocked (must have redeemable code to play) ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 5 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac05] You'll appear in front of Lorenzo. Speak to him. After a chat, you'll get a list of some of your next targets, as well as a new Codex Page. That should make three. You'll also unlock side Assassination missions to do. With three Codex pages, we want to bring them back to the Villa and then collect the money and put the Assassin Seal away (if you haven't already). Before that, we need to bring the Codex pages to Leonardo first. Just so happens that he is where your next mission marker is located. After a scene, Leonardo, being the wonderfully helpful chap that he is, will decipher all three for Ezio. The most important one is the one that Ezio received a moment ago from Lorenzo. It gives Leonardo clues on how to build Ezio a poison blade alteration for his Hidden Blade. Using this on a target causes them to go berserk and attack nearby npcs. After that, they die. It's a good way to do away with several targets with little effort. Before starting the first mission in this sequence, you can go explore a new mission type that opened up recently. Well, it will be open if you redeemed a code from Gamestop for the Palazzo Medici. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then skip this part. Go to the marker labeled "Templar Lair". Find the entrance on the side and go in. Home Invasion ------------- This will start off with a battle with three guards. Fairly routine so not much thought or strategy necessary. Once you've disposed of them, climb the platform on the west wall and jump across the beams and go back to the east. Turn right and you'll want to use the beams to enter the corridor to the south, using the beams and swing bar. Just be sure to stop your momentum on the last beam and not fall off. Climb up the wall, going through the hole in the ceiling here. Drop through another hole into a new room. Two guards are patrolling and they might very easily spot you and actually climb up after you. Defeat them, then look for the lever down below. Operate it and it opens a secret door above. To get there, return to where you dropped into this room. To get across to the other side, climb up onto the painting frames and shift from one to the other. Hop across the beams to reach the opening. Find the ladder within and take it up. Approach the door for a scene. More guards in the next room. Two will approach the doorway. Hide behind the door and then quickly lunge at them with your double Hidden Blades to take them out easily. Engage the other two in a quick fight, then make your way to the window. Go outside and turn left. Climb the metal grate here and hop over the other side. Follow this balcony to the next open window and step inside for a fight with three more guards. Climb up the little moveable library staircase in the corner and jump to the beam across from it. In the corner, climb up to the balcony. Find the very large cabinet up here and climb it. Turn around and jump to the swing bar. Swing to the chandelier and jump to the next. A guard might very well come up there to join you. Grab him and push him off for an easy kill. Jump the rest of the way across. You'll land on top of a bookcase. Another guard will come snooping. Wait for him to get closer, then do an air assassination. Exit through the large window here. Climb the grate, jump to the swing bar, land, then climb another grate. Swing again to reach another open window. In here you'll find three guards, two of which are Brutes. Now, you probably haven't fought any of these guys yet (unless you dared to stand your ground at the execution), but they are tough customers. It would probably be best to avoid them if you are still feeling new to the game. Across from the fireplace, next to a door are some crates. Climb up these, then shimmy all the way to the left until you can climb onto the large dresser/cabinet. Jump across to the top of the bed, and from there to the window sill. Pull the lever here and that opens the secret opening in the previous room as well as an exit from this one. It also alerts the guards though and they come snooping around. Take out the first two with throwing knives. As they rest are blocking your exit, a fight is inevitable. Lure them out into the previous room so you have more space. Try to take out the lower guard first before dealing with the Brutes. If this is your first time fighting a Brute, here's a quick crash course. They hit harder for one. You also can't counter them so that's one valuable asset gone. You can combo them but it takes a while to bring their health down this way. Strafing and attacking is a good strategy to hurt them. The absolute best way to kill a Brute with ease is to Disarm them. To Disarm an opponent, change your weapon to Fists (unarmed) and press Square when an enemy attacks like you were going to counter them. You'll instead, with the right timing, steal their weapon. Pressing Square again after this kills them instantly. This works on Brutes very well and is your best way to fight them. You can use Disarm despite the fact that the game hasn't formally introduced you to it yet. Climb the bookcase again which was moved by the lever. You can now use it to jump to a chandelier and from there, to a beam. Jump across to the next beam and then the next chandelier. Then finally, jump to the secret opening. Drop down and take this corridor to another opening. Take the ladder here down for a scene. Lorenzo will shower you with gifts. Four chests and one really big one. All of them contain money, but the big one has more, obviously. When you are done, exit through the glowing door. We are due in the Villa so head over there. Do the regular business, collect money, do renovations, buy supplies, armor, drop off feathers, etc, etc. Talk to Uncle Mario when you're ready. He'll take the Codex page that was for the Poison Blade and he'll start a mission up. Evasive Maneuvers ----------------- This quick and simple mission will teach you two new skills: dodge and the one you've probably been looking forward to the most--disarm. Dodging is better and more reliable than strafing. Hold R1 and hit X before an enemy attacks. Use the Left Analog Stick to determine the direction in which you dodge. For disarming, it's much like countering. You do disarming when you are unarmed or have Fists selected. The timing seems to be a tiny bit more strict than normal countering so practice when you can and rely on the enemy's movements and delivery to help you. As I mentioned a few paragraphs above though, you have always been able to do this technique, the game is just formally introducing you to it now. Remember this for the next time you play through though. Rewards: o Dodge skill learned o Disarm skill learned We're not done yet at the Villa. Go put up those Codex pages on the wall in the Codex room. Next, go downstairs and put the Seal on the statue of Ilanti which is the second from the right. Take care of any other remaining business before you set off to your next destination. At Tuscany, you'll see there are not one, not two, but three mission markers. Two in the city and one in the countryside to the east. Go to the city first. You might want to start by taking down some posters, assassinating witnesses, since you probably have some notoriety. You might want to collect some things before we get started. Climb some viewpoints to make it easier. The one on the north side of the city, between an art shop and a race marker, has a GLYPH near the top. Once you synchronize the view point, drop down a ledge and scan the glyph to start another puzzle. -[Brothers]- This glyph, called Brothers, has more slider puzzles. This one is trickier though because some rings cannot be moved alone. Moving one will move another so pay attention. If one ring has to be moved for another to be aligned, then find the ring in that pair that can also be moved by itself and purposely misalign it so that when you move them as a pair, the single one is aligned again. For the second slider, note that one outer ring and one inner ring are connected. Moving the outer one moves the inner one, but the inner one can be moved by itself so you can fix it any time. Also, the very center is fixed and cannot be moved so you need to align the puzzle around it. The same applies for the third puzzle. The fourth one is a lot harder because two pairs of rings are paired together and the image is black and white and it's hard to match things up. If you tinker around with it long enough though, you can match up hands to arms and so forth. Make sure the puzzle is aligned from the center outward since the center is also fixed here. -----[6/20]------------------------------------------------------------------- There is another GLYPH in the area to the southwest of the city. If you look on your map it's a grey area and it's the Teatro. If you go to the southeast portion of this area (you'll be coming back here soon) you can find the glyph underneath a small bridge. -[Keep on Seeking, And You Shall Find]- More paintings for this one. The clue word is "red". It's not too hard but if you need the solutions, read below: Joseph, Jesus Christ, David and Goliath, Christ Disrobed, I forgot the name of the last one (yikes!) but it's the second one on the top. The second part is a picture of the crucifixion. You need to find the Piece of Eden. It's toward the lower right. You get a beep indicator that beeps in shorter intervals the closer you are. Pretty simple. -----[7/20]------------------------------------------------------------------- Once you're done and done getting a better view, there's plenty of stuff to find here. Start with the two Codex Pages. One is in toward the northwest corner, the other toward the northeast corner of the city. Both are well guarded, but there are courtesans and thieves for distractions. You can also hire mercenaries or do it yourself for a fight. When you're ready, let's tackle some of the mission markers. Start with the one toward the southern part of the city. Talk to the man who is highlighted in white to start. Come Out and Play ----------------- One of your targets, Bernardo, is in town. Time to take him out. Go just a little northeast of your current location (climb the wall) and you'll see him in Gold if you have Eagle Vision on. It's difficult to assassinate him stealthily. The best way is to jump into the well when he isn't looking (don't get too close though) and hang over the ledge. Use the camera and keep it behind Ezio so you don't accidentally climb out with the Left Analog Stick. If you wait inside the well long enough, Bernardo will stop in front of it and if you're aligned right in front of him, you can Ledge Assassinate him for an easy kill. If this doesn't work or if you try to sneak up on him, he might run. Chase him down. Be prepared to barrel through numerous guards. Don't let them slow you down or you'll have to start over. Chase him down and execute him. Eliminate any chasing guards or ditch them to finish the mission. On to the next marker, just a ways north of that one, in the center of the city. Town Crier ---------- This one is also fun. Maffei is in town as well and has perched himself up on a tall tower near you. Well there's a lot of towers. See the really tall one with the walkway around it? That's where he is. Climb the one nearest you. You will have to continually go around each side to get higher. When you reach the top, use a ledge assassination on an archer when the other isn't looking. Then use the Hidden Blade on the other when his back is turned. From this, the shorter of the towers, you can go straight to Maffei's tower. Go to the others though if you want to assassinate more of the archers. You can do ledge assassinations on one of each pair, then climb up to stealthily assassinate the other with the Hidden Blade. When you're ready though, take the cable just below the top of the shorter tower you climbed. It leads straight to Maffei's tower. Run up the wall from the cable and begin climbing. It will take you to the walkway where three archers patrol. You can't do a ledge takedown like this so you'll need to sneak up when one turns his back and then assassinate him with the Hidden Blade when the others are not in view. You should only need to assassinate one or two. Hang down here for a while and observe as Maffei drops down every once in a while to the walkway. He'll pace down it for a few seconds, then climb back up. Wait for him to do this again and when he does, climb up behind him and strike for a sweet assassination. Just make sure enough guards are dispatched. With that done, it's time for more goodies. First, another GLYPH. Find the large grey building in the center of the city. This is the Santa Maria Assunta. Find a way to enter so that Ezio is in the little square space in the center of it. Find a courtyard with a tree and a haystack near it. Near those should be some columns supporting a roof. Go under here and with Eagle Vision on, look for the glyph. -[Martyrs]- For this puzzle, it's similar to the last part of the previous one. You get a search box and need to "ID" the area where the Piece of Eden is. You can't see it, so you need to rely on the beeps. For the first picture, it's about halfway up the guy's staff. For the Joan of Arc one, it's like near what would be her left leg, near her sword. The third part is a little stranger and different. You get a map-like look at Europe and Russia and all that with a few images. Take the fire symbol and put it on the Joan of Arc painting to the left. Then take the top guy and put him toward the third guy. That solves this one. -----[8/20]------------------------------------------------------------------- If you return to Maffei's towers, you can locate another GLYPH. This one is on the wall of one of the two towers that are really close to each other. Use Maffei's tower as reference, the one with the walkway remember? If your forgot, his tower is toward the north side of the city. East of his tower are two smaller towers close together. There is a small patch of roof between them. Either climb one and slip inside or shimmy onto that patch of roof from a window on the side. -[Hat-Trick]- Here you get some pictures to look through again. The first one is of Houdini. Find the Piece of Eden near the left side of his torso. The second is of Gandhi. It's on his chest. The third part of this might seem tough at first. You have to put in some code to match the 867 and you get a code wheel. Seems confusing but you're given an important clue. 6=1. Go to the code wheel and use R2 to align it so that the 6 on the grey portion matches the 1 on the red portion. Now, just match 8 and 7 from the grey wheel to the red one and put in the code. It should be 312, although it's possible it is different each time. Read the document you find then continue to finish this and get another video slice. -----[9/20]------------------------------------------------------------------- Once that's done, we can now find another Assassin's Tomb. It's in the same building you're currently hanging about right now. If you go to the east side of the building, there is an alley that will take you right to the secret entrance. ******************************************* * ASSASSIN'S TOMB - Torre Grossa's Secret * ******************************************* There is a ledge with a door near you. You can climb the wall behind you and shimmy over to it. Pull yourself up and use the lever. Go up the stairs and the camera will soon pan around the next few areas, giving you a nice visual tour of the area. As soon as you have control again, proceed up to the next platform. You should be in good position to air assassinate one of three guards here. Try to duck behind the wine keg racks and sneak up on the others, or just fight them straight out. Go to the southwest corner of this room where there are some kegs you can climb to reach a beam. Jump from there to a small platform, then to a ledge. Shimmy over, pull yourself up, and follow this narrow walkway to the north. Jump to the ledge on the left side when you can. Shimmy all the way around until you can pull yourself up onto a platform with a big crate. Find the stairs near you and make your way to the balcony. Take out the guard here, then proceed. Step on the railing of the balcony and jump to the chandelier. Face left and jump to the cables running across the room. Go left and step onto the platform here, which puts you in easy jumping range of the next balcony. After getting a view of what's in store, proceed into the room. Start fighting the guards and the Brute will come over as well. This time, you have the Disarm ability at your disposal. Deal with the other guards first, then switch to fists and try to disarm the Brute. Disarming and killing the Brute with his own giant claymore sword is a bit humorous. Use some medicine if you need to, then look for a way to continue onward. In the southeast corner, under the second floor balcony, there is a bookcase up against the wall. Climb it and the camera should shift ahead of you. Cross these gaps to a beam. Move out to the right on the beam and look for the two black rings on the wall. Jump to the first one and you can climb the wall to the balcony from here. Deal with the two guards. Go to the other side of the balcony where a chandelier is within close jumping range. Jump across to the third chandelier and then jump to the north wall, trying to grab onto one of those recesses that has an emblem in it. Climb them, the window, and some other objects to reach a platform above. The platform sits across from a swing bar. Swing, then land on the cable, then jump to another swing bar which will get you to the third floor balcony. Climb up and take care of the guard here. Enter the doorway next. You'll be at the bottom of a tower. The path here is pretty simple so I won't bother going into much detail. When you get up to the point where the camera shifts and shows you a guard in the foreground, turn around and jump to his platform and kill him. Climb the ladder here to proceed, jumping across more beams and platforms. Eventually you'll climb another wall and two guards will be patrolling up here. Where to go from here isn't totally obvious at first. Find the window and climb it. You can reach one of those rings from there and climb a beam. From there you can jump to another wall, climb that, get onto another beam. Make your way across the beams to the other side of the room where you can climb another wall. Ezio can climb into the slotted fissures here so shimmy around the corner and get onto the beam. Walk along the beam to the column and there are rings on it you can climb. This will take you at last to the tomb. Open everything and take the Seal. We'll put this away when it's time to make a return trip to the Villa. For now, let's continue with the missions. There are two mission markers. One is in the northeast, one in the southeast, both in the countryside. Both are roughly the same distance apart from Torre Grossa. Let's go with the one in the northeast though. Take a horse and ride in that direction. Be sure to get some of the viewpoints out there too. Behind Closed Doors ------------------- You get command over quite a few mercenaries and need to storm the villa where Francesco Salviati is hiding. It won't be long starting off until you come across the first few guards. Defeat them with your group, then proceed toward the red marker, into the villa. You'll find another group guarding the front gate. They're really easy to kill since your mercenaries do a good job at distracting them, allowing you to kill them with one blow from behind. A Brute is amongst them, but he's no sweat when he's all that's left against all your mercenaries. You need to open the gate. First, use throwing knives to dispatch the guards on either side of the gate. There are some ridges you can climb up just to the side of the gate bars. Instruct your mercenaries to wait, then climb up to the top and you can see a lot of guys patrolling inside. If you wait for a large group to get close, you can maybe pull off the double air assassination, which is beyond badass. You'll get surrounded really fast, and some of the enemies include Brutes so find the mechanism to open the gate immediately. Sic your mercenaries on them to even the odds. There might be one enemy in the mix who seems out of place. He'll look like a farmer guy and has an axe. This is your target, believe it or not, Salviati. He's an easy kill if you go for a Disarm. Finish him and then you get a choice between finishing the fighting or running. With that done, head to the last mission marker in the south. When you get there though, you'll come to the Monte Oliveto Maggiore, which has another GLYPH for you to find. Let's get that first. It's on the southwest side of the structure on the viewpoint tower. It's the tall tower on the grounds with the cross on top. The glyph is at the base of the tower on the east side of it, right where it meets the roof of the rest of the building. -[Apollo]- The puzzle for this one starts with another photo ID. Find the image to the left of the moon, out in space. For the second part, it's a slider puzzle. It's not a photo though. Your goal is to line up all the gaps in these rings so that you could draw a straight line through to the center. It's tough but note which rings move together and which you can move alone so you can fix them. For the final part, you get a moon landing photo. The Piece of Eden is at the bottom of the picture, to the left. -----[10/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ Now, go ahead and talk to the mission marker guy to start the next mission. The Cowl Does Not Make The Monk ------------------------------- It's time to knock off Stefano too. The kind mercenary gives Ezio Smoke Bombs. Schwing! These are handy for when you must make getaways, or if you have a ninja fantasy. Get inside the abbey now. You need to watch out for the armed monks. Everyone is wearing a robe here, making it hard to pick out certain people, including friend and foe. Rely on Eagle Vision to see who will attack you. You can also see Stefano in gold. Use blend to stay amongst the non-violent monks and get closer. If you actually do start a fight, it's funny to note the monks will not actually attack, just surround you. Meanwhile, Stefano will flee, so if it comes to that, get after him. You could try using the Poison Blade on that guy following him, but it probably won't work and just end up exposing your position. Find the group of monks near the middle of the abbey who are standing still. Blend with them and wait for Stefano. He will end up walking right in front of you and stopping. When he does, deploy a smoke bomb. Everyone will be caught off guard. Now, leave the blend with your Hidden Blade drawn and pounce! Pounce like the tiger! With Stefano dead, the monks will attack this time. Fend them off or flee. Another smoke bomb makes escape easy. Flee and become anonymous or deal with enough enemies until you are. Rewards: o Smoke Bombs acquired o Smoke Bomb pouch Head to the next mission marker. With Friends Like These ----------------------- You need to tail Jacope so you can find out who more of the Templars are. A large crowd will leave the building in front of you. Use Eagle Vision to pick out Jacope. He will then be marked by a blue arrow from here on. Stay on high ground and follow him as he goes throughout the city. This is pretty simple. Just stay on the watch for archers and dispatch them. Jacope will stop and inspect a dead archer body that has fallen off the roof but it won't give you away. If Jacope is out of sight or if something is blocking your view of him, a timer will appear. If the timer runs out, you'll fail. Get him in your sights again before this happens. He'll pick up a friend and together they'll go on a very long walk through the city. They'll come to the front gate and leave. Take the ladder on the side to get out since charging through the guards isn't advised. Find a group of people out here that is following Jacope and blend with them. Keep blended and follow Jacope. A lot of guards will follow him to a secret meeting area. When the guards have turned away, try to climb over the walls here to get over them and get inside the secret meeting area. Step into the marker and you will get a scene. Ezio will be discovered and some guards will grab him. When the prompt appears hit Square to totally own one of the guards. A fight then begins. This isn't hard really. Countering does the trick. One of the guards is a Brute and another has a spear. You might want to disarm the spear guy at the start and use it against the others. Either way, this fight should not be terribly difficult at this point in the game. When all the guards are dead, approach Jacope who, despite being stabbed three times--once through the neck--is still ticking. End his misery with some Hidden Blade treatment. That ends the mission and Sequence 5. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 6 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac06] You'll be back in Florence. If you want to go back to the Villa you can to do the usual routine of money collecting, dropping off feathers, etc. Keep in mind you haven't decrypted your Codex pages (if you have them) yet. We're in Florence too so Leonardo is nearby if you want to wait. If you know the Villa chest is near full though, feel free to head back. Speaking of Codex pages, there's one near your next destination. Look for the marker on your map. It's at a grey building to the north. Just a little south of that building is the Codex Page marker (provided you have the viewpoint synchronized to see this). The entrance is on the east side and is of course guarded. You can try to be creative, instead of just using courtesans, thieves and mercenaries all the time. You can try to distract some with money, then use the Poison Blade, or you can use Smoke Bombs. It's up to you. Get inside and get that Codex Page though. There's another Codex Page near the northwest corner of the city. Climb the viewpoints here to discover it. It's a bit east and a tiny bit north of the west gate of Florence. After that, proceed to the mission marker. Road Trip --------- It's Lorenzo. He'll start up a chat and give Ezio a Medici Cape which prevents him from gaining notoriety in Florence or Tuscany. Go to the blue marker now which is to Leonardo's. Give the door a knock and you'll discover he's gone to Venice. That's convenient, because that's exactly where Ezio is headed. Rewards: o Medici Cape acquired The new marker appears in the east, so head over to the east gate. First, let's collect another Codex Page and another GLYPH. Go to the northeast corner of the city, near a view point if you haven't gotten it already. This is close to the Ospedale Degli Innocenti which is where a glyph is. To find this one, recognize that this building has a roof that surrounds the courtyard in a square shape. On the east side of the roof is where the glyph is, on a small wall near a chimney. Scan it to begin another puzzle. -[The Inventors]- For this one, "The Inventors", simply take the electricity marker and put it over each of the lightbulbs. Hit X to continue and get a photo. You don't have any beeps or anything to help you with this one so you have to look for it the hard way. The Piece of Eden should be a little bit above the door. For the second photo, the third part of the puzzle, you get infrared but it doesn't help you one tiny bit. Scan this picture as much as you want, you'll not see anything, leaving you to blindly click on spots. As you might guess though, it has something to do with the guy sitting down. Choose the book he is holding and scan that to solve this one and this puzzle. -----[11/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ The Codex Page is just south of here. Again, if you don't have the viewpoints necessary to see this, the marker won't appear on your map. Defeat the guards outside then claim it. For another hint on this location, it's just west of a Tailor shop which is exactly west of the eastern gate of Florence. With the glyph and Codex Page in hand, go to the east gate and exit. Get a horse and ride for the Mountains. Step into the marker which will be right in front of you to get a scene. Romagna Holiday --------------- After the scene, you'll begin a totally new type of sequence here. You have to steer Leonardo's carriage down the road. This alone isn't difficult. The guys chasing you make it a little tougher. They'll jump onto the carriage and try to climb it. Shaking them off is really tough. You need to purposely aim the carriage toward objects on the road and try to have them scrape the side of the carriage where the guys will be climbing. Tree branches, although more cliché, are better. When they get on top, you can try to make a sharp turn, but this isn't easy if you're not coming up to any turns. If they reach Ezio, you need to tap Circle repeatedly to throw them off. Also, when making those sharp turns, be careful when you steer back to the other side, the momentum could cause the carriage to roll over. Eventually, you'll get across the flaming bridge, and archers will begin shooting fire arrows along the road. The fire pockets are easy enough to dodge except when coming off a turn. More riders will appear so continue to try to shake them off when possible. Continue until you get a scene. After this, you'll be on your own against some guards. Try to disarm the Brute from the get go, then finish the others one by one. Head to the marker to complete the mission. You'll be outside Forli, which is no Venice, that's for sure. Find the nearest viewpoint and scale it. Then, enter the city via the drawbridge. As soon as you enter, you should see (provided you got that viewpoint) a Codex Page. Defeat the guards outside and take it. It's in between a Tailor and Blacksmith on the south side of the city. Enter deeper and start finding more viewpoints to get a better view and reveal more things. As you go further north, there is another Codex Page and a GLYPH. The Codex Page is right near where the Courier Mission guy is standing. You might notice some things about the guards here. For one, the armored variation of guards (not Brutes but the small ones who wear armor) can't be disarmed until they are weakened. Also, Archers can't die in just one throwing knife. You'll just have to work a little harder, that's all. The GLYPH is at Abbazia Di San Mercuriale which is right there as well. It's on one of the walls with all those columns. The south column wall to be exact. The glyph is above the columns. Get up there and scan it. -[Titans of Industry]- For this one, you start with another slider combination puzzle. The hint is still there, though not as obvious. You can see it in the bottom left, 4=1. So align the red wheel so that its 4 matches the grey wheels 1, then input the grey red wheel numbers for grey's 9 and 7 or whatever numbers you have. If the numbers are not random, the code should be 240. After watching a strange video, you get a photo. The location is really obvious: his hands. ID it and you'll get another combination puzzle. This time though, the red slider doesn't contain numbers. Also, the clue here is a lot harder to decipher. If you look at the pictures though, you can see a number 2 and one of the symbols from the red wheel on the news article. Match up the grey wheel 2 with the red wheel symbol that is "||.." The problem is that not all the symbols are on the red wheel. If you pay attention to them, they follow an obvious pattern. You can see by messing around with the combination that the missing symbols are there. So if the code is 139, the 3 symbol should be "|||" and 9 should be "|..". -----[12/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ Go further north after that to find another Codex Page. This one is in the north east corner of the city, just below the north side of the city walls. It's northwest of a tailor shop. Get the Codex and exit the city, continuing north. Grab more viewpoints along the way. Return to the southwest area of the city. That dark grey area in the city is like a little mini-fortress. Inside is another Assassin Tomb. You can find the entrance on the north side of it, just on the water. Either climb over or swim to it. Enter and we can begin. **************************************** * ASSASSIN'S TOMB - Ravaldino's Secret * **************************************** Start by hopping into the water and swimming to the wooden platform ahead. Climb out and begin climbing the wall. Grab the wooden ledge and then jump away from it to get onto a platform. From here, just make your way across the room by going from one side to the next. Activate the lever and then run through the gate. Head into the following chamber and drop into the water. Swim toward the big iron gate and hold X to dive underneath and get to the other side. Proceed north from here. You can climb these walls pretty easily. Just climb one side, then jump away from the wall to the opposite one and repeat. Continue on to the top where you'll get a quick little tour of the next area. After that, Ledge Assassinate the guard here and climb out. As you proceed over to the other side of the room, you'll attract more guards. A lot of them are easy to deceive though and kill off stealthily. Dispatch all the guards and then go into the southwest corner of this area. Climb the scaffolding of some sort and use it to jump to a balcony. Go to the east wall and climb onto the crate. Jump up and grab onto the red shield. Jump away from this to reach another balcony. Here you'll find the second lever and the camera will show you the third. Throw this lever then quickly proceed north, hopping the gaps effortlessly to get to the next one before the gates shut. Interact with this lever and it's the same thing; move fast to make it to the other side. Go around the corner using the beams and you'll see a large gap. Climb the east wall and then shimmy over to the left using the shields and windows. Get over to the open window and drop down to enter. Go down the stairs then climb over the railing up and to the left. Kill the two guards here then take the stairs down. You'll encounter two more guards and a Brute. Disarm the Brute and kill him, then deal with the others easily. Find the large wooden wall/fence in the southeast corner down here. Climb the platform next to it to get up here. Now from here, you can make your way clockwise around the room to the platform where you saw the exit earlier. Just climb the shield and shimmy over to the one on the left to climb out of here. You'll find a lever here. It operates a gate to the far left. It gives you some time, but not much, to get there. First figure out how you're gonna get there. Turn left and face that northeast corridor. You can see a broken wall on the right side. This is where you begin after throwing the lever. Climb up that, then jump to the left side wall. You'll walk out onto a beam, climb the column, then jump away from it to reach a wooden platform. The door is then just a beam and a swing bar away. Provided you make it in time, you'll reach the tomb on the other side. As usual, plunder the place of its goodies, ending with the seal from the sarcophagus. The exit is a trap door to the left. Head to the marker to meet with Leonardo. On to Venice at last! Well... not yet. Ezio needs a pass to get on the ferry. Tutti a Bordo ------------- Find the woman who just suddenly interrupted everything by screaming for help. Locate the boat with the marker on it. Climb on board and row it by getting near the oar and hitting Circle. Row continually by hitting Circle. Don't tap it repeatedly. Instead, just hit it more rhythmically to get good speed. Go to where the woman is to pick her up. Her name is Caterina. Bring her to the dock and she'll help Ezio get on the ferry. One last thing before we leave. North of the dock are some buildings, including a tower that serves as a viewpoint. There is a GLYPH on the tower. Go to the tower and the glyph is on the north side of it, about two thirds of the way up. -["I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds"]- Another combination puzzle. This one is even trickier. You can see the clues in the photos. Triangle = 9 basically is what it's telling you. Align them on the wheels. 5 and 2, the remaining numbers, have their red wheel counterparts smeared out of course. So that leaves you to once again try to discern a pattern. You can see though that the combination goes in the same order as the wheel. For example you can toggle from square to square and circle. So obviously when you get to what comes before Square in the combination, you can figure out what is missing from the wheel, and that is circle. Figuring it out this way the combination should be circle, square, and square for 5, circle for 2, and triangle for 9. Next, put the marker on the red button for a short movie. After that, you get a blank picture of some sort and need to ID something inside. Not totally easy but you get a noise to indicate how close you are. Find some numbers by scanning near the bottom left, but not quite near the corner. That will finish this one. -----[13/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ It's time to make for Venice. There is still plenty to do in Forli so stay a while longer if you wish. Wrap up all the side missions and such or you can do it at a later time. That ends Sequence 6. You'll get out of the Animus and have a little time with Desmond now. Talk to Rebecca and Shaun, then go down to where you first entered this place to find Lucy. She'll have Desmond use some of his retented skills to turn on some sensors. Sounds pretty simple and it should be. The sensors stand out pretty well. Some require some climbing which Desmond can now do. Overall, this isn't too difficult. Find Lucy when she calls for you which means you're done. Go upstairs and you will start seeing some strange visions. After that, a strange dream begins. I won't spoil this part for you, so just enjoy it. Chase the target you see. If you lose sight of them, use Eagle Vision. They will glow in gold and will leave a trail behind them. Follow them up to the top of the tower and you'll get a scene. A lot of people seem to have trouble climbing the tower when they get to the balcony with the beam. If you can't figure it out, either do an Advanced Wall Jump or stand underneath the very tip of the beam and hold R1 and hit X without touching the Left Analog Stick. After that, once you're back in the office, talk to Lucy if you want, then hop back in the Animus again. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 7 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac07] You'll be in Venice at last. Leonardo is standing near you and he is your first mission giver. Scale the viewpoint right next to you first though so you can get some bearings on your surroundings. Benevenuto ---------- Follow Alvise and Leonardo as you get a quick tour of Venice. A few scenes will happen here and there. Nothing else to this, really. Afterwards, go right in to visit Leonardo again in his new shop. Have him translate all the Codex Pages you've received. If you've not gone back to the Villa yet, this is the time. Go back east to where you got off the ferry. The Viaggio is here so pay the fee to get back to the Villa instantly. Do your usual thing there, and also drop off the last Seal you got if you didn't earlier. Return to Venice when you're ready. Start by climbing more viewpoints. You'll find a lot of the city is off limits for now. You can find a Codex Page in the center of the city, near a blacksmith. There is a second one just a little northwest of Leonardo's shop. Find a GLYPH at the east side of Venice where the bridge, the Ponte Di Rialto is. Go to the east end of the bridge (the game won't let you go further than that). Now, go into the water and swim under the bridge. The glyph should be here. -[Bloodlines]- Bloodlines puzzle. For this one you need to pick the paintings Danae Visited by Zeus, Jupiter and IO, Leda and the Swan, Cupid and Psyche, and Rape of Europa. -----[14/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ There is another GLYPH very close by on the San Giacomo Di Rialto, just northwest. It's on the west side of the roof, between the three bells and the dome. -[Guardians]- Guardians is a really easy one. You get a slider puzzle which should not be difficult by now. After that, you get a map with a lot of red targets. Move the marker over each to reveal some things and that's it. -----[15/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ Go to the next mission marker, to the northwest. That's Gonna Leave A Mark ------------------------- Help out your new friend by battling the enemies. You'll want to focus first on those attacking her. The guards can be difficult to defeat quickly enough so that leaves Rosa at the mercy of the guards longer. Follow her through the city. Bowl down anyone in your way to keep up with her. A lot more fights will erupt as you proceed so continue to protect her by going after the ones attacking her directly. There will be some Brutes in the mix so try to one-shot them by attacking while they're focused on Rosa. Eventually Rosa will meet up with her thief friends and collapse. Pick her up and carry her off to yellow marker. Along the way, one group of guards will attack. Immediately sic the thieves on them. One or two guards might still chase you though so get far enough away, drop Rosa, then dispatch them before continuing. After the scene, you'll need to provide protection for the gondola. Go across the river to the spot where the enemies are. Start taking them out one by one as you move along and keep up with the gondola. The enemies are sometimes easily defeated by attacking them so they fall into the water. You'll need to do a lot of platforming to keep up with the gondola on its path. Just keep going and when enemies appear, take care of them. Two throwing knives is the price to kill one if you choose that route. Otherwise, your sword is a better option if you can get close. Keep following the gondola until it slips inside an entrance. Climb over this building and approach where it will dock to get a scene. You'll interact a little here so be ready to hit button prompts. After that, the mission ends. There's a GLYPH here so let's find it. It's on the north side of the roof of this area Ezio is in after the last mission ended. Climb up there. It's near the thieves if you need another hint. Scan it and begin. -[The Cavalry]- This puzzle is a little confusing. You get a map and there are a bunch of location names all over. Some of them do not exist on this map, such as Alaska and Florida. If you move the marker on one name, it jumbles them around. To solve this part, Tunguska is the one you want to select. For the next part, place the cursor on the sword and stab the picture with it and you're done. -----[16/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ Go ahead and drop down to talk to Antonio in his home. After that, talk to Rosa outside for a very easy mission. Monkey See, Monkey Do --------------------- Here you can learn the Climb Leap technique which is very handy. This will make climbing viewpoints a lot easier. There is one tower in Venice that can't be climbed without this. Hold R1, then hold the Left Analog Stick forward and hit X to leap up to a ledge you couldn't normally reach. Hit Circle to grab it. That's all there is to it. Get up to the marker and that will end this mission. Go find Rosa for her next challenge. By Leaps and Bounds ------------------- This is the tower I mentioned. With the Climb Leap in hand, you need to get to the top of the tower in five minutes. This is more than enough time. Finding a climbing path isn't really difficult. When you get to the tower, use Climb Leap, then shift around to another side of the tower to finish climbing. Synchronize the viewpoint before dropping down. Speak to Rosa to end this one. There's another mission marker just to the northeast, near Leonardo's shop. Breakout -------- Ugo wants Ezio to help bust out some of the thieves that are being imprisoned and awaiting execution. There are three locations, noted by the blue markers. It involves fighting at each location but you can reduce the fighting by hiding and waiting for some of the guards to leave the area if possible. Otherwise fight and then bust the thieves out. You need to return each group to Ugo's area first before seeking out the next. You only need to keep 1 alive in each group. It's possible some may die when they have a platforming brain fart or if you come across some guards. Getting most of them to the destination though should not be much trouble. You have two mission markers in the northwest: one at Antonio's and a new one. Go to the one at Antonio's first, his house is the dark grey one on your map. Cleaning House -------------- From saving thieves to killing thieves. You have three yellow markers where some traitors are. When you near each one, a green search circle appears on your mini map. This means their exact location isn't clear. You'll need to use Eagle Vision. The thieves will be marked in gold. Each one has a partner to help them but they are easy to defeat as far as combat goes. One will be on a rooftop, and the one to the northwest will be on a boat. You might be able to ledge assassinate that one. Go to the next marker. Clothes Make The Man -------------------- Three destinations. You are to find the chests at each location and loot them for the archer armor that Ugo needs. At each location there should be thieves nearby. Using them will make it easy and it goes along with the theme of the mission I suppose. If you'd rather have a fight or if you just want to save all the money you can, you can do it yourself. Raid each chest once the guards are gone. The first location which is just a little southeast has another nearby area also guarded that has two chests with a good amount of florins inside. Make the one to the north the last one, as it is near the boat that you have to steal. This is a restricted area so be quick and just take it without dealing with the swarm of guards that will appear. Get on the boat and pull away and some of them will probably fall in the water. Row it to the marker and get out to finish the mission. Go back to Antonio's for the next mission. Everything Must Go ------------------ This is what you've been building toward thus far in Venice. It's time to storm the palazzo and take out Emilio. The thieves have got your back and they have a plan. Ezio's first task is to take out the archers so the thieves can replace them. Also stock up on throwing knives if you're low. Your targets are already marked on the map. Head over there and you'll find all the archers on the rooftops, obviously. Antonio said quietly, but discretion isn't important here. If you want to be stealthy though, each archer stands on a little platform. You can sneak up on them and hang there to do a ledge assassination on each. Any approach will work, even if you just run up to them and attack, or grab them and push them for a more hilarious method. Once they're down, meet with Antonio, Rosa and Ugo. There's a guard across from them but you can hide in the haystack to take him out. After that chat, it's off to do the dirty work. Ugo recommends hiring some thieves to help out so do so on your way to the palazzo. Enter the grounds from the west or south side. One might be unguarded if you're lucky. Use your thieves on the guys guarding the entrance and if possible, on the ones near the front door. You can't enter that way so once you have cleared the guards, start climbing the west wall. Make your way up here and use Climb Leap to help you along. When you get up to the roof, you will see a scene of Emilio. There are plenty of archers up here and more enemies below. If you have enough throwing knives, this can enable you to get closer to Emilio for the stealthy assassination. You have limited time here too; if Emilio leaves on his boat you'll have to start over. If you don't have the throwing knives necessary, you will likely be given away on your way down. Being spotted by the archers isn't bad. Being spotted by some of the other enemies below will alert everyone, except Emilio. So if this happens, climb all the way down and run toward him to kill him before he gets away. If you're quick, he won't get much farther than a step or two. After that, approach the door with Rosa for another scene. This ends Sequence 7. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 8 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac08] You now have access to the eastern part of Venice now. The south side is still unfortunately, off limits. This new area is almost like it's own place as you won't see many viewpoints on your map, even if you scaled ones in the main part of the city. So use one to locate the others on your map and start scaling them as you go. There's a viewpoint tower to the west of the large restricted area in the southeast corner (where an Assassin Tomb is). Near the top of the viewpoint is a GLYPH. -[The Bunker]- Another combination puzzle. This is a really tough one and it took me a few minutes to crack. The hint first off, is not easy to find. You can see a "<" symbol in the bottom left picture. The only number that appears isn't in a picture. It's the 4 that flashes in and out in between two of the pictures. Start by lining up < and 4. Now the key here is the angles of the shapes. For example, < has one angle, while the next one on the red wheel, has two. If you count each shape on the red wheel starting with <, each shape after has one more angle, so that whatever shape 7 is must have four angles. Whatever 1 is, must have eight angles. 9 is provided to you, being that bowtie shape. Confused? Don't blame you. Count the angles, but not corners. Count angles only starting with < which has one. Have < aligned with 4 on the grey wheel. I can't type the solution but I'll try to describe the shapes. 7 is that one that looks like the letter "e" but tilted almost upside down. 9 is the bowtie. 1 is the small diamond inside the bigger diamond. The second and last part is a photo again. You're looking for the Assassin emblem and it's a little tough to locate. Basically, you can find it in the top right corner of the building's second floor. There's a tree partially covering this spot if you look at the picture. -----[17/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ There's a Codex Page north of the basilica, east of a blacksmith. There's also a structure that surrounds the basilica. If you look on your map it's that dark grey wall that surrounds it. If you go to the north portion, there is a tower like structure with a railing just a little east of the bridge. Step up here with Eagle Vision on to find the GLYPH. -[Synapses]- Here is another tough combination puzzle. I wrestled with it long enough to get Shaun's Advice and that actually helped a lot. He explains the symbols here are Sumerian. The symbol that looks like a tree is a 1, and the arrow "<" like shape is a 10. You'll see the hint in the bottom right picture with all the CAT scans. There is a 5 in one, and that tree symbol between two others. So line up 5 and that Sumerian symbol on the wheels. Finally, the picture toward the bottom left has a sequence of numbers, starting with that symbol which I explained (actually, Shaun did) is a 1. If you add it to 2 which is the second number, you get 3. If you look on the red wheel, the symbol after "1" symbol is one that has three of them. You see? Now let's add 1+2+6, 6 being the next number. You get 9. Sure enough, if you look on the red wheel, the next symbol after the three tree symbols has nine of them. See the pattern now? The portion that is missing for 0, corresponds to 1+2+6+2+1+5 in that bottom left picture. That comes to 17. The arrow shape is equal to 10, so you're looking for the arrow shape with seven tree shapes. The one that is missing for 3 is 17+3+5+6 which is 31. That would be three arrows and one tree shape. I know this sounds really confusing but if you grasp the initial concept, it becomes a lot easier. The second and last part gives you a picture of synapses, which are basically those gaps between cells that allow them to transmit messages for the body and all that scientific junk. Just put the marker over each of the. There are eight in total, including a small one in the top right corner. -----[18/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ Now finally, the last thing we'll do before jumping to the next mission is the Assassin Tomb in the basilica. It's located in a little hidden alcove on the roof. The best way to get to the basilica roof is to climb that surrounding wall structure I mentioned and then jump to it from there. Find the entrance and let's get ready for some tomb raiding! **************************************** * ASSASSIN'S TOMB - San Marco's Secret * **************************************** As soon as you enter, the game will show you the sarcophagus in plain sight! Get down to the church floor and approach it. Can it really be that easy? Go ahead and interact with it. Of course not. Four stone tablets rise from the floor in the previous area. Go and check them out. Put Eagle Vision on to see some things on the floor. Step onto the very first tablet you see. This activates a platforming section and a lever you must pull before it retracts. Go back to the corner behind the sarcophagus and climb up here. Jump up to the wall and then onto the platform above the sarcophagus. Jump to the north wall and climb the railing. Go left and then turn left again. Jump to the top of this wall and hop all the gaps to the south wall. Shimmy over and climb over the railing. Now, climb the dark structure that looks like a pipe organ (I think it is) and you can see the lever waiting for you. Jump to it. Step on the southern switch next. The starting point for this platforming trial is to Ezio's left. Take the platforms, swing bar and so on to the south wall. You'll land on top of another narrow wall. Take this all the way to the right, under an arch. Turn right and follow this wall down, then turn right again and take the beam under a railing. Climb up to this railing. Go left and then turn right to jump to the hanging crosses. When you reach the opposite balcony, turn right. Jump across all these beams to reach the south wall again. Climb up the big mural here about halfway and then jump away from the wall to reach the lever. Two down. Step on the west one next. This one is a bit faster. Go to the left and find the little altars. Climb the painting to get on top of the first one, then hop across the rest. Jump to the ledge on the column here. Shimmy around it to the other side and drop onto the beam. Jump across several beams here. At the end, turn left and climb up the wall. Now, just climb up the cross as high as you can and jump away to a swing bar. Swing twice to reach the lever. For the last one, climb the small platform to the right. Jump to the stone structure in front of you, and the larger one in the center. Next, jump north to the wooden poles and hop across those to the platform at the north wall. Jump to the ledge on the right and shimmy around a bit. You should see some very small pedestals above. Point the Left Analog Stick up and Ezio should climb up these. Climb and shift around until you can get up to and over the balcony railing. Go left and find the crates in the corner. Use these to climb up the wall. At the top, jump away and you'll latch onto a beam. Pull yourself up and then from there, it's just a short hop to the last lever. With all four levers activated, the floor opens up to reveal a secret area. Drop down here and you'll find the real tomb. Pilfer all the goods and take the seal. Only one more to go! Leave through the glowing wall in the top right. Now at last, it's time to go to the next mission marker. Birds Of A Feather ------------------ This is similar to a mission you had earlier. You are to trail the two templars and eavesdrop. If you stay too close to them for too long, they will star to get suspicious like guards. Follow them, but keep a reasonable distance and when they stop, duck into a crowd of people or Courtesans. You can also hire a Courtesan group so you have constant moving cover to blend in. This isn't necessary though. When they come to the bridge leading to the basilica though, hire the nearby thieves. Have them lure away the guards after the two pass by so you can keep following them. They'll enter the plaza outside the basilica and a scene will start. After that, follow this entourage (yummy, more victims for Ezio! err... I mean, ooh, more badguys!). They'll exit through a corridor with more guards so hire the thieves nearby before they get too far away and lure the guards away. From here, it's pretty simple. Stop whenever they stop, and if there is no crowd to blend with, just stay far enough away or behind a corner or something to obstruct any possible view. Keep following them and just take it slow, not bumping into guards or anybody carrying anything. After a scene this mission is over. Rewards: o Assassination Contracts unlocked Head straight to find Antonio to start the next mission. The thieves have settled into Emilio's old palazzo, so that's where you'll find the mission marker. If At First You Don't Succeed... -------------------------------- While Antonio is talking, head to the yellow marker to the south. Cross one of the bridges to get inside the plaza area outside the basilica which is where the marker is. After the scene, a new marker appears nearby. It's not on the tower, or the rooftop near it. It's in between the two on the ground. Find it there and then a new one appears. Go southeast, around the restricted area and find the viewpoint tower near the docks. Climb it to the top to find the marker. Wait for Antonio to get there and another quick scene starts. The next marker appears on the north side of the basilica. Synchronize this viewpoint if you have not already, then take a Leap of Faith. Antonio will do things the hard way and climb down, but he won't take very long. Let him follow you to the next marker. It looks like you've found your ticket. Climb up all the scaffolding with Antonio; it's pretty simple. Find the white marker up on the roof (yellow on your mini map) and you get another scene. There is your target, Grimaldi, but still no way to reach him. If only you could fly... If you're familiar with the E3 footage of Assassin's Creed II, then you should know what's coming. Without wasting a moment, make haste for Leonardo's, which is the new mission marker. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained -------------------------------- This isn't much of a mission. You get to try out Leonardo's flying machine. It's WOW EXCITNG OH MAN I'M REALLY FLYING--until you find out the controls are inversed and that it can only take you so far--OH CRAP!!!!! After that, you get a scene and the next mission starts immediately. Well Begun Is Half Done ----------------------- Noting that the heat from fire will keep the flying machine aloft, Ezio needs to clear areas for Antonio's men to light those fires. In this way, Ezio's first flight can be successful. The locations are signified by the red markers on your map. There are plenty of markers, but only four "areas". The first one is very close. Two Brutes are standing near each other. Approach them and go with a double Hidden Blade kill. Head to the next closest one which should be on a boat. You'll probably start a large fight, so just disarm the Brutes first, then work your way from there. Once you've cleared that area, head to the next area which is a rooftop area. Just use throwing knives on the archers here, or push them off the rooftops if that's your thing. The last area has two spots, one guarded by a lone Brute you can easily attack from behind with the Hidden Blade. The other spot has a lot of guards. Start with the Brute as always and that should scare off most of the others. Finish the rest and you're done. Make the long trip to the next mission marker to finally begin. Infrequent Flyer ---------------- You should know how this works. If not by seeing the E3 footage, then by the discussions going on in the past mission and in the beginning of this one. You need to stay aloft by flying over the fires. At the same time, try to avoid the archer arrows. As Leonardo suggested, you could kick some of them off. Doing this is as simple as locking onto one ahead of you with L1 and flying as straight at them as you can. Don't take unnecessary risks though just to get a "kick" out of this. Pardon the pun, but seriously, don't just try to kick guys off if you have to take a bad angle to do so. Try to do it at least once to get the "Flyswatter" Trophy and then focus on flying and hitting the fires to stay aloft. I find the best route to be to go north, then east toward the river and hit the fires on the boat and continue east from there, before turning to the right to finally get to the basilica. Once you make it (hopefully), you need to get into position. The archers up here can spot you and if they do, you'll need to start over. Therefore, use the columns up here to hide behind then try to quietly sneak in for Hidden Blade kills. Your throwing knives won't work since you need more than one for a kill. You can also climb the columns and do air assassinations. Make your way around, killing all three, then you can drop down to the window as noted by the white marker. You'll get a scene. You might be disappointed to see it's not the E3 demo. I was at least, but this was still a very fun mission. Fight your way down the staircase. Eliminate every guard. They're pretty simple, no Brutes, so have fun. After that, you'll find Grimaldi hasn't gone anywhere and is just standing there, trembling, waiting for Ezio to deliver the coup de grace, so give it to him. Now, leave the basilica through the now open front doors and get far enough away to become anonymous again. This end the mission, gets you a Codex Page, and ends Sequence 8. Rewards: o Codex Page (1) ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 9 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac09] You'll be in front of Leonardo's. Go inside. Knowledge Is Power ------------------ Here's another upgrade you may have been looking forward to: the pistol or Hidden Gun. Go to the yellow marker which is the platform resting near the canal. There are three targets to practice on. You should be able to lock onto each one without having to leave this platform. To use the pistol, go into your inventory wheel and select it first. Then, lock onto your target and hold Square. An aiming mechanism appears and forms a solid line. If you hold Square to this point, you should hit your target. Do this for all three and then return to Leonardo's. With that done, you get the Carnevale mask. It let's you stay incognito in Venice, but only for now while the carnevale is going on. Really though, isn't Ezio's getup a bit more recognizable than his face? Just saying... Rewards: o Pistol attachment acquired o Carenvale Mask Anyways, you can now go to the south side of Venice at last. Start scaling more viewpoints and getting a look around. There is a new Assassin's Tomb, the last one if you've gotten all the others up to this point--huzzah! Let's head in that direction. First though, grab the Codex Page which is just north of its location. Find the tomb entrance at the base of the tower on the roof of the building. ****************************************** * ASSASSIN'S TOMB - Visitazione's Secret * ****************************************** When you have control, step out of the haystack and assassinate the Brute. Approach the other guy and he'll take off running. This will be reminiscent of the first tomb except that the area is obviously very different. The path isn't really hard to figure out here. Basically every time he shuts a gate, like the guy earlier in the game, you'll need to find an alternate route that is immediately next to the gate. Keep pace with him at the end as you jump some beams and use swing bars and do an air assassination to finish him. If you did it in time, the guards to the left in the next chamber will not see you. If you want to stir up a fight, then go ahead. You can open the next door without bothering them though. In the next chamber, use the lever. This starts a timed mechanism. Go forward and to the left, jumping up the spires to the platform. You're told about the Advanced Wall Jump which is something you may already know. Run up a wall and then hit the Left Analog Stick in a new direction and hit X and Ezio will use his upward momentum to go in that direction. Use this to reach the bar. Swing forward and climb the steps to the statue. Use the Advanced Wall Jump again to get to the platform on the left. Go across the beam and swing bars ahead to reach another platform. Do another Advanced Wall Jump to the right to get to the next bar. Go forward to the west wall, traversing a few gaps to reach the third swing bar. Go across a spire to the right and then move forward and to the wall on the left. Run the wall and do another Advanced Wall Jump to get to the platform on the left. Take this to some beams and then to a swing bar, a spire, and another swing bar. Turn this corner and you'll get to the last bar lever. The door will open in the central chamber, leading to the tomb. Take all the stuff as always, including the last seal! Schwing! You might want to hoof it back to the Villa at once to claim the Armor of Altair. If you need another seal though, step to it! When you're doing tending to business at the Villa, return to Venice and go to your next mission. Damsels In Distress ------------------- Easy mission. Chase down the murderer. He's a bit fast so don't lose him. Steering away from the crowd while sprinting will obviously help. You'll find him attacking another courtesan. If you get too close, he'll kill her too. Find a reasonable distance where you are far enough away, but still close to lock onto him. It can be difficult with all the NPCs around but sneak closer and closer until you lock on. Select the pistol and shoot him. Be prepared for a possible swarm of guards to attack after this. Either fight or flee. Nun The Wiser ------------- This is more of a segue into the next few missions which are actually sort of like mini-games. In order to get close to Barbarigo, you'll need to get entry to his party, by winning a golden mask at the Carnevale. Teodora explains as she and Antonio escort you to the area. That's it. Pick a game and start. Begin with the closest one. Ribbon Round-Up --------------- You need to collect at least 25 ribbons before time runs out. The women at the Carnevale have them. You can get them by doing a normal pickpocketing maneuver. If you forgot, hold X to speed walk and bump into people. Do this to collect the ribbons. The women are marked by blue markers on your mini-map. Larger groups of women will yield more ribbons. Pretty easy. CTF --- This one is kinda fun. You need to get to the flag before your opponent, retrieve it, and bring it back to the starting position. You both have to do it three times, so if your opponent wins, it's no big deal, as long as he does not win three times before you. You'll start out on the roof, and the opponent will start out on the street. You'll want to use the same route each time. Run forward to the edge of the roof overlooking the flag, then drop down fast. If you want to bear with the damage you would take, you can also drop from that height, you'll get there a little faster, just remember to heal. If your opponent gets it first, give chase. He runs pretty fast so do your best to avoid people and catch up with him to tackle him. And They're Off --------------- The third game is a race. Despite the name, this is just a race against time and nothing more. You need to hit all the white markers in two minutes. It might seem tough at first, but you can practice it over and over until you see the best route. Overall, this one isn't tough either. The final marker for the last game appears after the first three are won. Cheaters Never Prosper ---------------------- This game is a fighting style one. You will fight fists-only against a few opponents. It's pretty easy. Focus on blocking, dodging, and remember that with your fists you can counter too. Things go well until you get a surprise opponent, Dante Moro. He's a little bit tougher, but not by much. Counter him a few times as well and he goes down without too much effort. The final challenge has you pitted against a few armed guards. You figured this was going to happen, right? Just disarm them and kill them with their own weapons to end this. Unfortunately, the golden mask will have to wait. Having A Blast -------------- You need to find Dante and get that mask. Killing him won't accomplish anything as Antonio suggests. You'll have to be a bit more creative. First, go to the yellow marker. This will reveal a general search area. You'll probably have to wait for Dante to appear. Just have Eagle Vision on so you can spot him when he does. Hire some nearby Courtesans and follow him. Lock onto Dante and have them distract him. Eventually he'll stop and turn around. This is your chance to speed walk into him to pickpocket the mask. With that done, it's time to crash a party like it it's 1399. Go to the yellow marker and pass through the archway for a quick scene. Now you need to find Barbarigo. Proceed to the blue marker for another quick scene. Marco Barbarigo will appear soon enough. So will Dante though. You'll automatically become notorious so you need to stay blended. Hire some Courtesans fast and just stay with them and wait for the timer to run out. After that, Marco appears. Listen to Teodora's advice and use the pistol. Try to get a lock on him. Use your Courtesans to sneak closer if you must. Once you're locked on, try to time the shot with the fireworks. It might not work though, I'm not totally sure. I got in a fight anyway. If that happens, use a Smoke Bomb since there's a lot of them. Flee and become anonymous by outrunning the guards or hiding. Make your way back to the brothel (yellow marker) and on the way, try to get rid of your notoriety. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 10 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac10] Head to the marker to speak with Antonio. An Unpleasant Turn of Events ---------------------------- This is nothing but a cutscene, outlining what's to come for this sequence. Doesn't get any easier, my friend. Caged Fighter ------------- Head over to the marker to search for Bartolomeo. The marker turns into a search area. He's held roughly near the center so he shouldn't be hard to find. You'll know you're in the right spot when you see the guards standing in front of the cell. Defeat them, then rescue Bartolomeo. More guards will attack. You'll need to protect him so focus on the enemies attacking him first. Proceed to the yellow marker now, sticking to the streets only. If you encounter any guards along the way, you'll probably get into more fights so continue protecting your escort. Get him to the yellow marker which is his home. A pair of guards will be waiting for a fight. No problem at this point. After that, a scene and the mission ends. Your next mission can begin right where the last one ended but you now have much more of Venice open to you and there's still even one more section after that! Start by scaling all the viewpoints out in the east here if you are patient enough for that. The dark grey building in the southeast, the San Pietro Di Castello has a GLYPH you can find on the east side if you stand on the lower roof. -[The Fourth Day]- Your clue is about something "once worshipped". It's pretty easy to figure out if you think about it long enough. The sun! Anyway, the answers are: o Nazca Textile o Aztec Calendar Stone o The Eastern Gate o Sistine Chapel Ceiling Fresco o Book of the Dead For the last part, search the sun for the object you need to find. Use the clicking noise to help you. -----[19/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ Almost exactly north of there is a Codex Page if you can uncover it from the viewpoints. It's near a tailor shop too if that helps. Continue sweeping up the viewpoints. There are two grey buildings adjacent to each other in the north and a bit to the east. They're more north than east (meaning, not in the northeast corner of Venice but close). One is a viewpoint building. The one adjacent to it has the GLYPH. The glyph is on the top, behind the arch shaped mural. This should be the last one! -[The Origin of the Species]- Without a doubt this slider puzzle portion is probably the hardest. The reason is because that so many rings are forced to move together. You'll want to start by aligning the picture correctly. Make sure the globe/earth in the center is being held with the hand underneath it, not to the side or anything like that. After that, it'll take a lot of work but you can probably figure it out with enough effort. Recognize which rings move together and which can be moved alone. The way I did it was that I moved one pair of connected rings a certain number of spaces away from being perfectly aligned. I then picked another pair that also had one of the first pair in it and moved them back the same number of spaces. This fixed one ring. I just kept doing this and I also had to improvise a bit but eventually I got lucky. I know you're angry for not having much to go on here, but I'll try and get a concrete solution if possible. Second part is a breeze compared to that. It really is though. You'll notice one of the key Creed catchphrases, "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." If you want to take that last part literally, go ahead and fiddle with the combination. Just change the " - - - " to anything at all! Anything! Hit enter and you're done with that part. The last part is also simple. Just place the marker over all the skeleton's bones and it will transform. Voila! You're all done! -----[20/20]------------------------------------------------------------------ With all of that done, go ahead and watch the unlocked video. You might be a little confused, even a tad perturbed. That's ok. Shake it off, champ. Return to the next mission marker. Leave No Man Behind ------------------- Head to the marker where some of Bartolomeo's mercenaries are being held caged like he was. Defeat the guards there easily and free them. Some will run off, but many will join you. Take your band of mercenaries to another location and have them attack the enemies here. There are more but the fight obviously becomes easier with help (not that you really need it at this point in the game. Free more mercenaries. Your group will get a little bigger, so head off to the third location. Here, the group of enemies will be a little bigger, including some Brutes with spears. If you spend too much time trying to disarm guys, you'll likely lose most if not all of your mercenaries. It really won't matter too much though. Free these mercenaries once the last enemy has fallen to complete the mission. Go back to Bartolomeo's for the next one. Assume The Position ------------------- Your goal in this mission is to attack some positions occupied by guards so that Barbarigo's men are too busy, allowing Ezio to sneak in for the kill. The first red marker is on your map. Lead your mercenaries to it. Remember that they can't climb buildings so you'll need to stick to the streets. If you encounter any guards patrolling, they'll attack so be quick in dispatching them. Lead them to the target area and defeat all the enemies with their help. Step into the marker when you're done. More mercenaries will occupy the area and a new group will follow you to the next target area. You'll encounter more patrols on the way to each destination and with Brutes in the mix, this gets troublesome. If you want to avoid losing too many mercenaries, go for the Brutes first. Remember that killing them early can make some of the weaker enemies flee. Once you've taken all three positions, the mission ends. Head to the marker and you will finally get to work on ending the lives of Dante and Silvio. Two Birds, One Blade -------------------- Head to the viewpoint (yellow marker) and climb to it. If you haven't climbed this one before, when you get to the top with all the cone-shaped structures, it might seem like there's no way up. On the south side of it though, there are some ridges you can take to the very tippy top. Climb up the cross here and you'll get a scene. Bartolomeo is fighting with Dante. Dive off of the cross and straight into the water in the canal. Make your way over to the battle. Dante will flee when he sees Ezio coming (that's right, run you wuss...), so help Bartolomeo by defeating the Brutes and other enemies. You do need to watch out for his health but it shouldn't be too much of an issue at the moment. Proceed north where another fight erupts. Defeat or ignore the normal enemies. Get to Dante and start whacking away at him. You can't disarm him, even when he is weak, so don't bother. Just counter, dodge and so forth until he runs away yet again. For this next part, you'll need to chase them. Early on, try to find a route that will take you up to the roof. The path is pretty identifiable up here. I might be wrong, but if you move quickly here, you could possibly double air assassinate both of them. I could be wrong though. If/when they get to the boat, climb the crane overlooking the boat and you can try to double air assassinate them both. If not, wait for them to split up and you can do it to Silvio probably. Dante will come running over so you can just as easily counter attack to kill him in one blow. Say ciao to Sequence 10. On to Sequence 11. We're almost there, folks! ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 11 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac11] This will begin with a little stroll with Leonardo. Walk with him and he and Ezio will talk. At the end, Ezio will come to a rather startling conclusion. At this point, the north section of Venice is at last open to you. Boy, this is a huge city! Find the first viewpoint there and scale it to see the rest. Start climbing those too to uncover everything else. Synchronizing the first viewpoint in northern Venice will reveal a Codex Page very, very close by to the east. You won't find anything else of interest though. Go to the next mission marker when you're done. All Things Come To He Who Waits ------------------------------- This can actually be a little tough. After the scene, you're to tail a courier with a very "interesting" package. It's like the two stalking missions you've done with a small twist. The courier can run and there will be a few times where he picks up his pace. Your best bet it is to stay to the rooftops because it's quick and easy, save a few tough gaps. Avoid too much climbing when necessary, especially if the courier starts to run. Like before, any little obstruction that blocks your view on screen starts a timer. Manipulate the camera with the Right Analog Stick to prevent rooftops and other objects from blocking your view. Try not to let him get too far away, especially when he starts running. If you follow him on foot, be aware that he turns around at some large intervals in his route so stay out of sight when he stops. Try to avoid the ground route since he will pass by guards on the way. Eventually, after a long time of tracking him, he'll start climbing. You've probably been following him in a somewhat distant way on the rooftop. You need to follow him more directly when he starts climbing. Get right behind him and follow because you can lose sight of him very fast. He'll eventually get to his destination and store the package. You need to kill him and take his armor in 120 seconds. There's a ladder near the guards here that you can take to the rooftop. You can't be detected or you'll fail so you need to avoid getting very close to the archers. It'll take a little more time, but take a more circular route, going counter clockwise and swing back toward the target area, so you can avoid the archers. You can drop into the canal near here and climb out (watch out for a guard who will walk toward the canal--assassinate him when he turns his back). It'll be just a short walk into the area where the target guard is. Assassinate him and you'll finish the mission. Immediately open the chest to begin the next mission. Play Along ---------- You'll need to follow the guard so you can find the Spaniard at last. Carry the chest and follow him and an entourage of guards as you walk through the city. The biggest challenge here is not drawing attention to yourself. You need to avoid bumping into people or else the guards will harass you way too much and you'll lose some distance to the lead guard. This is easy to do once you know the trick. Whenever you see people carrying boxes, just stand still and let them pass by you or wait for them to get out of the way or walk around them. There will be plenty of them along the way so avoid them as best you can. It's worth it just to not get harassed by the guards, because it's sometimes hard to resist that urge to stab them in the face. It's somewhat of a long walk but it's not too difficult. After the scene, you finally get to have a showdown with the Spaniard, Rodrigo, the guy in the cloak. The guy you've probably been wondering about since the beginning of the game (or longer if you watched the first Lineage video). He is really not difficult at all. Use counters and dodges to bring his health down fast. Basically, at this point in the game, you really shouldn't have any trouble fighting him. Things get a little tougher when guards show up. You can make this part go fast by disarming them all one by one. After that, a quick scene in which your allies show up. Take down all the guards first. It'll be you and all your allies against Rodrigo. This makes the fight extremely easy because you can get a lot of free shots on them with their help. Keep slashing at him and you'll eventually win. That ends sequence 11. Sequence 12 and 13 are skipped. It's not entirely clear if this is 100% intentional or if there is perhaps a chance of DLC, but you'll be brought right to Sequence 14. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S E Q U E N C E 14 ______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [ac14] You'll be at the Villa. You might first notice that Ezio has a bit of a beard which is to characterize him as being much older than when the game began. It has been a long ride, although we've jumped around a lot too. You might notice that the Codex room is off limits. You need all the pages to get in there. Luckily, the maps for each city will display any missing Codex Pages even if you don't have the necessary viewpoints synchronized. You need to get into the Codex Room to continue, so therefore, logically, you need to gather the last Codex Pages. Find them and then bring them to Leonardo for decryption. He can be found in the architect room at the Villa. Track them down if you need to and return to this room. Speak with Mario to begin. X Marks The Spot ---------------- Place the last few Codex Pages on the wall if you have not already. Select the option to turn on Eagle Vision by holding Triangle. You may have done this once before, just out of curiosity. You can see that together, the Codex Pages create a picture. You need to align them correctly though. The best way to start is to align the border. Start with every outside page along the top, bottom, and sides. They're easy to align because each one has a small line, like a border. Line the outside ones first, then work your way in. Already you should see it's a map of the continents. Start fiddling around with the inside pages until the shapes make sense. If you don't automatically start a scene, you still need to mess around with them some more. Keep doing it until you get the scene. If you're ready, you can proceed to Rome by talking to Mario. If you wish to mop up some unfinished business, collecting things, getting Trophies, you can do that now, or later. Either way, talk to Mario when you're ready to go to Rome. In Bocca Al Lupo ---------------- You'll start off in a small, enclosed spot near the water. Your climbing route here is fixed, so you can't just go any way you want. When you get up the wall to where the beam is, you might think you can't jump to it, but you can. Keep climbing up from there. You'll find a few guards up here. Try to disarm the Brute spearman first, then deal with the others easily. Operate the lever when they're down. The two guards in the next area won't be immediately alerted. Take advantage of this by running at them and executing a double Hidden Blade kill. Climb up the crates and barrels in the corner. Do an Advanced Wall Jump here to get to the right balcony. Climb over and counter the guard that attacks to kill him easily. Throw the lever you find, then drop down and pass through the doorway. Try to get a jump on some of the guards with a Hidden Blade attack. Defeat the others through normal combat. You can't disarm them until they're weak so just rely on counters mostly. It shouldn't be too hard. Climb the tower to reach the marker. You'll get a quick scene. You'll start this part on horseback but don't get used to it. As you attempt to charge through the enemy forces, you'll likely get knocked down. If not, you cant' cross the gap up ahead with your horse anyway. Defeat as many enemies as necessary, then move on. After crossing the large gap, the enemies will lower the next gate. You can't make it through so don't bother. Climb the tower instead, but you probably won't be very successful with that unless you defeat most or all of the enemies chasing you. Climb the tower, then sneak attack one guard and rush the other with Hidden Blade kills. Take a Leap of Faith to reach the next section. Only a few more enemies will stand between you and the next tower. Disarm the Brute spearman and then deal with the others. Pretty simple. Remember to keep using medicine when you need to, but I'm sure you know that very well by now. There is no haystack directly below this next tower, so just climb down the hard way. You'll notice the two haystacks further down here though. You can hang over the side of the walls and try Ledge Assassinations, or quietly sneak into the hay for Hiding Assassinations. Or of course, you can just charge in with your battlecry and beat the heck out of them. Climb the next tower and Ledge Assassinate the lone guard. Run up to the other two to get a Double Hidden Blade Kill. You can perform an Air Assassination from this tower on the guard below. Climb the very next wall and kill the guard here quickly. Climb to the top of this wall and you can see the area below. You can do a Double Air Assassination on the two guys below to start things off. It'll help since a large fight will erupt here when you land. Four Brutes and a few lower guards comprise the attacking party. You will want to try and steal a Brute's weapon as soon as possible since that will enable you to kill him and at least one other enemy easily. Continue this strategy until all enemies are dead. Climb the wall in the corner and operate the lever. This opens a door below you. Pass through to the next area. You need to remain undetected here. There are only two guards; one on the left and one ahead of you guarding the lever. Both can be assassinated easily from behind. Throw the lever and turn the corner to the next corridor. You have a lot of places to blend in here so stay blended to ward off any suspicious glances from the guards. Don't assassinate any guards here. It will make the monks run away which takes away your hiding spots. No, you'll have to go stealthy here. Just wait for the guards who walk in circles to walk past and then move from one group of monks to the other. Keep doing this to get behind the large group of guards in the back and reach the lever. You'll finally find Rodrigo. Getting to him is easy enough. Cross from your side of the chapel to the other. It's just a few hops away to reach the hanging platform. From here, you can perform your Air Assassination. Take that! Oh but of course, it doesn't go as planned. Rodrigo uses the staff but Ezio has the apple. A fight begins and Ezio pulls an Al Mualim (AC1) and makes copies of himself! Rodrigo uses the staff like a spear and he also has the durability of a Brute. You can't counter him, nor can you disarm him. Your copies will not be very aggressive but they will attack, so take advantage when they do. Other than that, dodge and attack so you can get the most out of yours strikes. Combo him and just keep the pressure on to slowly bring down Rodrigo's health. Since standard attacking is difficult, I have received a few submitted tips from readers that might make this fight easier. For one, you can try using a dagger and you might land your hits more often. You can also fling throwing knives at him and deplete his health pretty easily that way. __________________________________________________________________ |Credit|Thanks to mccloven27 for the tip of using daggers against | | | Rodrigo. | | | | | |Thanks to Lalkotna for the tip of using throwing knives. | |______|___________________________________________________________| After the scene, you need to find the way to open the secret passage that Rodrigo fled in. Turn on Eagle Vision and you can see two buttons on the wall beside it. Press these and you can make your way down. You'll find him in a pit below. Approach for another scene. Ah, a good old fashioned fist fight. Rodrigo is durable, but this isn't much of a problem. You can't combo him at all and dodging then striking isn't effective either. Countering his attacks is your best strategy so stick with that. This isn't very hard as Rodrigo is easy to counter. You might also find it faster to grab him and headbutt/knee him and so on repeatedly (thanks to RaggedLemur and Draconis for this). Just keep it up and the fight will end with Ezio choking him. Mash Square to finish it at long last. After the scene, the doorway finally opens. Sequence 14 ends and you are given a path to a white marker. The path lights up as you walk down. Proceed inside this chamber and step inside the marker. You'll get a longer scene and this one will be a doozy. It'll get a bit strange and confusing, and then it will get even more strange and confusing. Eventually though, the scene ends and while you're sitting there wondering, the credits begin to roll. As they roll though, you'll get control of Desmond again. Follow Lucy out of the room and back down to the garage. The Templars are here and so is an old friend. Desmond, thanks to the Bleeding Effect can now finally kill. He has the Hidden Blade, but can get a club in a minute. You'll be attacked by a few Templar guys. Lucy will fight too, but worry about yourself. You can attack, dodge, counter, and disarm. Counter and Disarm will of course be the most effective moves. You might ask yourself why, if Desmond's story takes place in 2012, that these guys are using clubs and not guns? Good question, actually. They want Desmond alive so I guess that's why. Anyways, go ahead and beat their lights out. You don't get any HUD display but you can still press down on the D-Pad to switch to unarmed if you want to disarm these guys. Otherwise, stick to the Hidden Blade or the club weapon. It's an overall easy fight. Approach the truck for a scene and that's it. The credits roll again. You'll get some dialogue that throws only a few hints at you. Just sit back and enjoy the rest. Congratulations, you've beaten Assassin's Creed II! +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Quattro (4)| The Villa | ASSASSIN'S CREED II [acvi] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Welcome to the Villa Auditore at Monteriggioni. You'll unlock access to this area during Sequence 3. It will serve as Ezio's home base or "headquarters" and will be a very important tool to him as the game progresses. ________ |Overview| |------------------------------------------------------------------[viov]----| No source of income is as great and fruitful as the Villa, if you allow it to be so. The second greatest is the money received from missions and after that, it is a huge drop off. The Villa, if you work hard and pour enough money into it, the amount you receive back will increase exponentially. To me, the Villa system reminded me a little of the Headquarter system present in the Suikoden RPG games by Konami. The Villa's condition and looks will improve as it increases in value. The higher the value, the more money is paid through taxes. The more tax money, the more that goes into Ezio's pockets. To make money, you gotta spend money of course. You can do a lot of things to increase the Villa's value. Some are required and near-required such as collecting Codex Pages and buying near weapons and armor for yourself. These things go into your Collections at the Villa and increase the value. You can increase the value by renovating the shops and building a Church, Brothel, and other places. Not only will the value increase, but the shops will give you a special discount on their goods. Well let's get a little more in-depth on the Villa. From the entrance, the Doctor, Blacksmith, Tailor, and Art Merchant are all very close. Up from there is the actual mansion. Architect & Claudia ------------------- The southeast room on the first floor might as well be called the "money room". This is where Claudia will let Ezio look at the Villa's value and what is making it money, what needs to be collected to get even more value, and so on. Behind her is the chest if you want to collect your money and not look at the book. Also in that room is the architect who will take money from Ezio to spend on renovating places in the Villa. Codex Room ---------- The northeast room is the Codex Room. Here is where Ezio can place the Codex Pages he has received. Codex Pages can only be placed on the wall when they are decrypted first by Leonardo Da Vinci. Eventually, Uncle Mario will open a secret entrance that leads to... Sanctuary --------- This is a secret room downstairs from the Codex Room. In here is the Armor of Altair, hidden behind bars. To open the way to the armor, the player must retrieve all six seals from the Assassin's Tombs. Weapon and Armor Gallery ------------------------ These two rooms on the west side of the first floor contain replicas of the weapons and armor that Ezio has purchased. Items that Ezio is currently using are replaced in the gallery by imitations. You can exchange weapons and armor by interacting with them in the gallery. The other room has his armor and replicas of some important vehicles he has used. Art Gallery ----------- The Art gallery takes up the west rooms of the second floor and is directly above the Weapon and Armor gallery. Here is where paintings that Ezio has purchased are placed. Art is also hung in the main room on the second floor walls. You can go up to any piece of art and interact to learn more about it. Front Courtyard --------------- In the front of the mansion is a training center run by Uncle Mario's mercenaries. Aside from some required training sessions, you can come back here any time and pay for special training which will unlock new skills and weapons. Back Courtyard -------------- Behind the mansion is a courtyard where there are four pedestals. Each has room for two statuettes. The statuettes are hidden on the Villa grounds somewhere. Collect them and place them in the correct pedestals. Maria's Room ------------ On the second floor, southwest corner is where Maria can be found, perpetually in a kneeling position. Behind her is a chest where you can leave feathers you have collected. Attic ----- If you go down the hall from Maria's room and then make a left, you'll find a ladder eventually. Climb this to reach the attic where portrats of Ezio's targets are stored as he takes down each one. Income ------ The income that the Villa makes is determined by its overall value. This overall value is represented by a number that increases each time you add something or renovate something. Value can never decrease, it can only stay the same and increase. All the possible sources of income are categorized on the Summary part of Claudia's book: o Shops - All shops are fully renovated o Renovations - All town renovations are added o Collections - Collectible items o Equipment - Weapons and Armor gathered Each of these has a monetary value and all those are added up to make up your income. Your income is accrued once every 20 minutes. This time cannot be changed. Improve any of the above categories and your income will increase. _____ |Shops| |------------------------------------------------------------------[visp]----| There are five shops in the Villa. Four you can access freely at any time like other shops. There is a Doctor, Art Merchant, Blacksmith and Tailor at the Villa. There is also the bank which you can't do anything with. The Blacksmith and the Doctor are the only two available at the beginning. The shops need renovations and they have 3 levels. Each level of renovation is more expensive obviously, but it will further increase the Villa's value and therefore, your income. You also get special discounts on their wares when you shop here. Here is a list of the shops and how much each renovation costs. After that, you have the value of each shop when fully renovated in regards to your income. ____________________________________________________________________ |Shop |1st Renovation|2nd Renovation|3rd Renovation|Max Value| |-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|---------| |Art Merchant |1000 |5000 |8000 |10500 | |-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|---------| |Bank |1500 |5000 |9000 |15500 | |-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|---------| |Blacksmith |N/A |7000 |12000 |14750 | |-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|---------| |Doctor |N/A |3000 |5000 |6750 | |-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|---------| |Tailor |1000 |2500 |5000 |6500 | '--------------------------------------------------------------------' ___________ |Renovations| |------------------------------------------------------------------[virn]----| Renovating is how you will increase the Villa's value for the most part. When choosing a shop or place, read the description. If you see that a renovation will "greatly increase" the value, then go for that one as it will mean a bigger income boost. ________________________ |Renovations |Cost | |------------------|-----| |Brothel |3000 | |------------------|-----| |Mines |4000 | |------------------|-----| |Church |4000 | |------------------|-----| |Military Barracks |3000 | |------------------|-----| |Thieves Guild |3000 | |------------------|-----| |Well |4000 | '------------------------' _________________________ |Collections and Equipment| |------------------------------------------------------------------[vicl]----| Things Ezio collects will also add value to the Villa. Buying armor and weapons will do it, as will placing new Codex Pages on the wall, seals in the sanctuary and adding feathers to the chest. Completing an entire collection of something gives you some bonuses too. For Codex Pages, you can find most of them mentioned in the walkthrough, and they're not really hard to find and you're required to get them all anyway so I'm not listing them again. Feathers I will not be making a list for either so unfortunately, you're on your own there. Try looking up some maps online to help you out though. I can't link to any here because I don't own the ones made by the websites that have them and I'm not really skilled enough to make my own. Also remember that it's easier to find feathers at night and with Eagle Vision on. The models are the models of Leonardo's carriage and his flying machine. You will get these automatically just by progressing far enough through the game. Seals are the ones you get from the Assassin's Tombs. Buy paintings from each city. Florence, Tuscany, Forli and Venice all have their own paintings. You'll obtain portraits of Ezio's targets just by progressing through the game. Note that one is a group portrait so nine is not the number of targets. ______________________________________________________ |Collection |Value per |Max Value | |--------------------------------|----------|----------| |30/30 Codex Pages |5 |150 | |--------------------------------|----------|----------| |100/100 Feathers |10 |1000 | |--------------------------------|----------|----------| |2/2 Models |80 |160 | |--------------------------------|----------|----------| |6/6 Seals |25 |150 | |--------------------------------|----------|----------| |30/30 Paintings |Varies |3600 | |--------------------------------|----------|----------| |9/9 Portraits of Ezio's Targets |50 |450 | '------------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________ |Bonus |Value | |------------------------------------|------| |All Codex Pages on the wall |1000 | |------------------------------------|------| |All feathers deposited in the chest | | |------------------------------------|------| |All models collected |1000 | |------------------------------------|------| |All seals returned to the vault |2000 | |------------------------------------|------| |All paintings purchased |3000 | |------------------------------------|------| |All portraits of targets collected |1000 | '-------------------------------------------' Equipment ___________________________________ |Equipment |Max Value | |------------------------|----------| |22/22 Weapons |10850 | |------------------------|----------| |4/4 Leather Armor |460 | |------------------------|----------| |4/4 Helmschmied Armor |1255 | |------------------------|----------| |4/4 Metal Armor |2135 | |------------------------|----------| |4/4 Missaglias Armor |3790 | |------------------------|----------| |4/4 Armor of Altair |3500 | '-----------------------------------' ___________________________________________ |Bonus |Value | |------------------------------------|------| |All weapons collected |2000 | |------------------------------------|------| |Leather Armor set completed |1000 | |------------------------------------|------| |Helmschmied Armor set completed |1000 | |------------------------------------|------| |Metal Armor set completed |1500 | |------------------------------------|------| |Missaglias Armor set completed |1500 | '-------------------------------------------' __________ |Statuettes| |------------------------------------------------------------------[vist]----| The statuettes are located around the town at Monteriggioni and are placed on pedestals in the back courtyard of the Villa mansion. Collecting all eight gets you the "Myth Maker" trophy. Locating them is not too hard. They're small but they stand out, flashing white. They are even more noticeable with Eagle Vision on and especially at nighttime. Start near the Blacksmith shop. Go east from there to find an open area with a cart of hay in the middle. Just near there should be a bench and beyond that, is where you'll find the NEPTUNE STATUETTE on the wall. Look at your map and notice that the Blacksmith and Tailor and Art shops are all part of the same structure. Well go to the bottom right of this structure and climb up the slanted roof to find the MINERVA STATUETTE. The church is at the southwest part of the town. Climb it's east wall and climb the circular window to reach the ledge holding the JUPITER STATUETTE. If you go to the building that has the Doctor's office in it, search the wall on the inside corner of this structure and you should find the DIANA STATUETTE on a pedestal in front of a window. In the southwest corner of the town, there is a building just north of the Brothel. It should have a smoking chimney. Here is where you can find the APOLLO STATUETTE. Go to the training center and face the mansion. Go up the left stairs and then immediately turn left. The MARS STATUETTE is on the wall. On the opposite side (take the right stairs up and turn right from the training center), you should find the PLUTO STATUETTE. Go further west away from the training center until you hit the west wall. You should only need to go a few steps north to find some scaffolding. Climb this and you'll easily locate the VENUS STATUETTE. With all of them in hand, you get the "Myth Maker" Trophy. That's not all though. Place the correct pairs of statuettes on each pedestal and they each open up reveal a reward of 2000 florins each! Schwing! +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Cinque (5)| Extras | ASSASSIN'S CREED II [exra] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Here are a few extra supporting sections for additional help on the game. You will find all the Glyph locations and solutions which were in the walkthrough bundled up together right here for quicker reference. Trophy/Achievement info can be found here too, along with some tips on those. +------------------------------------+ Glyph Locations and Puzzle Solutions [exgp] +------------------------------------+ Glyphs are strange designs and symbols that can be found on important buildings in Assassin's Creed II's cities. From what I understand they do not really exist in Ezio's time, and are rather, "glitches" in the Animus that were left behind by Subject 16. Each glyph has a piece of a secret video file locked away inside. Solving all 20 puzzles gets you the full video, called The Truth. Finding a Glyph is as easy as finding a building that has one and finding it in Eagle Vision. Getting close will scan it and add it to your Database. From that point, the puzzle is always stored so even if you don't solve it now, you can access it from the Database any time. This means you do not have to return to the Glyph once you've scanned it. For the most part, all Glyphs are located on buildings that appear dark grey on your map. Approaching an important building often yields a prompt for a Database entry. If you see red symbol that looks like an eye on the picture, that means there is a Glyph there. Florence Glyphs --------------- Building: La Rosa Colta Description: A building a bit to the northeast. Located directly northeast of the first Assassin's Tomb. It's where you meet Paola early in the game Location: The glyph is on the top of the roof Building: Santa Croce Description: A bit to the east. It's the building where Uberto is assassinated in. Location: The north side of the building, it's on a wall accessible from the lower part of the roof. Building: Mercato Vecchio Description: The square shaped grey area toward the west. Looks like a plaza area with a lot of columns and stuff. Location: North of the "inner square" area, there is a building with a sub-roof where a window is. It's hard to describe but if you look to the side where this window is with Eagle Vision on, you'll see it. Building: San Lorenzo Description: A large building north and a little west. It has a few domes and crosses on each. Location: The glyph is on the northwest part of the building where there is a tower near a dome. The glyph is on the tower, on the side facing the rest of the building. Building: Ospedale Degli Innocenti Description: This is the only dark grey building (on your map) in the northeast corner of Florence. Location: The rooftop surrounds a courtyard in a square shape. On the eastern part of the roof there are two pieces that jut out with windows and such and a chimney between them. The glyph is on the side of one of these. Monteriggioni Glyphs -------------------- Building: Villa Mansion Description: Pretty simple actually. It's the main building, the mansion of the Villa. Location: When facing the mansion entrance, climb the front wall and go to the top left. Tuscany Glyphs -------------- Building: Torri Del Salvucci Description: Two towers located very close to each other. They're near another tower that has a walkway (Maffei's tower), pretty close to the center of the city. Location: Between the two towers that are very close to each other is a small patch of rooftop. Climb up here and the glyph is on the side of one of the towers Building: Torre Del Diavolo Description: This is a tower in the center of the city, maybe a bit north. It is recognizable by the small ledges jutting out from the top on each side. Location: The glyph is located at the top of the tower Building: Monte Oliveto Maggiore Description: The abbey located in the far southeast of the map. You get an assassination mission here. Location: The glyph is on the east side of the tower sticking up from the main building. It's right where the tower meets the rooftop Building: Santa Maria Assunta Description: The dark grey building (on your map) right in the center of the city. Location: In the middle of this structure is a small square-shaped courtyard with a tree. Drop down here and the glyph is a bit northwest, behind some columns. Building: Antico Teatro Romano Description: This is the "stage" like area made of stone to the southwest of the city. You will go here for the last mission of Sequence 5 but if you don't get it before that you automatically leave Tuscany when the sequence is over. Location: The glyph is under a bridge on the southeast side of these grounds Forli Glyphs ------------ Building: Abbazia Di San Mercuriale Description: A church building with a really tall viewpoint tower. A little north of the center of the city. Location: On the west part of this structure are four walls that surround a small courtyard in a square shape, an the walls have a bunch of columns. The glyph is on the inner part of the west column wall. Building: Avamposto Veneziano Description: The only major building in the far northeast corner of the map, near the dock area. There's a viewpoint tower here too. Location: Go to the viewpoint tower and climb the third beam to a ledge that you can shimmy all the way around. Shimmy to the north side of the tower and you should find it. Venice Glyphs ------------- Building: Ponte Di Rialto Description: The large bridge that is a bit east of the center of Venice Location: The glyph is underneath the east end of the bridge, just above the water Building: San Giacomo Di Rialto Description: The small building near the Ponte Di Rialto Location: On the roof of this building is a statue. The glyph is on a wall below the statue Building: Gilda Dei Ladri Di Venezia Description: This is the place where Antonio makes his home, in the northwest Location: Climb the adjacent (north) wall from Antonio's door and there is a wall up here near the roof with the glyph on it Building: Campanile Di San Marco Description: The tall brick tower near the Basilica Di San Marco, in the south east Location: Climb the tower until you get to a platform near the top. The glyph is on the floor of this platform Building: Torre Dell 'Orologio Description: The "wall" like structure that surrounds the Basilica Di San Marco particuarly to the north of it. Location: Below this wall (again, north of the Basilica) are the two bridges. Right above where these are, there is a white tower-like structure on the wall with a railing. Climb up here and the glyph is on the floor. Building: San Pietro Di Castello Description: Building in the far southeast district of Venice; also has a viewpoint Location: On the east side of the building, just below the top roof Building: Scuola Granda Di San Marco Description: A building that is off toward the northeast (but not the very northeast corner) of Venice. It has a blue roof and is right next to another building that also appears dark grey (on your map). Location: On the building with the blue roof, there is a wall with some murals on it and on the other side is where you'll find the glyph. Puzzle Solutions ---------------- The puzzles go in a predetermined order. It doesn't matter which glyph you do, the next puzzle will always be the one that's supposed to be next. As mentioned above, the puzzles don't have to be solved immediately. The puzzles come in a few categories. Sometimes there are 10 photos and a clue connecting five of them that you must pick out. Others have photos where you must search for a secret. There are slider puzzles which are jumbled pictures on rotating rings that need to be aligned properly. Marker puzzles are the simplest, usually having you place the cursor over the objects on screen. Then there are combination puzzles, having you crack a code. Below is a list of each puzzle. When possible, I'll try and help you in trying to figure it out. I encourage you to wrestle with each puzzle yourself and see how good you can do, because it's more satisfying that way. The solutions are given when applicable for those who are stuck. =============================================================================== 1) In The Beginning "Five of these mythic scenes share a CORE similarity. PICK them out and you'll begin to see." The two clue words should tell you what you need to look for. You have 10 paintings and there is a common thread that binds them. Pay attention to the clue words and look at each picture carefully. Solution: The thread that binds the pictures is the apple. Thus, the pictures you want are: o Judgement of Paris o Atlanta and Hippomenes o Hercules in the Garden of the Hesperides o The Fall o Idun and the Apples =============================================================================== 2) Sixty-Four Squares This is the first of the slider puzzles and it is by far the easiest. You can select each individual ring and change your selection by using the D-Pad. Rotate each one to align the pictures. You have three to work on. For best results, start with the most recognizable features like heads and faces and work your way from there. =============================================================================== 3) Descendants You are given three pictures, one after another. You have the option to turn on infrared in each one. This will make the Piece of Eden you are looking for in each more identifiable. Solution: o Picture 1: Near FDR's outstretched hand o Picture 2: Also near Houdini's hand o Picture 3: Two-thirds up Gandhi's staff =============================================================================== 4) Infinite Knowledge You are given four pictures and you need to search each one for the Piece of Eden. You are given a small search frame to scroll along each picture. Finding them is fairly easy until you get to the third one. Solution: o Picture 1: Inside the mouth of the soldier's bazooka o Picture 2: On the helmet of the soldier in the background o Picture 3: On one of the bayonets a little bit right of the center o Picture 4: Inside the fireball held by the top-right creature =============================================================================== 5) Instruments of Power The first clue is "The Power they wielded CUT down their enemies." You have ten paintings and need to select five. You need to look for paintings depicting a sword, as the clue suggests. A sword though; anything else will not suffice so that leaves out Alexander The Great. Solution: o Perseus o Atilla the Hun o Sigmund o King Arthur o Joan of Arc Part 2 has the clue, "In their hands, the wise LEAN on a great force." You're looking for pictures with a staff in them this time. Solution: o John the Baptist o Alexander The Great o Shabataka o Peter o Moses =============================================================================== 6) Brothers You have four slider pictures. These ones are a bit tougher than the ones in the original, because some rings move together. So moving one will move another sometimes. Your strategy should be to find which of a joined pair can also be moved alone. Move the OTHER one until it's properly aligned then move the other by itself to fix it. The center is fixed for some of the puzzles so you need to align the rings around them. In the second one, one outer ring and the inner ring move together but the inner one can also be moved by itself. The last one is more difficult because there are two pairs of rings that move at the same time. It's also black and white which makes it a little harder to discern. Focus on aligning body parts and then fixing misaligned rings that can be moved by themselves. =============================================================================== 7) Keep on Seeking, And You Will Find The clue is, "First plucked from a tree guarded by a snake, its powers perform miracles. Then, worn across the ages, torn asunder, hidden under a sea of RED, reconstruct the timeline. 10 paintings. The clue word is red so you should focus on paintings that go along with that theme. Solution: o Joseph o Jason o Jesus Christ o David and Goliath o Christ Disrobed For part two, you see a picture of Jesus on the cross. You get a beeping that indicates how close you are to the thing you need to find. The faster it beeps, the closer you are. Solution: It is toward the bottom right, a little bit away from Jesus' left leg. There is a red object with a smaller object in gold inside. Focus on that and scan it. =============================================================================== 8) Martyrs You get a few photos to scan again. Like before, trust the beeping and pay attention to when it beeps more rapidly to try and find the Piece of Eden in each one. Solution: o The piece of Eden is the staff, but you need to scan it like a little bit more than halfway up o For the Joan of Arc picture, the Piece of Eden is the sword, so scan the sword near Joan's left thigh. The next part gives you a map of Europe with some pictures. First place the cursor on the flame and bring it to the Joan of Arc picture. Then grab the middle guy, Rasputin, and put him over near the third guy =============================================================================== 9) Hat-Trick You start with two successive pictures to scan again. Again you have a sound to guide you as you scan for the Pieces of Eden. Solution: o On the Houdini picture, it's on the left side of his torso o For Gandhi, it's on his chest The last part is a new type of puzzle. You get some pictures and two colored sliders with numbers. You have to use these to input a combination in the middle. You're given the grey half of the combination, the numbers 867. 867 on the grey wheel correpsond to numbers on the red wheel. You need to figure it out and put in the correct red numbers to solve this puzzle. Start by looking for an important clue amongst the pictures. You should see "6=1". Use R2 to align the wheels so that 6 on the grey wheel is aligned with 1 on the red wheel. All the other numbers are aligned in certain ways now. Put in the red counterpart numbers to 867 to solve the puzzle. Solution: 312 =============================================================================== 10) Apollo You start off with a picture of the moon. You are told to find the "Eagle". That's actually a moon lander. You can find it out in space, a little to the left of the edge of the moon. Find it and scan it. You get a slider puzzle, but this one is different. To solve this one, you need to align all the rings so that all the gaps in them are aligned. The best way to do this is to focus on the part of each ring that has two gaps side by side. Try to align this part in every ring. Pay attention to which rings move together and which of those can be moved alone so you can fix any changes you make. Also make sure that they all align with the white center. Finally, you get a picture of the moon landing. The Piece of Eden is located on the moon's surface, to the left of the flag. =============================================================================== 11) The Inventors You start off with a map. Take the electricity cursor and place it on each of the lightbulbs. For the next part, you get a picture. You have no help on this one really so you have to search it the hard way. You can find this solution a little above the door. For the final picture, you might also be hard pressed to find what you're looking for. Focus on the character in the center and the object in his lap and scan that. =============================================================================== 12) Titans of Industry You'll begin with another combination puzzle. The clue is a bit harder to find, but you should see it in the bottom left as "4=1". Align the wheels and input the rest of the numbers to crack the code. Solution: 240 For the next part, simply ID the object in Edison's hands. Finally, you get a second combination puzzle. This one doesn't have numbers on the red wheel. They are some sort of code and you'll have to work a bit harder to figure this one. There's a clue but it's not as obvious. In the picture with the car, you'll see a "2", and in the news article, you'll see the "||.." from the red wheel. You'll see that the symbols you need are missing from the red wheel. Get used to this predicament. You should be able to see a pattern with the symbols and if you mess around with the combination you can see that pattern. Solution: o 1 = "||." o 3 = "|||" o 9 - "|.." =============================================================================== 13) I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds Yet another combination to crack. The pictures will tell you that triangle is equal to 9. You again need to discern a pattern as the others you need are missing. If you flip the combination possibilities though, you can see the missing symbols and they go in the same order as those on the wheel, so filling in the blanks should be simple. Solution: o 5 = two squares and a circle o 2 = circle o 9 = triangle =============================================================================== 14) Bloodlines This is simple enough. You get ten pictures and got to select the correct five again. The clue speaks about "seeds being planted" which therefore means sex and "two worlds" which means two different species (gods, humans, etc). So knowing that, the pattern should be easy to see in some of these. Solution: o Jupiter and Lo o Danae visited by Zeus o Cupid and Psyche o Leda and the Swan o Rape of Europa =============================================================================== 15) Guardians Guardians starts off with one of those old slider picture puzzles. This should not be terribly difficult by now. Just remember to fix any mistakes you make by moving rings that were moved by others. Align helpful pieces like faces and so on to make it easier. =============================================================================== 16) The Cavalry You get a map with a bunch of location names on it, many of which don't even exist on the map you're given like Alaska. You need to place the cursor on the correct location to solve this. If you touch the wrong one, some of them get jumbled around. Solution: Tunguska For the second grab the staff/sword and stab it through the picture. =============================================================================== 17) The Bunker This is one of the harder combination puzzles. Your clues can just barely be seen in the pictures. There's the < symbol in one, and a 4 lingering between some others. Line these up on the two wheels. You need to find the symbols on the red wheel that correspond to the code on the grey wheel, 791. Discerning a pattern here is really tough though. Shaun's hint doesn't give anything away, but might steer your brain in the right direction. The symbols all have angles, and each one on the code wheel, going in a clockwise direction, has one more angle than the last symbol. So you see O has none. The < has one. Do you see? So if you count each symbol going clockwise until you get the one missing (that lines up with 7 on the grey wheel) you would need a symbol that has five angles. Flip through the symbols on the combination until you find one that has five angles. Nine is provided for you as the bowtie shape so you just need 1. If you keep counting like you were, you should be able to figure out that the one you need for 1 should have eight angles. Solution: o 7 = the upside down and tilted "e" shape o 9 = bowtie shape o 1 = the small diamond inside a bigger diamond Last, you're given a picture of a building and you need to scan for something. You're looking for the Assassin symbol which you should be fairly familiar with. Solution: The Assassin's symbol is located in the upper right corner of the 2nd floor area of the building. You can see that it is almost partially covered by the branches of the tree in the picture. =============================================================================== 18) Synapses Another tricky one. Shaun can give you a helpful hint that will make this a lot easier. The symbols on the red wheel are Sumerian. The symbol that is shaped like a tree or a glass is a 1. The arrow "<" or boomerang shape is equal to 10. You'll see the hint for this puzzle in the bottom right where there is a picture with a series of CAT scans. One of them has a 5 and between two others is that tree shape. Ok, so let's summarize so far: |KEY| Let T = "tree shape" symbol Let < = arrow shape symbol T = 1 < = 10 The numbers you're given are 603. Line up 5 and T (tree shape) on the code wheels. 6 will be provided to you as TTT. The other two are absent. The answers are not in the wheel or anywhere except one other interesting picture. In the bottom left is a red picture with yellow numbers. The sequence is as follows: T + 2 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 4 The sum of consecutive numbers in this sequence are equal to the value given from the symbols on the code wheel. If you treat the numbers above as "spaces" and move a certain amount from left to right, add up those numbers and you'll get the value of the same symbol on the red code wheel if you moved the same number of spaces there clockwise. It sounds really confusing I know, but here is an example: Keep in mind the number sequence. The T is a 1 remember? That's our starting spot so let's say we move one space. Add up T + 2. T + 2 = 3. Now "move" the same number of "spaces" on the red code wheel going clockwise. T is your starting point as well here. You go from T, to TTT. TTT is really 1+1+1 which is three. Well, what do you know, that's the same as the picture! In this case, count how many "spaces" you go from T to get to the first blank space on the red code wheel. It's five spaces. Now, go to the number sequence and "move" five spaces from your starting spot and add all of it up. You'll add T + 2 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 5. That equals 17. Make a 17 using the symbols and that should look like one < and seven T's. To figure out the last one, move three spaces from the first blank space on the code wheel to the second one. Now reference the number sequence again and from where you left off at 17, add up the next three numbers, 17 + 3 + 5 + 6 and that is 31. Make a 31 with the symbols which is three <'s and one T. It's confusing yes but it's extremely easy once you grasp this trick. Try to figure it out for yourself. I've provided the walkthrough and the answers are listed above but if you want to cut right to the chase and don't care for using your brain, keep on reading. Solution: 6 = TTT 0 =