CES 2012: EA Sports FIFA Soccer preview

As you may recall, we enjoyed FIFA 12 when it launched on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Now, to add to the already impressive lineup of titles for the Vita, EA has brought a game that may just be the perfect display title for the new handheld.

A cursory glance at the game shows the true graphical capabilities of the Vita. The game’s graphics are incredible and more than make up for the smaller screen FIFA fans may not be used to. Players and the ball are just as easy to see and the sound quality, including the announcers is perfect.

Appealing to traditional FIFA fans, EA has done an admirable job of adapting the controls as closely as possible to the console version, making the game a nearly wholesale uncanny clone of its console cousins. However, what sets FIFA on the Vita apart is that it adds unique wrinkles to FIFA 12’s formula.

This is owed almost entirely to the touchscreen, which drastically shortens the learning curve for passing and shooting. We found that we could much more accurately place the ball where we wanted to with the touchscreen rather than the joystick and buttons. However, this doesn’t mean the game takes place exclusively on the screen. In fact, we found that when defending it was easier to use both joysticks, and when on offense, we would simply start using the touchscreen.

FIFA also utilizes the Vita’s rear touchpad to great effect by using it to control the power of a shot and aiming during penalty kicks. Further taking advantage of the hardware, you can take a picture of yourself and paste your face on that of a custom made character.

We were as surprised as you are, but because of the vast possibilities offered by the handheld, FIFA on the Vita just may be just as good as the console versions, if not more appealing for some footy fans.