H H A L FFFFF L IIIII FFFFF EEEEE 222 H H A A L F L I F E 2 2 H H A A L F L I F E 2 HHHHH AAAAA L FFF --- L I FFF EEE 2 H H A A L F L I F E 2 H H A A L F L I F E 2 H H A A LLLLL F LLLLL IIIII F EEEEE 22222 __________________________________________________________ EEEEE PPPP IIIII SSS OOO DDD EEEEE TTTTT W W OOO E P P I S S O O D D E T W W O O E P P I S O O D D E T W W O O EEE PPPP I SSS O O D D EEE T W W W O O E P I S O O D D E T WW WW O O E P I S S O O D D E T WW WW O O EEEEE P IIIII SSS OOO DDD EEEEE T W W OOO ************************ *Half-Life 2: Episode Two* ************************ ************************ Half-Life 2: Episode Two FAQ/Walkthrough For Xbox 360, PC, PS3 Version 1.0 (10/14/07) Written by Brad Russell "TheGum" (email at the bottom) ************************ Version 1.0 - got the guide and other sections. (10/14/07) ***************** Table Of Contents ***************** Use Ctrl + F to surf around dude! Section: Code: 1. A Brief Foreword 2. Controls CON2222 3. Starter Tips TIPS333 4. Walkthrough FAQ4444 (type in either the the name or chapter and number) Chapter 1: To The White Forest Chapter 2: This Vortal Coil Chapter 3: Freeman Pontifex Chapter 4: Riding Shotgun Chapter 5: Under the Radar Chapter 6: Our Mutual Fiend Chapter 7: T-Minus One 5. Weapons GUNS555 6. Enemies BAD6666 7. Copyright/Misc. ***************************************************************************** * 1. A Brief Foreword * ***************************************************************************** Ah yes, my old friend is back, Half-Life 2. Back again and as short as the last outing. That is beef with these episodes, they're short. But I myself am starting to see the shine and luster of this point A to point B style of gaming get old. Perhaps it's just that the first game, Half-Life 2, did so much. I could still stand to play that game over and over. But for all the new additions from these episodes, neither one seems like a game to play more than a few times, if even that. Now, yes, this is done off the Orange Box, so I don't know if I need to cover all the other four games or what. I suppose I could knock out a HL2 and an Episode One guide in the near future, and after I have some time with Portal, maybe I'll do something with that too. The problem is TF2, which is something I know is not my forte. Perhaps later I will make a complete Orange Box guide, but that will take time. For now, just enjoy this quick guide on a short, but sweet, episode. TheGum ***************************************************************************** * 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) * ***************************************************************************** Here are the 360 controls: A - jump B - reload X - pickup/use/activate Y - flashlight RT - fire primary LT - fire alternate RB - Gravity Gun/last gun LB - sprint RS - look/aim; click to zoom LS - move; click to crouch START - pause; save game BACK - move squad (not used in Episode Two) The PC has standard FPS controls, and the same since the last game. For all three of you with PCs and without knowledge of the controls, you can choose what buttons do what in the options menu. ***************************************************************************** * 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) * ***************************************************************************** *Save SMG grenades and Energy balls for Hunters - both are the alt fire for the SMG and Pulse Rifle. You run into Hunters often enough that saving these will pay off. *Explore to success - always search areas for health and ammo. The areas are not too expansive, so a little searching won't kill you. *Use the Gravity Gun when you can - if you see a saw blade, that's an obvious clue to use the GG. See a lot of gas tanks and red barrels? Same story. Even a rock or normal barrel will be enough to inflict damage. *A loaded gun is a not happy gun - sitting on a full clip of ammo in any weapon does you no good, and you get plenty of ammo throughout. *Chuck a grenade into big groups - simple as that. Tossing a grenade will send it pretty far, so always know your range. *Don't forget to run - not just the normal stride, you also have a sprint button. It's your only way to avoid charging enemies, but don't forget to use it during normal encounters. *Drive in bursts - the best way to drive the car is to press the gas in little spurts. Pushing forward at full speed is just crazy. *Play for achievements later - some can be attained during a normal run, but don't go after the more elaborate ones until after you get through one game at least. Don't forget you can check your achievement progress from the pause menu. ***************************************************************************** * 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 ) * ***************************************************************************** This guide was made on the default settings. Achievements are somewhat addressed, but this is not a guide on how to get every one. Read ahead to get a better sense of what is happening. The only thing you can do is read and hopefully connect the dots with what you see on the game screen. After the summary movie of the last episode, you are put right into Mr. Freeman. You begin in the crashed train, so start your descent. When you reach the water, enter the next car and jump over the obstacle in your way. At the end of this car the whole thing will sink a bit and it appears you can't go anywhere. Just look left and wait for Alyx to appear. She frees you with the Gravity Gun, and soon after she gives it back to you. Pick up some junk and launch it to shake off your rust and get familar with an old toy. Go up and into the opened train car. Blast the left door open to proceed. ========== Chapter 1: To The White Forest ========== She will run to the left to get a view of the ruined city. When the storm thing comes rushing toward you, don't worry, just turn around and watch the bridge. Now backtrack a bit to find the fence on the left is now open. Take that path, blast away the board at the top of the slope, and don't forget that you have a flashlight (press Y on the 360). Drop through a hole in the floor to confirm your fears that dark places will usually lead to zombies; they're dead now, thankfully. Blast away the debris and crawl under the obstruction. Pick up the saw blade on the wall and go toward the opening. Zoom down the way to see a battle of monsters (click the RS on 360). When you go down the small steps, look right and kill the lone zombie in the corner. Use the barrels in this area to kill the rising zombies down the way (careful Alyx doesn't hit one as you hold it). There is one extra zombie in the dark pit, FYI. When you get to the end of the tunnel a Zombine (zombie Combine) will show up and end the never-ending battle of undead and bug. Pick up the green health tubes and move through the door, go ahead and keep the saw blade if you like it. Inside Alyx will use the equipment to try and send a message. After the no-go, she hops up to an area and then a cable will fall down. Pick that up with your gun and walk it into the red slot on the wall with the other cables. Then just watch. After the scene, go out through the other door. Pull in and then toss the crate into a nearby wall to get the health inside (you press LT when you have the blade to drop it, then pick it back up). Move into the tunnel and look right to see a headcrab down the way, so send your blade into it. Go down to the boarded exit, pick up your blade, and send it into a wall so you don't forget it. Now go up the rails to the cart stuck behind some boards. Just blast each board to move them and free the cart. It will open the path of course. Go back down, pick up your blade, and keep moving. After Alyx speaks, go up the path to the right. At the fence, follow a path on the left to get into the next area. Drop the blade somewhere and find a ladder between the trains. Go up, hop over some gaps, blast away a piece of metal on a roof, and drop down into a room. When you fall down, look right to see something looking in on you. Then go press the green button. You can't use the door, so look on the floor for a yellow bar. Pull that bar out of the slots with your gun and then drop through. Crouch, clear the crate out of the way, and then follow the path for an interesting scene. Your friend will free you, so just sit back until then. After you know this has become an escort mission, pick up your blade and head through the open gate. Only one path, so follow it and break the boards in your way. When you reach the elevator, drop your blade inside and hop in. When you're ready, use your gun to pull in the crowbar, then it's bye-bye for you. Use the old friend to smash the boards and emerge in the mines all by yourself. Enter the shack and grab the suit power-up. Open the door to find another elevator, the manual kind. To in front of the wheel and hold down the action button until you get slightly above the first room you see, then run into the two items in the wall as you run into this room. Hop over the table and pick up the pistol on the wall. Go to the hole in the floor and find some ammo in the dead bugs. Now look down the hole to see a fresh Antlion at the bottom. You can shoot it, or you can hop down to the wooden boards, the ones that don't break, and use your Gravity Gun to use a crate; either way. When you drop down, find a small room with some ammo and armor. Follow the path and drop down yet another hole. *NOTE: By now, you will probably lose the saw blade, but props if you can manage to take it any further. I will just stop reminding you.* When you drop down to the bottom there will be a headcrab. Shoot it, or just run onto the boards over another hole and fall down; either way, fall down this hole. In the water, press the swim button a few times and get in the rock tunnel. Funny looking grubs on the walls. Follow the tunnel (yes, stepping on the poor things will kill them), and then use the crowbar to smash a bug through a web. Take the path on the right, smash another web, and then fall through another hole. When you drop down, quickly turn left and start shooting at the new Acid Antion Worker and be sure to dodge his acid attack. Keep moving and shooting until he dies (an achievement), which will take about two clips of ammo. Pick up the red box of ammo and go around the corner. There will be two more acid bugs at the end. Run and dodge your way into a little area on the left of this tunnel to find not only a shotgun, but also a few grenades (under the table). You can either hurl gas tanks, toss grenades, or rush and shoot them with shotgun shells, either way, get rid of the bugs (despite how it looks, you can crouch to enter their little area). Break the crates for some supplies. *NOTE: You didn't have to kill the bugs, I just wanted you to have those crates in their area.* Now fall through the hole near where you found the shotgun. Pick up a magnum along the small tunnel. Use the Gravity Gun on the other side to clear the debris trapping you in. When you're back on solid ground, use the GG to clear the path. Two more acid bugs will appear, so just use the gas tanks provided to kill them (careful not to launch one into something close). *NOTE: It might be a better idea to use the rocks instead of the gas tanks.* *NOTE: Now might be the time to tell you that each little grub you kill will drop some yellow dots. Those dots replenish just a little health. The grubs also get an achievement, but don't waste time on that now.* In the cavern, go right to find the path that takes you up and to another web. After you break it, another acid bug shows up. Kill him with rocks and keep moving. When you drop into another area, another bug shows up. Kill him and move on. Dive into the water of the next area and bust a web to grab some health, then go down further into the same hole to bust another web for some suit armor. Now take the adjacent tunnel. Have your crowbar ready when on the other side you run into an Antlion in the water. Whack it a few times and emerge. Zoom down the way to see not only some bugs tearing into something, but also the tongues of familiar enemies. When you move forward a bit those Antlions will come for you, but some will get stuck. One may get to you, so be ready. Keep the ceiling monsters alive as you move around them because more Antlions will show up. Kill whichever ones don't get caught. Get to the other side, watch for the tongues, and keep moving. In the narrow tunnel, be ready for another bug. Have your shotgun ready when you enter the next area as about three more Antlions will appear, but hopefully some will drown in the water. Kill the acid one that remains. Follow the path until you run into abour three more acid Antlions in a small, round area. Then keep follow the path past another web until you hit a loading screen. ========== Chapter 2: This Vortal Coil ========== Just up the way is a hole that drops you into the friendly base. Follow the dudes down the ramp to see Alyx, but more importantly, there is the SMG and a bunch of ammo along the wall. After you get all that, follow the men up to the demonstration of how the next fight will work. Pick up some shotgun shells from the big ammo box nearby. *NOTE: A wise move would be to use the big SMG crate to get SMG ammo. Then you should go find all the crates and bust them. Then move all the health packs onto the ramp. This will help when the fighting starts and you'll have health whenever you need it.* *NOTE: You could even set all the mines before the demonstration, but the mines won't help you much on the early attacks and there will be no time to set them for the late attacks. You could just ignore the mines to be honest.* Before things get messy, go pick up the other turret by the next tunnel with the GG and set it in front of this tunnel. Make sure both turrets are somewhat spread apart. That will handle this tunnel as the first bugs show up, and you don't even have to help. Now, as that battle starts, let's give each tunnel a number. #1 is the small tunnel to the left that is no more than a hole in the wall, #2 is the tunnel the first attack comes from, #3 the one to the right of 2, and #4 is the one on the very right. The first attack comes to 2, so don't worry about that one. With two turrets and your friends, single-light attacks will be easy. The next attack comes from 1, so place both turrets there after the first attack. Then, as they fight, go to the dumpsters and find some mines. Set out two as far apart and as far from where you will place the turrets as possible, and try to keep them in the middle of a tunnel. After the second battle is over, then set the turrets up at 4 as you set out more mines along the other tunnels. Then you get a dual attack on 2 and 3. Your friends should cover 2, so just put one turret over there. You take the other turret with you to 3 and you will have to help defend that tunnel. *NOTE: I can't explain it very well, but I will say that you can set the turrets up in ways so that they cover multiple tunnels. But if I explain exactly how to do this it would confuse people even more. Just know that you can set the turrets back-to-back or side-by-side and have them cover more angles.* Then you get a triple-threat to 1, 3, and 4. Your friends take 1, so let them go it alone. You set the turrets on the other two and you try to help both. I advise launching a few mines down one tunnel with the GG, then going to the other to help with your SMG. Then you the same attack, but a two-light on 4. Your friends take 4, so let them be. Set the turrets on 1 and 3 and you help on 1. Next is a full house. You don't have much time, so listen well. Set up both turrets next to 2, but make sure they are at an angle so that they can cover 1 and 2. That just leaves you to juggle 3 and 4 with your friends, so good luck. *NOTE: Pick up more shotgun ammo if you run out.* After that, another quad attack, but this time a two-light on 2. Set both turrets on tunnels with single-lights, and you take the one with two. If things get to hairy for you, retreat and reposition your turrets to help cover the more threatening tunnel. You will lose both turrets during this fight, not much you can do about it. After that, then is a three-light attack down 3!!! Not really. It's just more friends. But then you get three-lights, on EVERY tunnel! It's for real this time. However, your three new allies will kick some serious tail. All you really have to do is sit back at the bottom of the ramp and watch. They'll take care of everything. Now that the battle is really over, collect the ammo and maybe the health from tunnel 4. Then watch the Vorts heal your girl. You learn that something is needed to heal her, so the lead Vort will take you down a tunnel, follow. After he opens the gate, you take the lead, so enter the hole in the wall. Open some webs along the path and then you run into some more Antlions. He will shock them, so either toss a grenade at them or run up and start shooting away with your shotgun. Then there will be more "Acidlions" as he refers to them (so will I), and that's pretty much the story of this place. After you get past this room, the next will have more bugs. Follow the winding path in here to keep moving. After this room you enter a quiet tunnel with another web cache. Proceed and there will be more bugs in the narrow tunnel, so use either the magnum or SMG for long range. Keep going and you'll see a web cache above you. Zap it with the GG and then grab the grenade before it goes off, or get way out the way. Then send something up into this hole for another web cache. Moving on, you eventually find a hole that drops you back into the mine. Don't you dare walk onto the wooden floor for those boxes. Use the GG to bring them to you, or walk on and see what happens (you won't die). When you start busting the boards that cover the door, the zombies will wake up. Just use the pistol from your side of the fence to take them out; with headshots of course. Use the GG to open the door and collect the stuff in here. Then pick up the gas tanks and start sending them into the corpses in the next room. Those hyper-zombies will wake, so either blow them away or use one magnum round to the face. In this room you encounter another puzzle, or perhaps the first true puzzle. You need to get that elevator to go down, but you're not heavy enough. All you need is the bundle of metal beams and the two barrels in the corner. Grab all three with the GG, set them on the lift, and you step on. As you descend, look to the back to pass by an ammo crate and try to grab it; if you don't, don't worry about it. At the bottom, step off and have the GG ready. When you go around the corner you will find a zombie on the left and right, and a Zombine behind the fence. Use barrels or magnum rounds to kill them. This Zombine, and the one behind the fence in the next room should both kill themselves with grenades. In the next room you will find another lift. The control is behind the fence. The idea here is to weigh down the lift just enough so that it stalls after you press the button. Go pick up the two bundles of beams below the lift, which you can get while the lift is down, and then grab the one in the corner. These three items will be enough. Now go press the button, then jump on the lift, and then toss two of the bundles off. Leave one with you. At the top the group of zombies will rise. Use the GG and this one bundle to take them out. Then go turn the wheel by the fence to let your friend in. Lead him to the generator to open the gate. Through the gate you run into a cart with three crates tide down. You can't disturb the second cart or the whole thing will tumble over. Use the GG to pull the free one off and then get ready. What you will do is jump on the second cart, use the GG to blast the three crates open, and then you hop off before you go over the edge. You will jump from the first cart to the second one, and you not going over the edge is the first priority. He will give you props if you pull it off. Now move down the tunnel for one lone zombie. Then you run into some boards blocking the way. You can shoot at the cart at the top of the slope to come crashing down, or your friend will do that for you. Either way, get through and start killing the zombies and Acidlions in the tunnel. At the top is a ladder, so take it. Follow the path and you find an odd container in a room. This container can be pushed using the GG. Move it out of the way of the hole in the floor, and if you want you can shoot its bottom until it flips over and drops some grenades, just watch out for the live one. Then drop through the hole. I'm not even going to say anything because you need to experience this scare for all it's worth. I'll pick you up after you climb out of the hole. Did it get ya? I hope so. After you are reunited with the Vort, all you have to do is go up a bit and then turn left. But if you need more suit armor, use the sprint button (LB on 360) to find some at the top of the slope, then come back and get on track. Go to the edge and follow it left to find the bridge-way. Cross it and then follow the tunnel. When you get close to the pounding machine, just jump down and get right next to it. Just stay there and wait for the Vort to show up, but have your shotgun ready for the zombies and Zombine. All heck will break loose, so be ready. You can try to use the GG and send exploding barrels all over, but it doesn't work so well. Let the bugs and zombies and the Vort kill each other as you just look out for yourself. There is a lot to do in this area. For one, there are tons of crates all over. Find the ladders around the pounder and you will have the view of the crates and items up high, not just on this structure but also on the other one nearby. It is wise to send all the crates, from the structures and from the four tunnel-ways, send all the crates into the ramp leading to the elevator. This is all in preparation of the coming fight. Then set the mines around the pounder. *NOTE: Save now! I ran into a glitch here. What you don't want to see is the Vort run into one of the buildings when this next battle starts. If he does he will not come out for some reason. He must stay in the open. After you get on the lift, he should get on the other. If that doesn't happen, reload this save.* When ready, go push the green button by the elevator. This will trigger a huge battle where undead and bugs will come from all sides. Just use the SMG and make circles around the ramp for as long as you can. If things get too hot around you, just bail out and start running all over, but always come back to the ramp. When the elevator arrives, jump on. He will stay behind, so just watch him and maybe help him if you wish. When you get to the top, step off and look down to wait for him to hop on the other lift. Once the two of you are back together, he will open the next gate. Follow the path and move the debris blocking the door. On the other side you are teased with the thought of fighting the boss, but not yet. Go up the path and drop down a hole. At the fence, use the GG to blast some boards on the other side that prop up the gate. In the rail tunnel, go left if you need some SMG ammo. Go right and bust a board to open the gate to keep moving. At the elevator, go around it to find the path to the tunnel below. Stand back of the edge a bit, then sprint and jump to the other side below. The fan will turn on when you bust the object. Try to fight the wind and then the thing will break. You will notice one set of blades is missing. Use the GG to turn the fan and get the area with the missing blades on the bottom. Then crawl under. Follow the path to a hole in the floor. Take it and keep popping the webs until you fall into water. Behind you is a single unit of suit armor, as well as a Barnacle. Get your crowbar in hand and go under water, find the web at the bottom, bust it, go through, bust the next one, and the get some air on the other side. Turn around, avoid the tongues, and find a space you can walk on. Take the tunnel on the wall, a much different tunnel. At the end will be two Acidlions to greet you. Take the path on the right to run into a medkit, and then go right at the fork in the road (if you go left you just circle back around to where you started). Have your SMG in hand, and when you're ready drop off the ledge. Move around the rock to get a view of the coming guardian. You don't have to shoot him, but if you do you can use the grenade on the SMG to stall him a bit. What you want him to do is ram into the stalagtite (or mite, whatever) and that will stun him for a second. That is when you sprint around him until you find a small tunnel to climb in. Do it right and he will run away in frustration once you're in. Crawl through and watch him go by you at the end. Go out and head left. When you see a medkit, quickly run to the left of it and duck inside another small tunnel. Follow this tunnel to the end. Crack the web and watch him run by you yet again. Come out and run right to pick up some suit armor as you run for another tunnel. Follow this one to its end. Now, before you go out of this tunnel you must know the gameplan. The path here goes in a circle. He is behind the rock and he will come from the right when you step out. So what you want to do is run left and then take the path that leads to where he came from; if you to in the opposite direction you just end up at the place you came from. Now he may come from the left, so in either case just go the opposite direction. You will have to sprint for a long ways (he may get a swipe at you) but there will be a tunnel to hide in. You're not done yet, this tunnel leads nowhere. You have to come back out and run to the left until you hop down, then immediately go right to find another tunnel. Follow this one to its end. Have either the GG or the SMG in hand. When you emerge, sprint to the left until you reach some boards against a hole in the wall. Bust them quickly and hop in. He will be on your tail and take some shots at you while you're in here. So look quickly look down and bust some boards on the ground to get to safety. Follow the rail to a large room. On the right you will find two web caches, and one will have a poison headcrab. The lift will not be working, so go directly in front of it to find a machine in a pool of water. Pull the cog off that machine and take it to the turning cogs on the elevator machine. Either kill the Barnacle in your way, or move the cog around it and get it to fit in the middle of the machine. When the all the cogs are turning, pull the lever. Now go to the elevator and push the green button to bring down your friend. Follow him to a generator and then to the prize. He will extract some larvae and then you guys head back up. Get into place in the circle of Vorts as you heal Alyx. Then you get another one of those classic scenes from Valve that makes little sense. After, be sure to get full ammo from both crates and then get on the elevator. Move along to find that the Antlions are none too happy with you. Keep moving and drop down to end this chapter. ========== Chapter 3: Freeman Pontifex ========== Go up to finally reach open air. Zoom in to the bridge to see the Combine on the move. Then move around the barrels on the left to find the path leading down. Go left to hit the open path full of pounders. You need to run along the first three pounders to avoid the endless Antlions. There are crates along the way, but they only have health. When you reach the third one, rest inside a small shack on the right that will protect you from the acid. When you leave the safety of the third pounder, get out the GG as you approach the rails in the ground. At both ends will emerge big Antlion Guards. With the Gravity Gun, pick up the red barrels and start tossing them, but try to focus on just one. The sprint button will be your friend during this fight. You need to run all over, but try to lead the guards into walls. If they charge at you, get by a wall, and then run out of the way when they get close. When stunned you have a little bit of time to hit them. You don't have time for grenades, but be sure to use any you may have in the SMG (the alt fire, press LT). You can ignore the smaller bugs, just focus on one guard. When the first one goes down, then go for the other with the shotgun/magnum. *NOTE: You can go back into the pounder area for more barrels if you want.* After Alyx and the Vort rejoin you, he will open the lift nearby, but it gets stuck. Climb up the ladder and then take the grassy path on the right side. Watch out for the headcrab. Go around the pod and gently move onto the wooden board so that it will fall away. Then you must jump the gap to reach the other planks. When you get close, look on top of the elevator to the wooden board holding the hatch. Use the GG to break that piece of wood, then knock off the metal hatch, and then drop down. Pull out the pickaxe and you're done. Press the button to get everyone up. Then follow the path to a load point. Proceed until you find the Pulse-Rifle with a bunch of health and dead guys. Soon you get a bit of a scene about your next task. Move to the force-field and wait for Alyx to open it. Go through and find a room with a large water tank. Move the green shelf, carts, and wooden boards blocking the elevator shaft, then hop down. Crouch, turn on your flashlight, and move the objects in your way. Then bust the wooden boards and hop down. You probably hear that creepy noise. Crawl through the hole into the dark room. When you move the chair from the door, the big zombie will bust through. You should crawl back out of the room and drop a grenade behind you (press LT on 360). The thing will crash through the wall to get to you, so maybe toss it another frag, then finish it off with the shotgun. Go through and bust the planks on the floor to get down another level. Look on top of the elevator and get the hatch off. Jump to the other side of the elevator (not down) and look down to see two poison headcrabs. Shoot them before dropping down. Go through the door in here to enter a staircase where you find that Alyx has the sniper rifle working. Go down and through the door at the bottom. In the next room, look down and quickly use the GG to grab the two crates or else Barnacles will claim them. Then drop down and pick up a barrel. Behind you will be a bunch of tongues in front of a doorway. Put the barrel in one tongue and slip by. Then break the boards blocking the path to see more tongues in your way. You should pick up one of the gas tanks in here and send it up to the Barnacles, but make sure you stand back. Cross the big plank in the middle to get over the gap. Watch as the torso zombie gets burned in the fire, then maybe wait for another to so the same. Turn the valve to extinguish the flames. Go across and look down the steps to see another zombie. Just toss down a grenade. If you want, you don't have to, but you can open the door he was banging on to find a room full of undead and crates. Be sure to toss in a grenade first and use the shotgun to mop up the survivors. Then go down the steps. You can investigate the rumbling in the blue container; it's a fast zombie if you get too close. Break the lock on the door and go through. Let Alyx handle the zombies in this corridor. Crawl through a space at the end. When you emerge, quickly toss a grenade down the steps, then back out of the line-of- sight of the carrier zombie at the bottom. Alyx will handle all of them if you just want to hide in the corner, or go back through the crawlspace. When the coast is clear, go down the steps to find a locked door. Back away from it and hide behind the fence in front of the door and get your shotgun ready for the zombies that emerge. Alyx will handle what gets up the steps, but you can use the gas tanks to help. Then go through the doorway. Go down the hallway and as soon as you turn the corner blast the second barrel to take out the zombies and Barnacles. Ignore the other barrel and mop up any remaining headcrabs. When you moved toward the boarded up doorway, have the shotgun ready for a Zombine. Don't miss the shotgun shells in a crate behind the pipes, then proceed up the steps. Go right to find just some rifle ammo. Then follow the path up a ladder. Use the GG to blast the metal pieces covering the tops of the roof. Don't fall down through a hole, just make the roof clear so that Alyx can snipe some of the undead below. Have your shotgun ready and drop down onto the platform standing above the ground. Defend this for as long as possible from the zombies that will try to smash it down. When it does crash and you're on the ground, all heck breaks loose. You will have zombies all over in no time. But use the saw blades on the walls to help ease the trouble. After the first wave the game should save, but then you get another wave. A huge group will crash through the wall on one side, and more will come from the other side. Drop some grenades, slice the Zombines, and just run around in circles hoping Alyx has you covered. Use the shotgun to finish up. When all is calm, search for crates and supplies. The fence trapping one zombie has a crate, but you just need the GG to pull the crate over the fence. Then follow the path from the broken wall to find the trail. You arrive in a dark storage room. Crawl under the shelves on the right to find a crawlspace. You run into a fast torso at the end, and then another around the corner. Hop up on the wooden platform and keep hopping along to get to the other side of the room. In this closed off area you need to get up to the top platform on the wall, but no shelves will take you there. Use the GG to bring a crate and set it on the lift of the forklift. Then go toward the driver seat and pull the lever. Quickly get on the lift as it goes up. Then put the crate on the side of the lift near the top platform and jump up. Break the vent cover and crawl through. At the end you drop down in the radioactive waste area. Drop down through a hole to hit the ground level. Watch out for all the zombies in the sludge. You can jump from ground to ground without the aid of the objects. Hop over, be sure to kill the Zombine when he rises, and then follow the edge around the pool to get through the opening in the fence. Use the barrels to kill the zombies that attack you behind the fence, then climb up the ladder. Stock up on SMG ammo at the box. You will find a crate behind a fence, so just pull it over the top with the GG as before. Then crawl under the pipes to drop down on the other side. Have your magnum ready when you move toward the next waste pool. A headcrab carrying zombie will appear, so take him out quickly and dodge the headcrabs he tosses. Jump to the wooden roll in the waste to reach to pipes that lead up to a crate. Bust the crate and then jump down to the ground with the other crate, then pull whatever fell out of the first crate with the GG. Now comes another fun radioactive waste puzzle. The object is to use the rolls throughout to make yourself "bridges" to safe ground. Pull the roll across the waste to you, and bring the one from the waste behind you. First jump on the car and to the first rock, then jump onto the second rock. When you jump on the next car it will begin to sink into the waste. You can either quickly pull the roll from the third rock into the waste to create a platform, or you can jump back and use all three rolls to make a moving bridge, but using the car is easier. When you reach the third rock you need to quickly pull out your shotgun and start shooting the gas tanks in the sludge. Whatever you do, don't let the Zombine get close with a grenade. When all are dead, use the four rolls you have to get to the fourth rock. Once you get there, pull out the shotgun for more zombie fun, but Alyx should get all three. Make your way to the fifth rock where the last trio of zombies will attack, so use the gas tanks to kill them. Pull the crate for the sixth rock way away to you with the GG and then get over to the ladder. Head up and up until you find a small shack. Go inside, but be ready for the fast zombie in here to wake up and the Zombine outside to awake. Kill both and claim the rewards in the room. On top of a ladder on the adjacent building is a crate with some health. Go up the slope to reach the bridge at long last. When you get to the car, disaster strikes of course. Go to the left to find a crate, but also on this small walkway is a ladder. Get on top of the red railing to find a path back onto the middle of the bridge. It took a while, but the trick is to push all the cars off the bridge. This will cause the thing to tip down to the side where your car waits. When you get all the cars off, hop off the low end of the bridge and get back up to your car. Drive it onto the see-saw bridge and jump off the high end (you don't need to turbo, but you can). When back on the side with your friends, collect the stuff around (look in the dumpster) and then climb a ladder to find the button that unlocks the door. Reunite and say your goodbyes to your Vort friend. After he opens the gate, hop in your ride and get going toward the light. ========== Chapter 4: Riding Shotgun ========== Follow the road a bit and then take the detour off to the side. Follow the water back a bit and then take the dirt path on the right. Head past a gate and toward the tower. Get out near the tower and then turn around. Go left of the big building nearest you and find a path that takes you to the roof. Find a hole that drops you into the building. Find the items around and then go out to a smaller, adjacent building with the walls blown off. On the mound of dirt is a hole inside the locked room. She stays behind as you go inside. Drop down a hole to reach the power room. Get out your GG and move the wooden thing on the wall. In total, there are five power slots in this room. The two near the elevator will have a small cord; the three near the power box will have a long cord. Swap the two cords. Put the longer one on the two by the elevator, then take the short one and connect it to the two slots closest to each other (making a straight line). If you connect the power generator line to the lower slot, it will just break. When the power is restored, take the elevator back up. You run into a Hunter, actually, you run into three. Duck behind the wall on the left of the door to hide from their attacks. Use the grenades on the SMG to poke out and take a shot at them. When the wall is torn down, either use the SMG or rifle to kill the first two; you may have to run around to avoid their attacks if they charge at you. Then come out of the room and look to the roof for the third one. There are barrels behind you if you have time to use them, or just fight the thing straight up, much like how you fought the Antlion guards. When you come out of the gate for this building-complex, two more Hunters appear: one from the right, one from the building in front of you. Use grenades and magnum rounds to finish off these two, they're not that tough. After the fight, go into the building just opened and find some supplies in the bathroom, then go to the radio in the other corner. After that, go into the only remaining building by the gate to get a lone crate. Then return to your car and go through that gate. Go left when you see some wooden fences to find the path. After you jump a small ledge you hit a load point. Keep going until Alyx sees a familiar sight, then go left. Around the burning wreckage, go right and into a farm-like estate with a locked fence. Get out at the fence and first enter the house on the right side for no more than some crates. Then go to the left building and break the lock on a door. Go through and find a hole in the floor that you can take. Follow this path to the inside of the barn. You find an Advisor and Alyx intends to pull the plug on it. Use the GG to blast the power ball inside the chamber and then you get a bit of a scene. After your close-call, look to the door in the corner in anticipation of your first run-in with the Combine soldiers. Kill the first guy and enter the room to find your old crossbow, use it on the next guy and then the next. Collect the items and go back outside to snipe some more in the opposite building. When things die down a bit, just run to your car and hop in. Push the pedal and dash by the Hunter and company. Go around the cars in your path and then turn to follow the railway. Do your best to beat and dodge the mines the helicopter drops. Just weave in and out of the train cars, hitting some crates along the way, until you enter the tunnels leading to the next area. Go forward and jump through the ramp. Follow the path on the left of the the trains. A zombie will jump on, but just swing around when you get to the dead- end to fling him off. Now turn around and take the path that was on the right of the trains, now it's the left. Fly past some zombies and try to avoid the Barnacles. Keep following the railway until you see some trains in the way, then to right and through a friendly gate with the Half-Life logo. Ditch the car and follow your new friend. Don't follow him around the corner, because he gone. Then hop down and crawl under the train car. Knock some wood boards out of the way near a mine, and then use the GG to pull that mine to break it. Then crawl through and keep crawling under the train to get to open ground. When you get out to join the Resistance, go to the large building in front of you, go up some steps, and use the suit station to fill up your suit armor. Now get out your Gravity Gun and come outside. Locate a mine and pick it up. The idea is to send three of these into the chopper, which is easy since you get a good amount of time to hold them. After three, take cover because the chopper will drop a ton of mines that you shouldn't get near. Then resume your attack with more mines. You just need two more or so and the helicopter threat is no more. Search the area for more supplies and then follow your allies into a building. ========== Chapter 5: Under the Radar ========== Follow and listen and then look out the window to see your next task. Then go with the man to the trap door. Drop down it and start clearing the boards from the window. Send a saw blade through the window to take out the Zombine and whatever else is standing on the other side. Use the gas tanks in here and the other saw to take out as many zombies as you can. Then you can run out and take out all the rest, or just run to the back of the truck on the right and get out of this place. There are just two crates in the sludge on the left, so if you don't mind you can just move on. Jump on top of the truck when you want and clear the window to jump through. Open the door and drop down for more zombies. Kill them, or let the guns across the way get them. Either way, move forward along the partial wall to find the hole in a fence. Crawl through and stay low to avoid being shot up. Crawl forward and into a pipe. Kill the headcrab on the other side, or just use the GG to keep it at bay until it dies. Break the crate and pick up some grenades. Crawl forward, staying behind the cover of the cars, and peek around the corner on the right to find a turret along the fence. If you move slightly out into the open it will reveal its location. You need to toss a grenade in its direction in the hopes that you knock it over. Go forward and toward the building at the other end. Eventually you will be behind some bigger vehicles and you can stand up. When you're ready, poke your head through the window and start firing on the soldier inside. Then hop in and look for another guy out the other window. Collect some supplies and then find a car with an open back that you can crawl through. In the next path you will run into more zombies, and hopefully the guns will get those and the headcrabs. Move quickly because the torso zombies will keep spawning. Go through the white car and ignore the first soldier you see chasing a torso, just keep following the trail of cars. Kill the next soldier you see if you can get him and keep moving. There will be a fast torso at the end, so have your shotgun ready. When you finally reach the end of the cars, you can stand up. At the back and around the corner is a Zombine, if you want to meet him. Just jump on top of the truck, kill the headcrab, and collect some ammo. Jump on the roof and kill the soldiers remaining in the junkyard. Then turn to see some glass that some soldiers have probably broken. Just start tossing grenades down inside and in all directions. Go back to the truck to get more. Drop down inside when you feel the coast is clear, but the Combine may have dodged some of your frags. You know all is clear when the game auto-saves. Drop down and collect all the items inside. Refill your grenades with the box in here and then go to the wall with the guns. Press the red button to open some case. Get out a grenade and drop it inside (LT on 360) and then stand back. The thing will blow and take out the guns, and open up a path for you to exit. Go outside with your shotgun and take out the zombies in your way. Make your way toward Alyx and head back to the garage. Hop in your fixed car and head out. Move across the small bridge and into the sludge which you are safe from. Zip by the zombies and you will see a blip for a radar cache. Keep moving until the yellow dot on the screen in your car is in the center. You should stop at a white van in the path. Go around to its back and stand away. Shoot the red barrel to blast away the car on top of it. Now bust the crate from the back and shoot the items toward the hole on the side. Go to the hole and pick up the items. *NOTE: To get the achievement credit for finding a cache, you must break the crate with the radar on it.* Proceed until you see two more yellow blips. Stop by a building with a white van stuck in its side and go through the van. Inside, grab some grenades and examine the big metal plate in the center of the room. Use the GG to knock it back down and then you stand by the van. What you will do is drop a grenade down below the plate, stand on the plate, and then get blasted up to the power generator. When you do, press the button to unlock the gate below, and then collect your rocket launcher and other items. Get out and get in your car to go across the road and enter a junkyard. Go to the tiny shack up the path and get out. The cache is under the floor. Start pulling the floorboards and you will see the many crates underneath. It's not the best of rewards, but it's something. Fight off the zombies, get in your car, and cruise on down the road to the tunnel on the right. After you emerge you will soon get another blip. Turn left and go up the road. It will wind and bend around a bit, but only get out when the blip is very close. The cache is behind a downed tree, and through a hole in the rock. Crawl through, move the rocks out of the way, and claim the small reward. Get back in your car and keep going. You can get out when you reach a couple of building in the road, but all you get are some health packs. Just go around the cars and keep to the road. But when you bend around a big house, you might consider getting out and going inside. The basement has a headcrab and crossbow ammo, and the rest of the place will fill up your suit armor. That's all, get back on the road. But when you try to follow the road you will fall into a trap. Now you must fall back into this house. Your best move would be to go to the big living room area and try to snipe as many soldiers as you can. Eventually they will start to try and enter the house, so when you're out of ammo, go to the entrance and greet them. Just keep moving around the various areas of the house to get them to show up. Go down to the basement and then come up back to the living room. A Hunter should try to get inside, but if you have one alt round in your rifle, use it now (press LT) and that should take out the Hunter. There are still some left. Now go to the basement where you might run into one. Get around it and fight your way to the yard area. Or you could use the living room door when a Hunter busts that open. When in the yard just use all the tools you have left to finish off this ambush. Rifle rounds work well, and so does the rocket launcher. However you do it, do it. After that, make your way back down the road you came. You run into another Hunter and some soldiers at the first set of buildings. Take them out, maybe with a bunch of lucky grenades, and then collect the items. In the building on the right will be a force-field guarding the power source of the other shields, as well as a turret. Go to the right and get by the fence and use your GG to pull the turret out of position. Then Alyx will take down the fields. Go into the room and then you're stuck. Look to the right to find a ladder with a lock. Break it and climb up. Move the crates out of the way and follow a narrow path around to a raised space. Jump into this space, kill the headcrab, crawl across the pipe, and then drop down behind the field. Grab some rifle ammo and then move some crates to reveal a crawlspace. Go through and blast the ball with your GG to unlock the road. Go out of this room and take Alyx back down to the car. There is an open building to the right of the car with suit armor and health. Get in and start drivin'. Hop off a ramp to keep on track. Past a burning car, follow this road onto a bigger road and follow it. Soon you see the final radar cache sign. Hop out of your car and go around a rock and look up. The stuff is up there, but I could not find out how to get that stuff down. All you need for the achievement is to crack one crate, so do that. As far as getting the items, you could blast them out with some rockets of SMG grenades, if you think the rewards are worth it (you get one SMG grenade with it, so you may as well). Anyway, keep going down the road and into a tunnel. Follow the road just a bit until you see an opening in the railing on the right. Go down and hang left until you hit the gate. Get out and go around on foot. Approach the dropship to find a STRIDER!!! But perhaps the best pet in the world will show up and all you have to do is watch. *NOTE: Make save slots if you want that achievement. One here and one as soon as Dog clears the ship. Come back to that one if you lose and want another shot.* After, Dog opens the gate, so get your car and drive through. Pick up Alyx as the Dropship is moved. If you want to beat Dog, you have to get moving ASAP. When you round the corner, go up a path on the right and follow it to the base. The trick is to use your turbo three times: once at the start, once up the hill, and then once during the final stretch. Try not to use turbo during curves or near that bend at the top of the hill with the railing. Any collision during a turbo is instant-loss. Either way, at the base follow Alyx. ========== Chapter 6: Our Mutual Fiend ========== Move through when told and you can stop to listen to some funny stuff with the teacher and students in here. Move along to have the family reunion, so sit back and watch and be awkward a bit. Follow them down a lift to have more of the active cutscene. In the silo you will eventually be stuck with the new guy. He opens a hatch, so go down. Take the elevator to the lower level. Get out and find a pipe spewing steam. Turn the valve to get through (steam, valve, get it?). At the door, look right and bust the glass and throw the switch. The door will jam, but the Vort will let you through. So keep going. Make a quick stop of the supply area on the left and then proceed. Follow the red lights to some guys that will try to lead you on, but that doesn't work out so well. Go down the steps near the door that closes, turn around, crouch, and crawl under the steps to find a path. Crawl until you reach a room with three Hunters fighting some allies. Use the energy ball in your rifle to kill two of them, or at least one, and then finish off the other however (there are lots of gas tanks in here). The crates only have medkits, so get to the upper catwalks and find a ladder leading up. Turn the valve to clear the steam on the ladder. When you move down the corridor, back up as the flare is thrown and let the soldier come to you. Poke around the corner and let the other two charge after you, but then retreat a bit and blast them with your SMG. Then get out your GG to grab and toss the turret. Go straight down this hall and kill the two soldiers near the water. Get out your crossbow as you come into this room and start sniping the soldiers at the other end. Then hug the left wall and knock over the turret on the platform, but it isn't really looking at you. Use the GG to grab the two gas tanks across the way and launch them into the other turret guarding the other path. Go into the hall and kill the two soldiers up the slope. When you get to the top you run into a Hunter. Use three SMG grenades if you have them and then a few bullets to kill it. Now go up and into the little area for some supplies. Follow the corridor and then look to the right beyond some debris, two soldiers will try to ambush you, so be ready. Enter the next room and go up the steps to hop over the fence. Collect the supplies and then dive into the water. Swim through and hop out while under fire on the other side (this is where the guys came from that ambushed you). Emerge quickly and get to cover. Climb up the ladder and then the next. You will be under fire, so quickly get rid of the bad guys. Go around the walkway to the next ladder and go up. Don't worry about nothing, just get to the top, kill a few bad guys, and head down the tunnel. Crack some crates under a staircase and be ready for some soldiers as you go up. Wait for the manhacks to come down and kill them. Hide behind cover and toss some grenades across the gap and into the room. Then go right and crawl under some debris to get over there. Quickly crawl through the broken window and pull the lever to close the silo door. You can man the gun here and shoot the guys up top, but you don't have to. When some bodies appear across the way on your level, don't shoot, those are your friends. Collect the items here and around and then join them. Follow them up to the door and keep going. Well, after avoiding near disaster everyone seems pretty calm about all this. Follow Alyx into the computer room where you learn quite a bit. Then follow Dr. M when he shows up. You learn of a new toy and you get to test it. I'll shut up and let him guide you through the test. Don't miss all the handgun ammo in the corner. Follow Dr. M when you're ready. In the garage you get briefed on the mods to your car. Make sure you have the items in this room and then hop in your ride. Go out and through the fence, then go straight until you find the railway. Follow it and go right when you to to a structure with some men gathered. Get out and go to the meeting. *NOTE: I think the only way to defend the buildings is to use the car and the bomb slot at the back to quickly get to the Striders as they appear. But if you just want to do this all on foot, you will probably fight most of the Striders near the gate to the base. It works that way, but if you want to drive around and get them quickly you can try. Make a save slot here if you want to try for that achievement.* Soon after a Strider will approach from the left side of the rail. It will bring a Hunter with it, so focus on the Hunter first. When it is out, get a bomb from the capsule and send it to the body of the Strider and shoot the sticky bomb as you did in practice. If you let the fight go too long, the Strider will make its way down the rail, so just use the bombs provided in the building along the way. Stock up with supplies in this building. Then go back to the saw mill where another Strider will come from the right. Again, kill the Hunter and then take out the Strider. *NOTE: Always bring a bomb with you, and drop it somewhere as you fight the Hunters. After they are gone, you should have time to pick it back up to use on the Strider. If you carry it with you the whole time and try to attack the Strider's front, you'll lose that bomb.* Then another will come from the far right side of the area, near the water tower (if you look in the right direction you should hear the footsteps). It will have two Hunters guarding it, so take them out and handle the big guy. *NOTE: On one encounter I had used a bomb I had dropped in an area previously. You can try laying out some bombs during the calms, especially in areas where no pods are around.* The next comes from the far left, and again with two Hunters. The fifth one comes from the saw mill, which is probably not standing any more. This one has three Hunters at its feet, and hopefully you have some energy balls to help if you've visited a few of the buildings. During that fight, another comes from the water tower area. Then the next comes from the cranes (far left). I believe the one from the water tower didn't have any Hunters, but maybe they were taken out. Either way, handle the one from the water tower first, then take the one from the far left. Then it's back to the water tower. This one comes in fast, so intercept it along it's route, which should be near the double-house area around the middle of the field. It will be ahead of its two Hunters, so take them on when they arrive. After that, it seems like all is over, but there will be Dropships bringing in more. The first lands near the cranes, then the saw mill, and then the water tower. This is the big one, they are coming from all sides. Go after them in order. Go left and take on the Hunters escorting the crane Strider. You should use the bombs around the center area to take this one out, then not far from him should be the one from the saw mill. Handle both and during there will be two more dropped in the same locations these two came from. But you need to handle the one from the water tower. By the time you even think about the one from the water tower, almost all of the Striders will converge on the center area. Some will have Hunters, a few won't. Just take out as many Hunters as you can, but you need to focus on the big guys. Don't forget that you can stop by the buildings to pick up supplies, but you probably won't have time for that. Just handle the last three Striders and you're done. Mop up the surviving Hunters and that's it, base defended. Return to the base, on foot if you wish, and go inside. You run into Alyx and she brings you up to speed. ========== Chapter 7: T-Minus One ========== After the appreciation of Dr. M, Alyx takes you up to the control room for the launch. Soon you get the honors of pushing the big red button, so do it. Go outside when the doors open and have a little chat with Eli. Then go watch the results of your efforts. Enter the building and just sit back and listen the rest of the way. And when you get to the last scene, don't forget to look around so you don't miss any of the action. End game. ***************************************************************************** * 5. Weapons ( GUNS555 ) * ***************************************************************************** Here are all the weapons you use in the game. Don't forget, most guns have an alt fire. Pistol ------ Just your basic handgun. Has a lot of ammo in one clip, so that helps. A solid fall-back weapon if you need it. Magnum ------ This thing is perhaps one of the better guns you have. It's usually a one- hit kill on the smaller enemies. It has a decent range when you need it, but the limited ammo hurts. Crossbow -------- The sniper rifle of the game. You only get one bolt a clip, so each shot is crucial. The time it takes the bolt to fly will sometimes cause a miss, so just make sure your shot is right on. ALT: Zoom SMG --- This gun will pour bullets into targets, but the accuracy is bad; you will basically unload an entire clip on one enemy just to get a kill. ALT: Grenade, a valuable tool that will explode on contact Shotgun ------- Your basic boomstick. Use it at close range for ultimate effect, and it does have a decent range for a distance. Great against all enemy types. ALT: Fire two shells Pulse Rifle ----------- Rather than a human machine gun, this is a Combine rifle with the same effect. The only downside is that you chew through the ammo in a hurry. ALT: Energy ball, the bane of Hunters Grenade ------- Simple enough. Toss, stand back, and then there's a loud bang. You can hold five at a time, so don't be afraid to use one on big groups. ALT: Drop it in front of you, rather than tossing it Rocket Launcher --------------- The most powerful gun you get. Shoot where you lay the laser beam and the rocket will follow the dot. Crowbar ------- The classic melee weapon of Half-Life. Use it to smash wooden planks and crates. If you have to use this for an actual weapon, you got problems that are beyond my skill to fix. Gravity Gun ----------- The X-Factor of the game. Aside from the puzzle-solving aspect, using this gun as a weapon will be critical for big fights. If you have big objects like rocks and barrels and saw blades, pick them up and send them into the bad guys. Gas tanks and flammable barrels should be used at perfect times, otherwise you'll have them blow up in your face for various reasons. ***************************************************************************** * 6. Enemies ( BAD6666 ) * ***************************************************************************** Lots of different bad guys in this game. Zombies ------- A simple undead enemy, but in the Half-Life universe these guys have headcrabs on their lids. The headcrab is the spot you want to aim for. Once the zombie is down, there is a chance the headcrab will stay alive, so keep an eye on it after it falls off. There are three other types beside the regular, white t-shirt sort. There are fast zombies, and they are the loud ones without skin. Don't be intimidated by this type because they usually only need two shotgun shells to the head. There is the headcrab-carrying type. This kind will be dark, hunched over, and covered with poison headcrabs. It attacks by tossing the crabs toward you, and it has a pretty long range. These guys take a lot to kill off. The final type is the Zombine. These guys were first faced in Episode One and Alyx gave them their name. Of course they are just a zombie Combine. They are tough to bring down and they have a fast stride to catch up to you. Their signature attack is to stop, pull out a live grenade, and then go suicide- bomber on you. You can steal this grenade with the Gravity Gun and toss it, or you can simply outrun the Zombine and let him self-destruct, or you can knock the grenade out of their hand. Antlions -------- These are basically big bugs. The smallest, regular type is fast and can glide through the air. You need to backpedal as you blast them with shotgun shells. A new addition is the Acidlions, which are clear and look just like the normal types. There are two things to know about these guys: they spit acid with an extremely long range, and when they die they will blast acid nearby. The big boss type is called a Guard. Guards are big and will try to crush you. They only have one attack, the charge. So sprint away from them, get by a wall, and then step out of the way to let them run into the wall. Use the time as they are stunned to pump your strongest ammo into the bug's body. You run into one guard during a chase sequence in the hive where you don't have to fight it. Later you face the same one along with his friend outside. You should use the many red barrels to help take out at least one. Combine ------- The Combine take the longest to show up in this game. The soldiers are your basic bad guys with guns. They're smart and they like to use grenades against you. The first Combine enemy you face is the brand new Hunter, five of them. Despite how scary they seem, they're not that tough. Use a Pulse Rifle energy ball to get rid of them in one hit. The magnum and SMG grenades also do good. When a Hunter launches it spikes into the ground, get away, and you can even grab them with your GG and send them back. Striders are the biggest of the bigs. You run into them during the final fight of the game, but you sure do run into a lot. Thankfully the sticky bombs you are provided will make the Striders very weak. Sprint to a bomb, pick it up, sneak around the back of the thing, stick it with the bomb, and then shoot it with the handgun. Easy, the Hunters escorting the Striders are what make that fight so tough. The helicopter is only fought once. The idea is similar to the Strider attack plan, just with the chopper's own mines. Pick up a mine with the GG and send it into the bird. Do this about five times and you can move on. Other ----- Not many other enemies in the game. You have your Barnacles that hang out tongues from a ceiling to grab you. Put something in these tongues to distract the things, or just shoot them. If you ever stop and start raising off the ground, it's not magic, it's a Barnacle. Perhaps the headcrabs count as a seperate type. They crawl on four legs and they leap to attack you. You get three flavors: normal, fast, poison. Use the shotgun when these things are about your feet, and use the pistol when you are a distance away and out of their range. ***************************************************************************** * 7. Copyright/Misc. * ***************************************************************************** ------- Credits If you got a really good idea, you might end up here. 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