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The latest issue of Retro Gamer is on sale now and celebrates one of the greatest gaming decades of all time, the 80s.

Our huge 12-page feature not only breaks down the entire decade year by year, but also speaks to a number of industry veterans who were making games at the time, from Malcolm Evans and Eugene Jarvis to David Crane and Trip Hawkins. Additionally, we also reveal 80 of the games that helped define the decade, including Jet Set Willy, Super Mario Bros, R-Type and Metroid. Will your favourites make our list?

The 80s theme continues throughout the magazine with a number of other features that are bound to get readers of a certain age all nostalgic. Chris Lancaster recalls his brief time in gaming working on big hits like Manic Miner, we revisit Gregg Barnett’s excellent The Way Of The Exploding Fist, replay classic games like Cobra Triangle and Trashman and discover how Enigma Variations got its start in the industry.

Other great features include an expansive look at Konami’s Aliens arcade game, how Will Wright’s team at Maxis made SimCopter and what happened when Domark asked one of its studios to make Marko’s Magic Football. We’ve lots of great mini features as well looking at everything from Contra 4 and Cosmic Smash to the Wii’s Classic Controller.

Make sure you grab an issue today or take out a subscription, all available at Magazines Direct (opens in new tab).

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